Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There's always this curiosity of mine with how japanese do their makeup and hair. Especially when you see the before/after transformations. So this is part 1 of soon to be many series of japanese magazine scans. Their magazines always have tutorials on how to copy the style so it's <3 <3 <3 from me.

Disclaimer: I only got these images from googling, please notify me if you own these and want credit

*Whew* Why do most mascaras have long names?

How to Apply
  1. Apply the white stuff on lashes DO NOT WAIT TO DRY
  2. Immediately put the black stuff on top of the white stuff
  3. Optional: Dry for 15 minutes, and then curl with an electric curler or regular eyelash curler

How to Remove
  1. Wash face
  2. While rinsing, gently rub your lashes (gentle.. gentle.. gentle.. or else they'll fall off!)
  3. Remove residue on face

  • Easily Removed - I remove it when washing my face at night. It says it can be removed by warm water, but even with tap water, the tubes easily slide off.
  • Smudge Proof - This mascara is really smudge proof, I wore this one when I cried and it stayed put!
  • Defined Lashes
  • Lengthened!
  • Did not give me enough volume or oomph
  • Quite expensive for a drugstore brand - retails for around 850php (12 dollars)
  • Does not hold curl - Apply this after curling and it will make your curls go straight again

Will I buy again?

But Why?
The only mascara that I bought again was Maybelline's Volume Express. I already have long lashes to begin with and what I needed was volume. I like how this mascara is easily removed but hard to smudge at the same time, but I find it very lacking.

Who would I recommend this to?
I would definitely recommend this to lazy short lashed people. It really lengthens, and does what it promised. 80% longer lashes. And to people like me who are lazy to use a makeup remover at night to remove mascara residue.

I've been aching to start a "beauty" blog for YEARS. I have been doing makeup reviews and FOTD from other forums but I have none to call my own.

I would also post random tips and content that I've been obsessing with.


Reason for the blog title?

I havent reached the pan of any makeup product EVER! I never hit the pan.. Its either I sell them off or they barely get used.
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