Monday, March 2, 2015

What? Relumins Advanced White Oral Glutathione
How much? 1,800php/60 capsule (2x a day intake)
Where can I buy?

Read Part 1:
How was your weekend? Mine was super long. I've been missing work the past few days because of the sniffles. Sudden change of weather maybe? But I still try to attend events that I'd love to go to like the Sample Room launch of Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel, as well as the launch of Makeup Magazine for 2015. I promised an update after a month of taking my Relumins Advanced White Oral Glutathione capsules together with Relumins collagen but to be honest with you I just consistently used the glutathione because I'm really not fond of taking sublingual tablets.

INGREDIENTS (Relumins Advanced Oral Glutathione Ingredients)

  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 300mg: has been shown to preserve the Glutathione reserves in the body.
  • Alpha Lipoic acid, 225mg: Both fat and water-soluble, that means it can work throughout the body Evidence suggests alpha Lipoic Acid may help extend the time that Glutathione levels remain elevated after supplementation.
  • L-Methionine, 150mg:Therapy resulted in a significant increase of hepatic Glutathione levels both in patients with alcoholic and in those with non-alcoholic liver diseases as compared with placebo-treated patients.
  • Vitamin E, 150IU:Glutathione level is significantly related to Vitamin E level, and supplementation with Vitamin E (100 IU/day) significantly increases Glutathione and lowers lipid per-oxidation and HbA1c concentrations in the erythrocytes of type 1 diabetic patients.
  • Vitamin B2, 7.5mg: is instrumental in reduction of the oxidized form of Glutathione (GSSG) to its reduced form (GSH).
  • Selenomethionone, 300mg:Studies show that Selenomethionone supplemented medium exhibited markedly elevated Glutathione peroxidase activity and linear increases in abundance of GPx1 and GPx3 proteins.


The unfamiliar ingredients in this product is the Selenomethionone and the L-Methionine, I'm assuming these are the glutathione components used instead of L-Glutathione. Together with NAC and ALA, they work hand in hand to prevent melanin formation in our skin resulting it to fairer, whiter skin tone.

Photos speak louder than words so I'm sharing you a latest picture of mine taken under natural lighting without any filters or foundation, see how it's even it is with my arms and neck? I've been using glutathione for more than 8 years already so you won't find here the huge before/after black/white difference BUT with the tone of my skin. Some glutathione makes your skin yellowish, other pinkish, and this one; white.  Pearly white? Especially when under natural sunlight. Also, even if it has ALA, I did not have any pimples compared to other gluta brands with ALA in them. 

I recommend this to folks who want to achieve that pale white complexion, without any pinkish or yellowish undertones. Surprisingly too, I only took 1 capsule a day and still achieved this effect so it can be cost effective somewhat.  John and my other friends commented that there are days that I looked paler than usual and I have to put on extra bronzer or blush-on to make up for it.

I'll be venturing out onto other brands (still) to find something that will give me rosy-white and glowing skin.

This is really no filter, under natural sunlight. The new V-shape is courtesy of Intrathermal Face Lift from Skin Philosophie Clinic

Olympian’s Advise on How to Lose Belly Fat

Olympic athlete and former competitive sprinter Samantha Clayton was recently in Manila leading hundreds that joined a fun run activity to promote active, healthy lifestyle at the Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill, Taguig.

Clayton, who is also the Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife, was in the country in relation to Herbalife Philippines’ 20th anniversary celebration. During the event she has emphasized the benefits of having an active lifestyle“Exercise is good for your body, your mind and for your social life,” she said.

She also gave tips on addressing problem areas such as the bulge around the waist.
It’s frustrating that, although you may be making an effort with your diet and trying to exercise more, sometimes it feels impossible to reduce fat around your belly. With an active lifestyle there are several steps you can take to help you become or remain trim all over,” she explained.

There is no such thing as spot reduction, she revealed, it’s a disheartening fact but hundreds of sit-ups and stomach crunches on their own won’t immediately help. The good news is that with diet and exercise together, you can burn your excess fat by following these belly fat busting tips:

1. Belly buster Tip 1:  Make time to be active

Although you can’t spot reduce and only target a flabby tummy, you shouldn’t discount the benefits of general exercise.  If you can find time for a physical activity every day, then you’ll soon find yourself firming up all over. You may have heard it before but being active and becoming physically fit is also a wonderful way to cut through the stress in your life. 

2. Belly buster tip 2:  Take a deep breath

Try practicing conscious breathing. Inhale through your nose and let the air expand into your tummy. Breathe out through your mouth. Stopping work and taking 5-10 conscious breaths can calm your mind and give you a rejuvenating time out. Don’t let stress creep up and leave you feeling frazzled by the end of the day, that way may lead to comfort eating.  Try this breathing technique as often as you remember (you may even want to stick up a post-it note to yourself).  Take the time to think about your body and how you want it to look.  This mindful technique may help you avoid a donut or re-prioritize a trip to the gym.

3. Belly buster tip 3:  Pull your shoulders back and your tummy in

Schedule a stretching break instead of a coffee break. You can do simple stretches and exercises from the comfort of your office chair or while you’re on the phone. Try pulling in your tummy when you are sitting or standing for 30 seconds at a time and you’ll be strengthening your core stomach muscles. And, if you have a minute, then take a moment to stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and walk tall. Improving your posture can help make you feel more alert and in better shape.

Although there are no quick-fix solutions, you’ll instantly feel better if you begin to exercise, take control of your figure and make the time to think about you.  Whatever your problem area – be it a wobbly belly, thunder thighs or a double chin – with a consistent exercise routine and patience you can improve your physique.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

What? Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara
Where to buy? Eye of Horus or GlamourBox.Ph
How much? 900PHP

I received the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara in my special Eye of Horus Glamour Box for the month of February. They sent me 2 boxes of these and at first I wondered why. Then I recalled, I subscribed to them June last year and never got my 2nd box. I guess this was it. The other box was sent for feature. Hooray for 2 boxes! 

Packaging - It comes in a simple yet sleek black tube
Wand - It is made out of soft rubber. With small brush-like bristles that grabs each eyelash well
Formulation - It has a liquid texture, but it's brush is made well enough to just grab the right amount of product to distribute on your eyes. 
Lengthening - 3/5
Volumizing - 3/5

*On a side note, I'm loving my skin extra lately, could it be the combination of my skincare and supplement regimen this February?


It does a decent job of lifting my eyelashes and separating them without the use of an eyelash curler. Average performance with lenghtening and volumizing the lashes. This is waterproof but easy to remove so I it's safe and comfortable to use on a daily basis. I still lean towards japanese mascaras like Heroine Make, Imju, or Majolica Majorca for the volume and length I need but they're so damn hard to remove by the end of the day. So I currently use this one when I'm not going to any party or events.


Friday, February 27, 2015

What? Glamour Box Eye of Horus Box
Where to Buy? GlamourBox.Ph
How much does it cost? 695PHP

I had an epiphany today while in the elevator. It's not that I'm suffering from a writer's block. My writing prowess has been choosy on where it's supposed to be working. My brain doesn't function to blog when a.) I'm at home with geof and my family b.) I'm with John. My attention leans towards having fun and bonding with them. I do, however am so productive when I'm out, on a desk, alone. Focused. Someplace else and I'd rather take a break. 

Today, we'll be unboxing my 2nd Glamour Box in my lifetime. I am not exclusive to any beauty boxes mind you, the more the merrier! :) Ive always been curious on Eye of Horus cosmetics so I'm giddy when I saw what's inside.

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara - 990php full size

I've been using this as my go-to mascara for the past few weeks because it lifts my lashes without using a curler, it doesn't clump, and it's easy to remove. Individual review here.

Eye of Horus Bamboo Facial Mitt - 480php

I'm too scared to use this on my face so I use it on my body instead for some good old fashioned skin exfoliation.

Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil in Teal Malachite - 990PHP

I also received a teal eyeliner on my Etude House loot, I also have a teal Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeliner. All of them work great! This one is no exception, except that I have too many teal eyeliners already :p

Eye of Horus Sharpener - 220PHP

Woohoo a new sharpener for all my eye pencils :)

Eye of Horus Ankh Necklace - 580PHP

The necklace may be fancy but it sure looks good in basic dresses. It works well in spicing up even the most boring of clothes. 

I was feeling goth when taking this photo and the necklace suited my mood perfectly. I'm excited for more Glamour Boxes in the upcoming months to come *crosses fingers*

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What? Etude House Play Pencils 101 in Shades #36 and #37
How much? OMG I forgot
Where to buy? Etude House Philippines

I was given a pair of Etude House Play Pencils 101 together with the My Dear Lips Wish Talk in a bunch of gifts Etude House sent me over (thank you!!!) . They call these Play 101 because these liners are multipurpose. Depending on how creative you are, you can use these babies more than as eyeliners. You can use them as blush, eyeshadow, lipliner, lipstick, or even concealer! I was sent over the shades #36 and #7. I decided to swatch both colors but use #7 as an undereye waterline eyeliner to brighten up and make eyes look fresh and wide awake


#36 is a beautiful shade of teal. The perfect combination of blue and green that is flattering to all eye colors.

#37 is a yellow toned bright beige that can be wonderfully used as an eyeshadow primer/base, concealer, or eyeliner. I still used mine to line my waterline.

You see how natural it looks compared to using white or pink eyeliner? If you still opt to put black eyeliner, put it directly on the lashline instead of the waterline to avoid looking like a panda.

Did I mention I'm not wearing any sort of foundation here? Only the Nichido Brow Gel (*growing my brows), Heroine Make Gel Eyeliner, Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara, and Etude Play 101 Pencil in 07. I'd have to thank Relumins Advanced Oral Glutathione here! I've been taking it for almost a month now and it's the first supplement with ALA that did not break me out.

Available Etude House Play 101 Shades

Have you tried Etude House Play 101 Liners? What did you do with them and what are your favorite colors?! Please leave a comment even if just to say hi :)

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