JapMag : Japanese Hair Cut Guide #1


Sometimes, it's hard to go to the salon and just saying "I want this hair, I want that hair, I want it to be this long" and the outcome is awful! I read in a book, that stylists are actually better to see the style visually than hear them by word. If you say to them cut 1 inch, they cut 2.. and so on and so forth. So in going to the stylist, I suggest you bring a picture not just a front picture, a full frontal, side, and back picture of the style you want.

I'm a fan of korean and japanese hair cuts so I try and search them around the net (it's quite hard to find complete cut guides!)

In  this series, I would post different style guides for you and your stylist to follow.

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  1. i cant do thick bangs, tried it, look cute, but nobody take me seriously >.<

    xoxo elle

  2. Im one of you girl! I cant have bangs at all! my hair grows in a weird direction that NO STYLIST

    even those expensive stylists cant give me bangs

    the only option they gave is to thread or shave my hairline

    but I cant do that because I have a huge forehead already :p



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