Friday, October 31, 2014

Laneige Snow BB Cushion Review

Does your skin look tired? Lack of sleep? Dull? This is a perfect pick-me-up make-up.
It adds glow back to your face, it has SPF, it has essential skin benefits, it lasts the whole day, looks better as the day goes by, does not break out, it looks natural, PERFECT HOLY GRAIL BB CREAM MATERIAL except for one thing which will be revealed at the end of my review.

It's been a while since I had a lemming for a makeup product. I've been to many successful Project No-buy and I have been "tame" for a couple of years now, except for this particular situation. When I lost my Tony Moly CC Cream, I needed a replacement quick, I was too shy to request for another one from them even if they openly told me I can get another one for free so I searched for more CC or BB cream reviews. Rowena, of swears by Laneige for her glowing and youthful skin. I trust her because seeing her in person, I can't believe she's almost 40, her skin can pass off and be compared to 20 year olds. She also likes their BB Cushion. Perfect. Now I know what to get, now when and how to get it was the question.

What? Laneige Snow BB Cushion
How Much? 1950php (comes with extra refill)
Where to Buy? Laneige Stores

I finally got hold of my Laneige lemming when my colleagues and I went out for lunch at SM Aura at Bonifacio Global City. I had a slight unpleasant experience with some of their SAs because I was inquiring about my shade and they ignored me the whole time and kept busy putting makeup on each other. *sob* I still bought my Laneige Snow BB Cushion anyway but not from them, I went up to the "Korean Fair" that time and bought from different SAs who were nicer and even gave me lots of samples to try and were very helpful.

Haha may stains agad!


It comes in a thick bulky compact with a large mirror and a sleek white casing. It has another layer of cover on top to protect your product from drying too soon. It has a sponge that dispenses the product upon pressure. I find that it is really best to use the applicator that comes along with it instead of fingers.


I've been using this on a daily basis and I love the glow it gives when you initially apply the product. It lasts the whole day and the color stays true even if I have acidic skin. What I worry about is that with prolonged usage, it seems that I don't get the "glow" anymore and it just goes on as regular makeup on my skin. It's really weird. It's like your skin will also get immune to the makeup. 

This goes back to my drawer to take some time off. Maybe switching brands will make me appreciate this again someday. I prefer using BB or CC creams instead of foundation now, I love the extra SPF and skincare benefits it provides. The coverage is also perfect for me since I really don't have that much flaws to conceal and just want my skin to look more "alive"

What's your favorite BB Cream? I'd like to know so I can try it for myself too!

Tone: It has a yellow-undertone my shade is #21
Texture: It's  very thin almost liquid like.
Scent:  It has a floral scent, but after a while it turns rancid easily. Sponge types aren't really for me.
Staying Power: 8 hours. Yes sir! One of the best!
Skin Benefits: Anti-aging, moisturizing, sun protecting, and it promises that the color stays true.
Coverage: 6/10. This is highly recommended for girls who don't have much skin trouble as it has a very light coverage for a BB Cream
Glowiness: 6/10. It's one of the BB Creams that impart a youthful glow and radiance on your skin upon application. You know how Koreans in their TV series look so fresh? This will give that same effect.
Oil Control: 7/10. Yay! It doesn't make your skin oily! Yes yes! This is best for oily skin types!
Will I buy again? I still have a refill, so I'm not going to buy anytime soon.
Who do I recommend it to? I recommend this girls who have oily and acidic skin! 

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SM Beauty FACE SEARCH Winners 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I was granted the opportunity to be one of the special guests in the announcement of the winners of the SM Beauty FACE SEARCH 2014. These lucky ladies get to win a year worth of contract of hosting and modelling opportunities from Lifestyle Network and MEGA Magazine. Whew imagine that! I have a funny story to share too, when I received an e-mail invitation, the invite said

Dear Kat,
We’ve been searching for a beautiful face and we think you should know that YOU have one of our most favourite faces!
Sooo…. Would you spend the afternoon with us? Please say yes. 
October 17, 2014, Friday.4pmSMX AURA Meeting Room 4&5. 
The invite's on the way to you! :) 

My funny and embarassing reaction was, I thought I actually won the contest! LOL so I replied with much excitement and energy. That's the not-so-good side of being optimistic and assuming. But all is good and well. I discovered that I didn't win anything and was invited as part of the media team who'll share the news and spread the word ^_^; So now I present you the real winners and lucky girls!

April Vanessa Llenares Scott

Hobbies interests: modelling, painting, singing, guitar, piano. 
What made me decide to join the face search?: i decided to join the face search because as a model im interested in beauty and the object of this competition was to be the next big thing in beauty, so naturally i figured, if anything i would learn some knowledge that i could use to enhance my self as a model in my career.   
What i learned from my face sesrch experience: I learned that beauty is not just about a pretty face, real beauty can be found in the way a person represents themselves to others, thr way they treat and respect others is just as beautiful as having genetically perfect features.

Lindsay Louise Chetaud

Age: 16 years old. My hobbies are swimming, camping, ice skating and shopping. 
Why made you decide to join the face search?: I decided to join the face search because I know it'll be a perfect opportunity to learn new things with makeup, styling and etiquette.
What did you learn from your face search experience?: I learned everything that a beauty ambassador should know like how to take care of myself with skin care. The proper makeup to wear in the morning and at night. How to wear the right clothes and accessories that fit my body type and to be humble and gracious to the people that I meet.

Bettina Tubig Dela Paz

Age: 21
Hobbies/interest: I like to sketch and I'm interested in make up, fashion, art, and architecture
What made you decide to join face search?: I spotted the ad of SM Beauty Face Search on Facebook and I saw this as an amazing opportunity for me to try something I really want to do which is modeling. It was also a chance to learn new things and grow along the way.
What did you learn from your face search experience?: I learned a lot from the experience, our Glam Camp taught not just about fashion and make up but also about etiquette and inner beauty. It has also taught me to be confident and assertive about creating myself.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Olay Natural White Bar Review

I remember the first time I decided to whiten my skin. Before you say anything else, this is a disclaimer. Some people prefer their skin to be fair, some want to be tan, some want to stay as they are. Different strokes for different folks. Well I was one of the former. I wanted to achieve fairness for my skin. Yes there are lots of whitening products in the market but being a teenager, I was hesitant and the best product to start with is sticking to the basics. SOAP.

Olay Natural White with Vitamin C

I've tried many whitening soaps already and I did mention that some are so harsh it stings! It burns! :( What's the use of having fair skin if my skin is flaky and red from irritation right? So for anyone starting out with skin whitening, try a whitening soap that has a gentler formula but still effective.

Well, I'm glad that Olay finally released their own line of bar soaps for skin lightening. Did I mention my lola is a true blue olay fan? (See previous post on my Olay Cc Cream Review)

Click to view ingredients list

Hmm, okay so it promises to exfoliate, brighten and even skin tone? I really think it's great if you're starting out on your skin lightening journey. Olay has 2 natural white bars available both with different ingredients.

1. Olay Natural White Bar with Vitamin C - Vitamin C is an effective skin lightener
2. Olay Natural White Bar with Papaya - Papain is an effective exfoliator

With my bloggy friend :)  Kath Neko of


Olay Natural White with Papaya

Okay. *Finally Kat! Enough chit-chat, I want to hear what you think about this product!*

Fragrance: The Vitamin C bar has a fresh floral fragrance that's very light. The papaya bar smells like melons. (Why do they make papaya soaps smell like melon?!) It smells yum nonetheless.
Texture: It makes a lot of foam and creamy lather and emulsifies quickly. 
Moisturization: I really love the fact that it doesn't hurt or sting my skin at all. This is the perfect break-time whitening soap for me when I want my skin to rest from the harsh soaps I've tried in the past.
Exfoliation: No noticeable ugly peeling but skin really feels clean after
Skin Brightening and Evening Out: Regular bar soaps make skin dull and dry. In fairness to Olay, it does a fair job in improving skin's texture making it look brighter if you use this at least a week or so for it to show its effects.

I’ve had it with using harsh soaps on my skin with ingredients such as kojic! So this soap is really a breath of fresh air for me and my skin. It’s lather is very creamy and my skin feels really soft after bathing. It’s rare for such soap to give effects as most of them are really drying.

Who do I recommend this to?
To filipina women who are starting out in their whitening journey. It's better if you start with something gentle like this first.

Will I buy this again?
A definite yes. I’ll even keep bars of this stuff in my soap stock supply so I have something to go to in case my skin gets irritated from trying out harsh soaps. Olay Natural White Bars lighten skin gently. Love love!

Being silly! Hehe

TIPS and TRICKS! ^_^

1.        Use Olay Natural White soap in the shower twice a day – in the morning and in the evening before you sleep.
2.        While in shower, lather liberally especially in areas that require extra attention (areas that are rougher, a bit darker in skin tone, or are subjected to friction from clothes or other fabric).  Use a puff for a more indulgent feel. This will also enhance the effect of the exfoliation.
3.        Treat your skin with care.  Pat your skin dry with a clean towel after shower.  Make sure you don’t scrub your skin to avoid friction which causes skin irritation.

That's it pancit! Thanks for reading and looking forward for your visit soon! Follow me on ig:kikaysikat to track my adventures!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tattoo Parlor in Manila - Kulture of Ink

It was around 3 weeks ago when a friend of mine posted a photo of her new tattoo on instagram. It was a fox from "The Little Prince" and it's in watercolor style. I've been aching to get a back tatoo since forever but haven't been able to find the right artist and the right design for one so it came to a halt.

When I saw my friend's tattoo, I immediately asked her where she got it. The tattoo artist is Ana from Kulture of Ink Tattoo Parlor in Anonas. Oooh perfect she's a girl! I prefer a lady artist to tattoo on my back since it's a more private location compared to my arms (My first tattoo was a feather pen and I got it at Ink Asia Tattoo Parlor in Boni) She's doing tattoo for around 2 years and has an expertise on watercolors since she's also an artist.

We had a discussion and I told her I want something soft, feminine, using colors such as pink, blue and purple (oh ha ang kikay talaga kahit tattoo!) and to put in symbolic icons to blend it all together. 
We originally wanted to design it in a cube or square form but she advised me it would look more feminine if we made it diamond-shaped but softer, and make the colors look like dripping. It would make the watercolor tattoo look more like a painting (me likey!)

Their tattoo shop is very feminine and comfy. A lot of soft couches if you have a friend who's going to wait for your whole grueling tattoo process. 

It took more or less 2 hours to have this done. It wasn't painful at first but during the final seconds I really wanted to give up. It was mixed feelings of my body being fatigued, and the needles pricking over and over on my spine made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

This is the finished work for now and I love it. The healing process for any tattoo is quite strenous because it peels 2x. The first layer is so itchy you really have to control scratching or else it will ruin your beautiful tattoo. The second layer is tolerable.

I'm still going to update this because there's a pending 2nd session for another layer of watercolors and defining the icons. Can you guess what the small icons mean? :)

Fine I'll tell you the icon legend
Star - Because I'm a star! I want to be famous! :)
Musical Note - Because I love music and singing
7 - First letter of my unico ijo Geof
11 - K of course!
Rose - The beauty of a blooming flower among thorns, beauty despite hardships
3 - C for Cleo!
Butterfly - Inspired by the book hope for the flowers, a story of a catterpillar afraid from change but accepted it when she realized change is inevitable and good.
Flame - I'm a spitfire! Rawr!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Painless Hair Removal at YSA Skin and Body Experts

Among the booths that got ahold of my business card, I was lucky enough to have my name drawn by YSA Skin and Body Experts and won 1 treatment from them. I love winning at contests and just in time as my underarms are due for hair removal. This is because went to Blogapalooza to give away a few of my business cards *ehem* that I newly designed and I'm proud off. Chose a few booths that 's beauty, fashion, food, or skincare related so I get to work with companies in my niche. I didn't stay very long, there wasn't that much to do there anyway promise. It's free. It promises to be painless.  So why not try diba? My story ahead!

I had doubts. They always say it's "pain free" or "painless" but it still hurts! I've been undergoing IPL (Intense Pulse Laser) treatments several times already in different places for my underarms. Take note that IPL is different from Diode. What's the difference between IPL and Diode? With IPL, your hair still returns, only thinner. It's just a notch higher than waxing. With Diode, it's permanent hair removal. I hope I can try that soon.

So I went to the YSA Skin at Robinson's Metro East and they were acommodating and answered all my questions. I believe an IPL treatment costs 1999php per session. I reviewed their YSA Green Papaya Soap before and I loved how it dried up my pimples.

Their IPL Machine

The cooling gel that's FREEZING

They applied the cooling gel to protect my skin from the pain of the IPL. Oh boy this is a different pain though. The gel was freezing cold and it did numb my armpits.

You know what? It's indeed painless. The hair removal is painless but that's because of the super freezing gel they applied on my underarms that numbed my pits! When I used to do IPL before in other clinics, the pain is like a rubberband being snapped over and over on your skin. That's how painful it is.

Thanks everyone! Haha! I'm so pambahay-mode! :)

I'm glad I won the raffle. O diba nakalibre ako ng IPL :) 
I realized if there are raffles like this, or yung mga nasa mall. We should take chances. Walang mawawala diba? We all have that 1% chance. Agree?

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take"

Etude House Great Princess Sale this Weekend [Press Release]

The Great Princess Sale:
Catch this Once in a Lifetime Three-Day Nationwide Sale!

After three years, it's happening again! 

For three days, Etude House is opening its pink doors to all Princesses nationwide for the GREAT PRINCESS SALE! From October 31 until November 2, Etude House is making every girl's pink wish come true with 20% off on all items. From BB creams to blushes to eyeliners... Name it, it's all 20% off! 

What Etude House product have you been dying to have? Get it now this upcoming Great Princess Sale!

See you in our pink palace, Princesses.

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