G-Lish is NOT Baxi!

1/11/2010 K


Hi everyone! I just want to clarify this misconception that's been lurking around some girl forums for quite some time now... I've proven this after more than a year of trying out both products that look the same. It's because I was looking for a cheaper alternative but it failed, BAXI failed me.

they are not the same

G-lish is a local brand that I just <3

Baxi is a chinese brand that can be bought in 168 shopping malls and Hortaleza

G-lish & Baxi are not the same.

I have both blushes and eyeshadows ("ice cream blushes/shadows for glish & the one baxi has with the same packaging)

I will post pictures in my blog maybe later at night

1. packaging sturdiness - I had my glish blush for over a year, and even if I bring it anywhere and even fell down a couple of times, it did not break. While the baxi one,  I owned for less than a week and the swirl cap broke off!

2. texture - Glish blushes have a silkier texture has a smoother application to the skin. baxi blushes tend to have this rough texture that's difficult to blend. glish ice cream blushes are actually comparable to shu.. (i compared it with my shu blush din before, too bad I sold it off before I took pictures)

3. Scent - G-lish is fragrance free, Baxi has this  chinese herb medicated scent. and not because I bought it from a Chinese store or some place else, I bought several baxi makeup from different locations and it smells the same

4. Staying power - Baxi has NO staying power at all, it fades after 2-3 hours while G-lish lasts around 6 hours max without a primer.

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Baxi   G-Lish Hi everyone! I just want to clarify this misconception that's been lurking around some girl forums for quite some ti...


  1. hello k may i please know where the glish is located?

  2. Alabang Town Center
    Upper Ground Level, Connector Mall
    Muntinlupa City

    SM Megamall
    3rd Floor Building B

    Sta Lucia
    Sta. Lucia East Marcos Highway cor. Felix Avenue Cainta, Rizal
    Third floor, Bridgeway Level 2 Phase II. In front of BPI Express Teller and Hardware Exchange

    TriNoma Ayala North Triangle
    Ground Floor (across For Me and Bluestar)

  3. oo nga sis, they're not the same hehe..
    in fairness g-lish is nice kahit cheap sya :)

  4. I really thought before that they were one and the same. I was deceived by the packaging.

  5. oh thanks for the clarification.. =)

  6. Thanks for the clarification. :) I haven't tried Glish myself, but when I first look at their products, I immediately thought of Baxi. So, drawing to the conclusion that they're just the same, I resolved into not getting a piece of alleged "overpriced Baxi". Man, I was wrong!

  7. i haven't tried any G-lish cosmetics yet because everytime i go to Trinoma it always flies off my head.

    but i would want to give it a try someday din.

    thanks for the post. at least now we know that it is NOT baxi!

  8. i bought the same color of blush from glish and baxi.. and no difference tlaga from texture and how it looks on me.

  9. Talaga sis?

    Just compared mine.. mas silky yung g-lish.. waaaaah


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