Etude House Bunny Nails

Who's a lefty? Raise your left hands please! Being a lefty we're challenged with weird handwriting and everything is just done differently including applying nail polish. I always mess up and don't apply it perfectly BUT with the right polish, even if I don't put it the way professional manicurists do it, it looks somehow, decent. Nail art? Tougher. The most I can do is a single color. Etude House sent me these really cute bunny nails nail polish that includes 1 regular color and 1 glitter (powder form)

I messed up, what else is new but I think it still looks cute. What do you think?

Celeteque Acne-Clearing Concealer Review

I left my laptop at work and my personal laptop at John's place so I'm writing this review thru my mobile phone as of this moment.  Why you ask?  It's been raining non-stop for 4 hours,  it's flooded everywhere and I need to catch up on more than 14 backlog postings.  I hope everyone is safe!

Today I'll be reviewing a new product from Celeteque,  they are starting to venture on makeup/skincare starting with their Celeteque Acne Solutions Acne Clearing Concealer.

Celeteque Acne Clearing Concealer Review

It's stick form reminds me of The Body Shop's Tea Tree stick concealer but for Celeteque their active ingredient is salicylic acid.  A component that dries pimple and help unclog pores because it's a Beta Hydroxy Acid.  Being in cosmetic form it also aims to cover up your pimples while healing.

How does Celeteque acne clearing concealer fare?  Well,  it's small pencil form can reach tiny places like under the nose.  That's my problem area and has small stubborn whiteheads.  It helped dry those little buggers in no time BUT I can't use this as a makeup because the shade is too dark for my skin tone as seen on the before and after pictures blow leaning to the orange side. Sadly it's not for me. I do love their basic moisturizer.  It was my HG moisturizer when I was pregnant (See; Celeteque Moisturizer Review)



I recommend Celeteque acne clearing concealer for morenas who's looking for an affordable alternative to The Body Shops Tea Tree stick concealer.  It costs less than 200php and is available at leading drugstores and department stores.

RedoxFat Review - Search for the Best L-Carnitine Supplement

I'm currently on zombie-mode by writing this post for you guys right now. I slept around 3am playing Azure Dreams (Playstation 1 game) on my laptop and it's so addicting. It's a monster/rogue type RPG that's my favorite of all time! If you want to learn more about the game, go to my old post reviewing Azure Dreams. I have a workout session at 12 noon and with the lack of sleep I need that extra boost of energy without the caffeine and an L-Carnitine supplement does exactly that.

I know most of you are familiar with L-Carnitine Supplements by now because we're bombarded with advertisements that it's helps aid weight loss. I already discussed L-Carnitine in detail while reviewing the other L-Carnitine Supplement, FATROL but to give you a summary L-Carnitine has the following benefits.

L-Carnitine aids with fat loss - it uses our stored fat as fuel during exercise
L-Carnitine fights belly fat - it specifically targets and begins burning our belly fat during the process, this is perfect for people who are slim like me, but has problem areas like the stomach
L-Carnitine improves performance - it gives that extra boost of energy.
L-Carnitine helps post-workout recovery

Can you see where I'm going? You don't just take L-Carnitine supplements. That's why it's called supplement. You don't depend on this alone to lose weight or burn fat. You need to pair with with proper diet and exercise to achieve the results you want.


RedoxFat Review

This is the most affordable among all brands with an apt amount of l-carnitine and green tea extract. Fatrol has the most (500mg) and Fitrum has the least (30mg). This is in the middle ground with 350mg. I didn't like Fatrol because the content in the capsule oxidize too soon. Well redoxfat's capsules aren't clear so I couldn't see but it's better than seeing the weird spots.

I feel like I took a shot of espresso if I take a capsule of this before working out. I only take this once a day. With regards to slimming, I feel like it really does help. I'm down to 101lbs from 106lbs but I pair with with lifting heavy and a healthy diet

RedoxFat Ingredients

L-Carnitine - 350mg
Green Tea Extract - 150mg

RedoxFat Price

RedoxFat costs 390php for a box of 30 capsules and can be individually purchased for 13php per capsule

Where to buy RedoxFat

I got mine at Mercury Drug but I think it's also available in other leading drugstores.

Good luck on your fitness goals and I hope this review helps! Feel free to share this post to your family and friends who are curious with L-Carnitine Supplements.

5 Way on How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators

How would you know if your Ray Bans are fake? I'd rather get a cheaper but nameless brand if that's the case.I recently ordered a pair of Ray Ban Aviators from Glasses Online since they were the ones who offered the best priced for the style that I want and they promised a hassle-free shipping and service. I was hesitant at first because on buying online you have to ensure what you're getting is the real deal right? I want to be sure that what I'm getting are not fake Ray Ban Aviators.

So I went out and googled my way and searched how to ensure you're raybans are authentic and not fake and there are actually 5 Simple Ways on How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators. I'll list them below for your reference

How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators #1

New Ray-Ban sunglasses are packaged in a branded retail box. Check for the print, colour and image quality of the logo. Also check that the logo and font matches that of used officially by Ray-Ban. Be aware that genuine packaging can accompany counterfeit sunglasses.  

How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators #2

The retail box label details manufacturer information, barcode, model name, frame and lens description. Check that these details match the details of, and detailed on, the sunglasses themselves, and on any accompanying paperwork. 

How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators #3

Ray-Ban glasses come in a black or tan case with the Ray-Ban logo printed on the font. The inside of the case is lined in red or black. 

How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators #4

The Ray-Ban logo is printed on the right hand lens. Again check the size, font and clarity of the letters. The logo should not have peeled or flaked. 

How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators #5

The best way to spot a fake is just ensure what you're getting is authentic. I suggest buying at the mall or reputable stores OR purchase it at Glasses Online, trust me. Their glasses , sunnies, and shades that range from a wide variety of brands, including my fave Ray Bans are truly authentic. They also offer lower prices than malls. They have lower prices because they don't rent out space, etc etc.

My Ray Ban Shopping Experience from Glasses Online Philippines

It was really hassle-free. I just selected my chosen style, checked out, paid via credit card, entered shipping details and tada! I just waited for around a week and my pair finally arrived!! It arrived in a neatly packaged box. I got mine for around 7,000php, it's originally priced 12,000php

Authentic box? Check

Authentic leather case? Check

Ray Ban Logo? Check

I'll definitely buy from them again! I'm eyeing on the Prada Baroque Glasses I keep seeing on Kryz Uy. Get them by visiting

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain (Review, Photos, Swatches)

Thank you so much to Eman of Revlon Philippines for these lovely new lippies!!!!! *jumps* Like shoes, us girls can't get enough of lipsticks. There isn't any shade that really LOOKS exactly the same and there are a variety of textures and finishes that we can choose from. Revlon recently launched their latest one and it's Colorstay Moisture Stain! Imagine a colorstay lipstick that drenches your lips with moisture and lasts for a long long long long time.

I got it in 4 colors that is aptly named with the premiere fashion capitals of the world.

L-R: LA Exclusive, Parisian Passion, Milan Moment, New York Scene


LA Exclusive
 is a cool pink that has just the right amount of pigment. It's quite pale when applied so it's best for cool or neutral toned skins. Please pair this with a bright blush or tightlined eyes so you won't look pale.

Parisian Passion
A my favorite, now that it's fall season once more and plums are quite the trend. It's not so dark that it makes you look mature. Just enough to make you look sophisticated. 

Milan Moment
is a really fun wearable orange that just gives a tint so it doesn't make you look like an Oompa Loompa or a clown. It's best on pastels or green clothing. 

New York Scene
Is a bright strawberry red leaning towards the pink end of the spectrum. It's not my favorite because it is not red enough. It's pretty nonetheless and will suit all skintones since it's very natural.


Before anything else, I'M SO LOVING MY SKIN RIGHT NOW. People have been asking what I use but it's a whole bunch of different products and experiments! But take note, when I feature things it must be really good, or horribly bad. Okay, let's head on to the review.

It has a really cool feeling once applied, imagine flubber moving around your lips. I had to blot it down because it is a stain after all. Leaving you with a natural color that lasts throughout the day with minimal retouching. Probably after drinking a couple of glasses of water or finishing your meal. It's one of my favorite revlon lipcolor, after Revlon's Colorstay Balm which is another long lasting and moisturizing lipstick of theirs. 

This lipstick has a very unique consistency, something between gel, water, and slime. In a pleasant kind of way. I definitely recommend this to girls who are suffering from dry lips and want their puckers to look oh so soft and kissable. *mwah*

You may also be interested in reading my article on What Your Lip Color Say About You which features several shades mentioned on this review.

What shade do you think suits me best? :)

IVI Premium Collagen Review


So why did I buy IVI Collagen? It's not because of Gretchen. Okay, though I really like Gretchen for her beauty and fresh look. I really don't buy the whole it's because she drinks the collagen that she looks so young. It's so obvious she had plastic surgery and done botox here and there. I have nothing against having surgery to maintain our good looks but I'm not fond of misleading people.

Besides Glutathione supplements, collagen supplements and other beauty supplements have been increasing in popularity here in the Philippines. Women are getting more vain each day and would like to be their prettiest. Hay, can you guess how old I am na? I want to look as young as I possibly can kaya I try all sorts of supplements. I'm into collagen now. From collagen drinks to collagen capsules. The first ones I tried was DHC Nameraka. Now I bought IVI because it's so easy to buy at Mercury Drug or Watson's but it's really expensive.

How much does IVI Collagen cost?

It costs around 113php per sachet

Does IVI collagen work?

Yes, it actually works overnight. But don't expect looking 10 or 20 years younger. I actually recommend this to people who will attend an event or look blooming and fresh the following day because it does just that. Drinking it daily will keep you looking that way. Your skin plump, glowing, radiant. But once you stop, as in even 1 day, *poof* no more effect.

The effect is temporary, compared to glutathione that even if you stop your skin color still remains white.

How does IVI Collagen taste?

It tastesless but has a really slimy texture that make sit hard to gulp down. I suggest mixing this with juice, milk, or frappe to minimize the slimy fishy texture.

IVI Collagen Ingredients


It has 5,000mg of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, l-cystine, and vitamin b complex. The other ingredients are so miniscule to make a significant difference so only the collagen here counts. 

Will I buy again?

Yes, but I don't consider taking this everyday. It's too darn expensive to be taken on a regular basis. I'll buy a sachet and drink it the night before attending a wedding, debut, party, event, or a special occassion. I'm still on the lookout for a really good collagen supplement that can help long-term.

Belo Acne Pro Review

I just had to make this my thumbnail picture because I'm quite proud of the "After" shot. I'll tell you the story below. When was the last time you had a pimple? Diba nakakainis? Just as when things are going smoothly in your life, you wake up, look in the mirror, and see a huge zit pop out of your face. Let's call the annoying pimple, Pimpy. Oh gosh I remember years ago when I had huge cystic pimpy all over my cheeks and it took YEARS to remove *sob*

No he's not another cute mascot, Pimpy is an annoying pimple that can make us less attractive. Imagine if you have 10 of those on your face? The horror! I woke up one morning and my chin felt sore. OMG. A reversed cystic pimpy. It's the worst of their kind. It's underneath your skin and within your flesh that it's not only ugly, it's painful too! :*(

I'm not inventing this story folks but it was really perfect timing for Belo to send me out their latest Belo Acne Pro Set to try! I was thinking before, how can I review a product if I didn't have any acne in the first place? Lo behold. A pimpy! Good thing I have new weapons to destroy this pimple once and for all! I looked at my products and thought to myself "Gosh I hope this works."

What is Belo Acne Pro?

Well, it's their latest line of skincare that targets pimples! Finally! Something for acne-proned individuals. Their active ingredient is quite unique. Have you ever heard of Bee Venom?. It's been the latest buzz world-wide that it's an all natural ingredient clinically proven to treat acne and reduce inflaammation.

Belo Acne Pro Pimple Fighting Gel Face Wash - 50ml 99.75PHP

I tried this and it's not as "sudsy" compared to other facial washes. It also doesn't sting and feels mild on my face. After washing, my face does not feel tight or dry, just clean! It feels really gentle unlike other acne products that just plain stings! It's oil-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic (won't clog our pores! Hoorah!)

Belo Acne Pro Treatment Toner - 60ml 79.75PHP

I rarely use toner but using this one is a treat. It makes my face feel extra clean and not only does it help reduce inflammation, it also helps unclog pores from dirt and grime. I have red spots someitmes and this helps tone it down.

John Castle Photobombing! No it's not what you're thinking. I'm wearing a tube top.

Belo Acne Pro Pimple Gel - 10g 149.75

This has to be my favorite product of the set! Finally! An acne gel that doesn't sting, but works! 
With the help of bee venom, it claims to dry pimpies, calms redness and inflamamation while help heal wound. It has anti-bacterial properties too. Some acne gels actually leave a dark mark, Belo Acne Pro Pimple Gel  doesn't leave any scar, it lightens them! 

Spot Treating!


If you're going to get the whole set it's just going to cost you less than 350php, it's quite affordable compared to other acne sets you can purchase anywhere. The thing is, it does work. I was given 2 weeks to give this product a try, to see if it can help with my pimpy problems and you know what? I expected 2 weeks; My pimpy dramatically reduced in size to almost non-existend OVERNIGHT.
This is recommended for people who have the ocassional PMS pimpies, stress pimpies, love pimpies. You know, mild to moderate cases of acne. #GoodbyePimpy!

Kikaysikat Rating 5/5 stars

For more info visit:

Slammin Mini Burgers Review

Like I always said. When I feature "FOOD" on my blog, it's either you're ridiculously good, or extremely bad. And these Slammin Mini Burgers I tried last time at Greenhills Promenade were so delicious, just thinking about them makes me want to go back (even if I just went there last Saturday)

Prepare for food porn.

These are fake fries! I'm starving! 


Packaged like this. It's the perfect sack to munch on movies. Wayyy better than boring popcorn.


The burgers might looked bite sized but they're jam packed with flavor. I'm very particular about burger patties and I must say theirs is BEEF. WELL SEASONED, JUICY and MOIST. I'm not exaggerating. The size is perfect for you to savor each bite, making you crave for another piece,compared to big sized burger that will make you vomit because it's so bad (See my review: Burger Avenue's Busog Badtrip Burger)

I tried the All American Sliders and Bacon N Mushroom burgers plus their fries and drinks. The bacon was generously placed. The buns were perfectly cooked. Soft on the inside, and ever so slight crisp on the outside. It is served to you freshly cooked! 

The fries are crispy but not the best. It's largely cut and you can see it's made from real potatoes. 

It costs around 500php good for 2 meals. Those are 2 triples, fries, and drinks.

My food in mouth shot. Always. Delicious. Delicious burger. Dammit I miss Slammin Burgers already.

YES. I ate a triple... Actually I ate 4 @_@ I snatched John's last piece of Bacon N Mushroom

I shall return!!!! I so want to try your wings and I will come back for the Bacon N Mushroom and more. 

Greenhills Promenade
Market Market