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A really really really really short 3-day break. Please stay tune on my quick comeback for a BIGGER,BOLDER, and BETTER kikaysikat.com posts and reviews!!


[MAKEUP] 9 Incredibly Simple Tips for to Achieve Perfect Makeup [Infographic]

You can click the image to enlarge. You can even print this out in colored ink so you can place it anywhere from your office cube to your vanity table. These are all step by step makeup tips on how to put on nail polish, lip color, blush, eye shadow, foundation, and even your brows.

This is too awesome not to share~

[DREAMS] A Giant Ship Party

This is another one of my interpret-your-dream series.  I keep track on some of them in this blog because dreams, somehow are a reflection of our reality and subconscious. 

I'm a powerful lucid dreamer, I tend to have very vivid dreams and can frequently remember each detail, color, scent, taste, place, time. There are times that I am able to control my dream, I have also experienced dreaming through several stages ala inception. I want to share with you guys, and also as a part dream-journal to myself, my strange dreams (what dreams are normal anyway? haha)

Who knows? Maybe you also got a similar dream like what I had and you can use the information as a reference. 

This is my dream according to my memory. Today is the 2nd time I had a similar dream of an amphibious ship and a party.Wondering what the reason I dreamed of this again since this was dreamed 2 years ago.  I dreamed about being in a large cruise ship that can sail from land to sea. It was one of those amphibious vehicles. I was looking for something to wear for the party, particularly something with an animal print. The captain of the ship was also announcing an escape artist named Alex was supposed to perform and escape the ship. Realizing we were actually imprisoned because there was an escape artist, I panicked and wanted to find a way out. The ship finally stopped over along Ayala and halted in front of Ascott Hotel.
*I woke up*

How about you? Do you remember your dreams? Do you write them down? 


[FOOD] The French Baker Review

Tender and flavorful Smoked Hickory Ribs

Has anyone of you tried eating at French Baker yet? This is this small bakery-slash-cafe that serves really delicious food that is well worth its price. I've been frequenting this place lately because it never fails to satisfy my palette. But whenever I visit their cafe, not so much people are around. They have great food and service so I wonder why it rarely gets any attention.


I tried their sandwiches, appetizers, and main courses. My favorites are their porkchops and ribs.  The porkchop is flavorful and not your typical grilled or pan-fried porkchop. They infused theirs with herbs and the most noticeable is rosemary and thyme. It's cooked well. Tender and juicy. 

Hickory Ribs

I ordered porkchop and hickory ribs which costs around 200php per serving. It comes with their soup of the day. Their hickory ribs are well seasoned. Sweet and smokey. Just the way everyone likes their ribs, however I did notice that what they offer is more of the liempo cut (pork belly). It is soft, well cooked, and each bite is bursting with flavor.

I want you to know that while I'm writing this, I'm already craving to eat there again. It's definitely more than just a bakery. They are also quite consistent. I've been to 4 branches already (SM Manila, Sta. Lucia, Glorieta, SM Megamall) and how they cook and serve their dishes has the same quality.

Hickory Ribs

The only thing I do not like about their food is how they cook their rice. For me it is too soft and mushy.

Brewed Iced Tea

Cap off your meal with any of their drinks. They serve mint lemonade, four seasons, and home brewed iced tea. My absolute fave is their four seasons, too bad it wasn't available during my last visit so I got the iced tea instead. They serve it in a glass pitcher, together with 2 tiny straws. The way you drink the tea really makes a whole lot of difference. It seemed to give more pleasure in every sip compared to gulping it directly from the glass. (Shhh... I brought home the tiny straws since they're so cute!)

If ever you're hungry and want to try something new, you can try eating at French Baker.

This is not a paid advertisement or review. I just really happen to like eating at French Baker :D


[EVENT] Watson's Sun Up to Sun Down


Summer just got more awesome as Watsons Sun Up to Sun Down, an event presented by Women’s Health and Femalenetwork.com.ph, attracted sun worshippers of all persuasions on April 9, 2014, at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

It was so fun dancing! Cant help but smile during a selfie!

Participants who logged on to www.femalenetwork.com/watsonsph to register as well as those who just happened to pass by were treated to summer-themed activities packed with energy, entertainment and useful information about sun protection.  

Tanya dela Cruz, who specializes on Yoga-Pilates at her studios in Greenhills and Rockwell, led the guests in showing off their flexibility in Sunrise Flow and their dazzling grace in Zumba. Nivea, the leading skincare expert, gave tips on how best to shield one’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Guests then danced to the beat of African Jam following the lead of freelance dance/fitness class instructor Marlette Besa. Ultraviolet rays find their match in Vaseline, as the beauty specialist talked about taking care of one’s skin without sacrificing all the fun in the sun.

Then things got even steamier as Vikki Santos, the first and only accredited Hot Hula fitness instructor in the Philippines, got everyone to shake their hips and get their groove on.

What’s more, Watsons has an exclusive promo for cardholders of SM Advantage, SM Prestige and BDO Rewards from March 20 to May 28, 2014. A minimum P500 single-receipt purchase of any participating suncare essential products entitles a member to one electronic raffle entry.

There will be five (5) weekly winners of Instax Cameras and six (6) grand winners of trips for two with hotel accommodation to exotic Asian destinations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Boracay.

From L-R: Kojie San Sunblock SPF69, Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock extreme SPF80, Watsons Aftersun body get, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF50, Vaseline Health White SPF30, Celeteque Sun Care Matte Moisturizer, Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze SPF 20, Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh SPF 50, Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF50, Sunplay SPF 50, Ultra Screen MD Body Lotion and Ultra Screen MD Nose Coat, Belo Sun Expert SPF50 and Safe Sea Sun Protection SPF50
I actually reviewed Mentholatum Sunplay since it's my absolute favorite product. With additional of more sunscreen reviews.

Because there’s “Always More” at Watsons, you can enjoy summer from Sun up to Sun Down. Have fun at the best travel hot spots across Asia, but always be protected with suncare essentials from Watsons!


[EVENT] Perfect Pads Launch

Last week was the official launch of Perfect Pads with their latest endorser, Jasmine Curtis. Since it was Jasmine's 20th birthday, it was setup like a Soiree where people where dressed in glamorous dresses and formal suits and ties. 

It was great to have been invited to this launch because it gave me the opportunity to meet new blogger friends! It feels so great to have new people walk in to your circle. 

The programme; Brief but concise. Perfect.

For Australian-Filipina actress/ endorser Jasmine Curtis-Smith, stepping out of her sister’s shadow was definitely a big challenge. And now that opportunities are starting to pour, she is set to prove to everyone that it is her individuality and talent that will tell her apart from her superstar sister.

It was only just recently when Jasmine was offered a big break for her career and she cannot be more grateful to the people who helped her. “It was like a dream come true for me to finally make a name for myself. I’m really thankful to everyone who trusted me and believed in what I can do,” says Jasmine. The promising young actress is now being groomed to be a television royalty in one of the major TV networks in the Philippines.

So, the big question is, why a feminine pad? “I feel like it’s my moral obligation to my fellow Filipinas to introduce them to something that can help them during their red days and that is Perfect Pads,” answers Jasmine. Menstruation is natural to all women but it can get really uncomfortable at times, not to mention the “hassles” it brings that can affect your entire day at work or at school. “With Perfect Pads, every Filipina can have a Perfect day, every day!” Jasmine added.

“I’d like to thank Perfect Pads for choosing me to be their new ambassadress and I’m really, really looking forward to all of our projects which will allow us to touch more lives and influence the youth today as we will soon be embarking on an advocacy campaign for them” exclaims Jasmine. 
Mr. Steve Leung, General Manager of Quanta Paper

The pads served on a platter. Haha!
After finishing secondary school, in Australia, Jasmine went back here in Manila to pursue a full-time career in Showbiz and her college degree in Ateneo De Manila University. This glamour chic is definitely more than just a pretty face! Aside from acting, where she by the way excels, Jasmine is also a good dancer, plus she writes essays and poems.

Tada! Launched!

With Jasmine Curtis and my blogger friends :) She's so purrty
Jasmine is exquisitely beautiful, bordering to looking perfect, and that’s a given. The pretty face paired up with a good character is the ideal formula for a potential showbiz celebrity.  No wonder her endorsements come left and right, but for the young Jasmine, choosing what merchandise to endorse goes beyond any monetary value that the project offers. “I do not want to just recommend a product for the sake of recommending it. I’ve got to have some sort of trust and confidence in the brand that I am endorsing. A real brand ambassadress as you may want to call it,” explains Jasmine.


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