DHC Nameraka Review

It's about time that we start talking about collagen supplements. I've been receiving a lot of e-mails asking if collagen supplements work. I have answers, and I'm ready to review the collagen supplements I've tried throughout the years. What's the use of having fair and white skin if our skin looks aged and sagging right? Like you, I would like to hold on to my youth as LONG as I possibly can. I will use supplements and creams to do so. Even considering botox and surgery maybe when I hit my 30's or 40's.

A lot of collagen supplements from powder, capsules, to drink form is readily available in the Philippine market. From local brands to imported brands. The question is; Is using collagen supplement effective? What is the best brand to use? First up from my list is DHC Nameraka, it is something I've used for 2 months straight when I was working in Singapore because of the ff. reasons:

1. It's among the cheapest collagen supplement available at Watson's (Singapore)
2. DHC is a reputable brand, I reviewed their DHC Cleansing Oil a couple of years ago and it's a trusted favorite.
3. It has Pueraria Mirifika which also assists in improving skin texture and breast size


It ranges from 950php-1,450php


Collagen - 405mg
Hylauronic Acid - 45mg
Placenta - 105mg
Elastin - 30mg
Pueraria Mirifika


One site is japanichi or asian beauty secrets. There are also some available locally on Olx.PH or Ebay.PH


You take all 3 capsules once a day. Preferably upon waking up or before going to sleep. You can take this together with you favorite glutathione supplement.


It is neatly packaged in a resealable ziplock bag. To be honest I prefer supplements in bottle form, it feels more sturdy. Using it will give you softer and supple looking skin, more like a baby's butt but it doesn't have miraculous effects. It didn't increase my breast size and the moment you stop taking this, your skin become duller than usual. It has a very low collagen only amounting to 405mg per serving. I gave it 2 months and I feel like I wasted my money using this product. This is low compared to Shiseido Collagen Supplement or even our local IVI Collagen that has 5,000mg per serving. I would be reviewing those 2 collagen supplements soon so stay tuned. 

What collagen supplement have you tried lately? Do you have anything in mind that you would like me to try? I'd like to hear what you think so leave your comments and suggestions below :)

Herbalife SKIN Review [SKINCARE]

Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well in your lives :) With regards to taking care of your skin, how many products do you use? Are you lazy like I am that uses just whitening soaps only or do you have a well-thought skin care regimen that consists of different skincare products like facial wash, toner, moisturizer, serum, masks, and more @_@

Well, it's a blessing that Herbalife sent me their set of Herbalife Skin to try out for 7 days. Are you familiar with the brand? I've heard of Herbalife from my mom when I was a kid. She used to buy their shakes and supplements. I didn't know they had a skincare line until they contacted me.

Their Herbalife Skin Care Line consists of a total of 7 different products that promises improved skin in 7 days. How does it fare? Check-out my detailed review together with photos on my post below.



Stolen shot! #nomakeup


What can I say? In 7 days, I came to notice that I can be proud of leaving the house without any makeup on (well except maybe for drawing my eyebrows?) John asked me "Hey, aren't you gonna put on your BB cream, etc etc etc" the other day and I just answered "I feel confident to go out without it, I'm good with my sunblock). I used the entire set consistently. With the facial mask twice. 

I love the fact that they use a limited number of ingredients, mostly all-natural. They don't use any parabens, sulfates, and pore-clogging, pimple inducing ingredients. It has a nice citrus scent. 

If you're on a tight budget, I suggest purchasing their basics. The facial wash, toner, and the daily glow moisturizer.


  • The facial wash! You only need to use a really small amount to create a generous foamy lather that smells like fresh grapefuits! It has small exfoliating beads too. After rinsing, it doesn't make my face feel squeaky dry.
  • The daily glow moisturizer! It feels light on my face and being the last one to use on the kit it literally provides that "glow" that made me feel confident to go out bare-faced.
  • I appreciated how they put in numbers, with the amount of products you used, the number system made it easier to follow. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5!


  • Their packaging. They use too much layers of carton. Hope they can lessen this, since we just throw those away anyway.


I think they're readily available directly or thru Herbalife Distributors.

#SafetyZoneEvent and WIN and MD Moms Gift Pack

Displaying Safety Zone IG Poster.png

Join us at the #SafetyZoneEvent ! Everything you need to know to keep your baby safe, conveniently packed in an afternoon of learning! A private sale of pre-selected safe and eco-friendly products! Over 10k worth of freebies to be given away! All for a good cause! Register now! www.tinyurl.com/SafeyZoneEventMobile 

They say that being a parent means having an extension of your heart outside of yourself. So true! 
Aside from all your other roles and responsibilities, you as a parent worry about your child’s diet, skin 
care, physical health, social and mental development... and the list goes on! 

With so many other things to be concerned about, it helps to be knowledgeable on the everyday 
dangers that your child may be exposed to, and how to protect them. Educating yourself can help you 
make informed choices for the benefit of your little one. After all, knowledge is power and ignorance is not an excuse! 

It is for this reason that I invite you to “Safety Zone”, a community charity event brought to you by 
Babyland Baby Stores and Halo SleepSack Philippines. In celebration of Baby Safety Month this 
September, “Safety Zone” brings together all the trusted brands that help safeguard your child. This 
charity event aims to educate guests on what every parent must know to keep your child safe, while 
raising funds in support of Children’s Hour

Expect an afternoon filled with “aha” moments as experts talk about the latest recommendations on 
baby proofing, safe sleeping, feeding safety, bath and skin care safety, healthy living and environmental safety. Enjoy great savings on a private sale of pre-selected brands that are certified safe and eco-
friendly. Healthy snacks, games, raffle prizes and loot bags worth over P10,000 will be given away!

Where to Claim Prize? The winner can claim their prize on the day of the event itself AT the EVENT. Winner will be announced September 10 2014

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My Embarassing Event Experience at Sanggobion #GoLoveLife Make-Over Day

I usually go alone when going to events but one fine Saturday, there was no choice but to bring my sweetheart baby with me because I promised him to go to the mall and buy him play-doh PLUS his grandpa is sick in the hospital and there's no one to take care of him.

I asked him if he wants to take the cab going to Crowne Plaza but he said "No mommy I want to take the train!" Long-cut it is my son!

The event we're going to attend is Sanggobions #GoLoveLife make-over day where lucky women gets to have primped and pampered courtesy of Shu Uemura and Blo Dry Bar. As much as I would love to experience the make-over myself, I'd rather stay with Geof and play with him while we wait for the program to start.

We arrived on time but the program started more than 1 hour late, you know how kids have short patience and attention span right? My son being a nice kid that he is whispered "Mom can we go now?" As much as I would loved to stay, he is my priority as a mom. As the tag line goes, "Go Love Life", Geof is the love of my life and his needs comes first!

So I told him "Okay let's go quietly..."

then while walking out, he got so excited and shouted "Yey, we're going to the mall now! Finally!"


Gosh! Everyone became quiet and looked at us, I just had to shook down and walk as fast as we can! Hahaha!

Thanks for the fun event Sanggobion! My son enjoyed the sweet treats <3

Step One MNL Diet Delivery Review

I had to post my favorite meal of the week because it's hard to imagine you'd be served SHRIMPS with your regular diet delivery service. It's my first time to eat quinoa seeds too as a rice alternative. Well before I start raving at how yummy the food is at Step One MNL, let me first give you a brief introduction, how their service works, then I'll let you know what I think about it PLUS foodgasmic photos of their meals.

Who is Step One Manila?

Step One Manila is a diet delivery service in Metro Manila that caters to people who are really looking into changing their lifestyle and eating habits. They don't just prepare your meals for you. They teach you and encourage you to adjust your food as you need it. The deliciousness of their food is just the bonus part.

How does Step One Manila work?

They estimate and prepare your food based on your actual nutrient, caloric, and macro needs. Macro-nutrients are Fat, Carbs, and Protein. How you split them depends on how much work/exercise you do on a daily basis. Of course people who are looking into getting leaner and stronger muscles require more protein than those who only target to maintain. 

They work by asking how much you weigh, what are your regular activities and goals. I'm glad to know that there's a diet service that actually CARES about the outcome. I tried one service for a week that made me lose a lot of weight but made me weaker in the process and I got dizzy spells by the end of the week (sad)

Sample Diet for 1 Day

I got to try it for 3 days only because of the holidays but I was satisfied. They send you the macro-split of your meals on a daily basis.

Szechuan Prawns & Quinoa Meal Set
Calories: 608     Fat: 10.6     Carbs: 100.8     Protein: 21.9
Egg white Omelette with Flaxseeds
Calories: 172     Fat: 6.7     Carbs: 8.3     Protein: 15.5
Green Salad with Asian Dressing
Calories: 159     Fat: 4    Carbs: 6     Protein: 8
Organic Steel Cut Oats with Blueberries, Almonds, Flaxseeds & Chia Seeds
Calories: 188    Fat: 3.2   Carbs: 39.8    Protein: 5
Calories: 1127     Fat: 25    Carbs: 154.9    Protein: 51

What I think about it?

I honestly think it's great! Someone does the counting for you which is a very daunting task if you're a busy person but still concerned on your actual weight/health/lifestyle. I do think it's a bit on the pricey and of the spectrum and not everyone can afford spending 799/day for a meal.

What I can suggest is you can do this occassionaly like once or twice a month (a week at a time) and then when you grasp on how to adjust your own macros you can be independent enough. If you're a busy person, you can get their services again.

How much does it cost? 

1 day: Php 799.003 days: Php 2,299.005 days: Php 3,599.00

Where do they deliver?

Makati, BGC, Ortigas

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Pixy Lipsticks Review (Photos, Review, Swatches)

Hooray for Pixy Makeup Week! Last time I reviewed their duo eyeshadow which I loved! I'm planning to buy more of those in different shades like the one in brown. This time, I'm reviewing their lipstick, that smells like blueberries *eyes sparkle* 

I will be reviewing their lipstick in 3 different finishes and shades; Pink Smoothie (Lasting Matte), Misaki (Semi Matte), and Rosy Pink (Satin)

L-R: Rosy Pink, Misaki, Pink Smoothie


(Don't mind the pimple, it's gone now thanks to Belo's Acne Pro)



My favorite is Pink Smoothie it just complements my skin tone very well because it's shade of bright pink is leaning towards the cooler end of the spectrum while not so shockingly bright that it's unwearable for daytime use, it says the finish is matte but it still leaves a miniscule amount of sheen which I like. Misaki is a nude pink for cooler skintones while Rosy Pink is a nude for warmer skintones. Despite their difference in finishes, I find all of them easy to apply and non-drying. It has a very pleasant blueberry scent that I don't mind re-applying if I need to retouch. Like shoes, we girls cannot get enough of lipsticks so if you're planning to add more to your collection you can definitely get these super delicious smelling Pixy Lipsticks.

How about you? What's your favorite lipstick color among the 3?

Pixy Eyeshadow Review (Photos, Review, Swatch)

"Pixy Week" The thing I love to blog about is really makeup and cosmetics, heck it's the reason why I started this blog in the first place way way back when it's called "When Chic Hits the Pan" but the skincare products review piled up so high I prioritized that first @_@. So I plan to post MORE makeup reviews! How would you like that? I'm no pro when it comes to putting on makeup. I'm just someone like you who likes to look pretty and use the best products as possible!

Well, last time I was invited to the launch of Pixy Cosmetics here in Manila and was blessed to have been given a lot of products to try! As promised, I did mention to review some of my favorite products in the brand and first up is it's eyeshadow! Do visit back soon for my review on Pixy Blush on and Pixy Lipsticks

My Pixy Cosmetics

My Pixy Favorites

Pixy Eyeshadow Swatch
Pixy is a very affordable japanese makeup brand that's easily available at Watsons, or SM Beauty section. Their main color is PINK so it's very easy to spot and find (my favorite color? obviously! haha)

Pixy Eyeshadow on Eyes
Pixy Eyeshadow on Eyes


  • It may not look like it but the eyeshadow duo actually packs in a lot of pigment and can give you color in one swipe
  • It's very smooth and blendable. The intensity can also be adjusted depending on how heavy your hand is or how much product you layer on
  • This is never chalky. It's rare to find eyeshadows of this quality
  • Lasting power is good. I put it on the morning and it stayed on until I got home 8pm


  • The packaging is a bit flimsy and the built in mirror is next to useless because of it's super blurred reflection. But hey, I don't mind as long as the actual product is GOOD.

Will I be repurchasing?

Definitely, and I hope Pixy comes out with brighter and more vivid colors.

Stay tuned for more makeup reviews from different brands from yours truly *wink*

Delicious Diet Delivery Review

Because I'm so lazy to cook my own meals during weekdays and I got tired of eating the same food over and over that I resorted to diet delivery services in the metro. No, I'm not trying to lose weight anymore. I lost quite enough during my Fat Loss Challenge with John Castle. Let's face it, if you eat less than your required calories daily you will lose weight so those default 1,200 calories will make you shed BUT not everyone has the same nutrition requirements that's why I advice to compute yous at IIFYM.COM 

These services are pretty convinient for office workers like me who doesn't want to think much about what to eat during lunch and expect a really delicious meal every time. It's 1,200? Great I can eat more when I get home, I eat their "dinner meals" as my afternoon snack anyway! Harharhar

How much? 1,750/5 days
Where does Delicious Diet Delivery Deliver? Anywhere in Metro Manila

Their meals are really delicious. Pun pun not intended. I expect really bland dishes with delivery services like these because they try to lower your sodium content etc and try to "taste healthy" but with Delicious Diet, they know for a fact that one shouldn't scrimp on taste just for it to be healthy. I was surprised with one of the snacks actually included a wedge of laughing cow cheese , milk tea, and crackers. Oh so yum. They put in an ample amuont of protein too. When I looked at my meals, I did saw what they prepared was a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Though this is not the perfect diet for me because I really require something of higher protein since I work out a lot and trying to build muscle. All in all, this is recommended for office people who wants something good and different to eat everyday without overthinking. At 1,750/week it's not so bad.

How much does it cost?


Where do they deliver?

Anywhere in Metro Manila

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First Time Diamond Peel at The Zen Institute

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by The Zen Institute to experience their Diamond Peel. It was the first time that I will try this kind of facial service as the only facial I experienced in my life was a facial (not even regular haha)

The Zen Institute specializes in non-invasive treatments to help you achieve younger looking skin. I feel like I don't need those kinds of treatments yet. Maybe in 10 years? Gosh otne of the things I fear the most is that my skin to lose it's elasticity and youth. So far, having a good skincare regimen, proper sun protection, and supplements are helping aid my goal in preventing early signs of skin aging.

The attendant let me wear this very hygenic hair cover, and it was very comfortable. She cleansed my face with a cream cleanser, toned it and gave a few minutes of a really good face massage.

Verdict? It was one of the most enjoyable facial treatments I had. My skin felt so smooth, supple and fresh after. The attendant was kind enough to show me all the sloughed off skin cell that the diamond peel has removed and it was a lot. I was told not to wash my face overnight because the treatment already cleaned my face already.

How does a diamond peel feel? Well, it's not painful. It felt like there was a vibrating round toothbrush swirling around your skin in tiny circles. I would definitely come back to The Zen Institute!

Ysa Papaya Soap Review

It's been a habit of mine that whenever I run out of soap, I purchase a different one to try. I am a believer that our skin can get immuned to whatever we are using even if it is effective for us so it's nice to have change ocassionaly.

I remember the first time I've used YSA Papaya Soap (orange) back when I was in highschool. I loved it because it was cold pressed, all natural, and smelled really good. It smelled like lavender. It also worked like miracles on pimples. However, as the years go by, the quality depreciated. My favorite YSA soap was no longer cold pressed, it turned into another generic whitening soap bar that takes a long time to melt. It wasn't pure anymore. It was full of fillers. They even put in the label "improved formulation" but to be honest it was the opposite.

When I dropped by the local Watsons store nearby, I spotted something different. A green papaya soap. They say that a papaya fruit's enzymes are more potent when it is green than ripe. The YSA papaya soap (green) was also marketed as an acne soap. Give YSA a 2nd shot? Why not?


  • It still smells like lavender
  • It did not make my skin dry
  • My skin feels clean and well exfoliated after using
  • The bar of soap lasts long
  • It says on the ingredient's list it still uses natural ingredients like Virgin Coconut Oil
  • It did help drying my bum acne -_-


  • It's not cold-pressed
  • An ingredient says it has an "anti-inflammatory agent"; just that. What is it? They should've told us
  • It's quite pricey at more than 75php
  • It's not that potent in terms of whitening

Will I be repurchasing?

I don't think so. It's really not that special of a bar of whitening soap and there are better ones out in the market. 


Today,  everything seems like a dream. I don't feel anything. Like a speckle of dust floating around an empty space.  Something you can only see if you look hard enough. 

I don't feel happy. I don't feel sad.  I don't feel angry.  I don't feel anything.  I  smile,  I frown,  I laugh,  not because I feel like doing them but they seem like the appropriate reaction. 

If I died today I couldn't care less.  I feel like my soul was stolen away from me.  I feel empty. Hollow. 
Bring me back my soul. Someone. Save me. 

Tatiomax Glutathione Review Part 1

Greetings earthlings! A lot of you who have been following me on instagram(@kikaysikat) are asking what's that new glutathione supplement I've been taking along with my other daily supplements. It's that large liquid gel capsule in that photo above.

I take my Cal-Mag-Zinc from healthy options for managing my Tourettes. You know, that nerve condition where you just involuntarily twitch? Some people have vocal tics some have muscle tics. Fortunately I have the muscle one, so don't expect any sudden shouts or curses from my end. Did you know that glutathione also keeps the tics at bay since it's an anti-oxidant?

This was sent to me by Ageless Beauty Potions for a review consideration. They sell a lot of different glutathione brands in their shop. What got my attention in this is the whopping 1600mg content. Well, if we disect the ingredients a bit it has:

  • L-Glutathione 1200mg
  • Hydrolized Collagen 200mg - This is new for me. According to wikipedia.com
  • A preclinical study investigated the effects of oral ingestion of hydrolyzed collagen, along with vitamin C and glucosamine, suggested that the moisture content of skin, its viscoelastic properties, and smoothness benefit.[7]

Initial Thoughts

It smells legit. Glutathione smells like rotten eggs due to nitrogen and this one smells like it. It's in liquid form and not powder meaning faster absorption in our body. The thing is it's a huge dosage in one intake I sometimes prefer taking glutathione in separate dosage because the excess just gets excreted in our urine. Sort of like when we take vitamin C that's time released. 

Day 1: Under natural light. No Makeup.
This would be my before shot of taking Tatiomax. Together with proper skincare and using protective sunscreen let's see what would Tatiomax do to my skin in 1 month. I will be taking this for 1 month and will give you a full, complete, detailed, and unbiased review of this product together with an "after" shot.