Japanese Makeup Video Tutorial + Hubby's Attempt

I found this veeeery very very simple and easy to follow makeup tutorial in youtube that gives you tip on how to get that "japanese makeup look"

and my husband made an attempt, after we watched this, to recreate the look on myself.

The makeup was 100% done by my hubby from powder to lipgloss. He also chose which products to choose, which brush to use (even if he was guessing the whole time)

It is fun to have a husband who supports your makeup hobby. (He supports me, putting makeup, not purchasing! haha)

Japanese Makeup Video Tutorial + Hubby's Attempt Japanese Makeup Video Tutorial + Hubby's Attempt Reviewed by K on 5:26:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. gaspp!! I cannot watch this vid. Its not loading =[

  2. oh wait. false alarm LOL sorry. I enjoyed watching the vid LOL

  3. haha :D me too, the dad doesn't care about my makeup habits :)
    can't wait to know your baby's gender, you're preggy din pala K?:)

  4. aha.imma go let my usband do my makeup nga din

  5. wow! magkasunod lang tayo, going 7 months na ako :)


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