Please Help Me Choose: Lioele Waterdrop or Innisfree Trouble Care

1/17/2010 K



Im giving BB creams a second chance. (The only bb cream that didnt break me out was SF mushroom,but I dont like the scent) They both have same SPF, and same function, so I have to choose only one for now, Im joining a pre-order so this is not the time to hoard.



I will just let my lemming die.
Die lemming ! Die ! :p

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or   Im giving BB creams a second chance. (The only bb cream that didnt break me out ...


  1. innisfree trouble care isa ko pinagpipilian na bb cream, kasi for oily skin and suits my tone..

  2. thanks! have you tried liole waterdrop?

  3. ive tried the waterdrop
    i didnt really like it but its recommended if you have dry skin, and mine is oily
    didnt really cover much
    when you first put it on, there is a cooling sensation. easy to put on and easily absorbed ^^
    hope that helped :)

  4. Thanks nicol! YEs it sorta did!
    I dont have oily/dry skin.. I have regular skin with acne on my chin.. :) (only my chin is oily the rest is normal haha)

    do you have a review? I want to see the color on skin

  5. ill do a review for it tonight :)

  6. Have you tried the BRTC? I think it is good for trouble skin, and I used it before, i really helped my skin, but the downside I think it is one of the most expensives ones.

  7. BRTC broke me out :p
    Im looking for a BB cream with light coverage and feels light on the skin since i do not have troubled skin ;)

  8. hi! i've tried innisfree and my first impression was "good" but wasn't satisfied with the results, didn't cover up my blemishes, it tends to make my skin more oily [i have oily skin by the way esp. on my tzone area] and gives me occasional bumps. it didn't suit me actually.yeah, even though it says for oily skin, i didn't feel like it is.the scent isn't good either.i still have my innisfree tube pero hindi ko na ginagamit.

  9. thanks for the review locke! I have a lot of other BB cream options in my list.. so I would probably grab a couple in a pre-order Im joining next month.

  10. you're welcome K! thanks too! wow you're really lemming for bb creams :) oh,i forgot to share with you my experience with missha bb has medium coverage and a high spf.its scent doesn't bother me.have to pat powder whenever it's hot or my face is oily na.medyo matagal ko din sya nagamit kasi super tipid lang ng isang far, it's my fave from the rest of the bb's i've used :)


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