Project 10 pan is difficult! Especially if you have a lot of products to begin with!

Im starting this project no buy for myself , got this idea from sis k_heart from girltalk

I wont buy a single cosmetic product for __ month/s

I kaycee0307 aka K, solemnly swear that I would not purchase any cosmetic product for 1 whole month, and would alternately do this every other month.

Starting.. today!

Note: Does not include pre-orders with 50% left to be payed next week haha, and other orders made within the past that has not arrived yet.


I think this is do-able.. 1 month is a great start! maybe afterwards I could go no-buy for 2 months.. then 3.. great way to start saving up too!

Join me?

Add this icon to your site ;)  and link back!

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  1. hehehe

    i'm not sure when i'll do the project 10 pan.
    i can't seem to do this because i won't be able to hit pan on anything since i don't use makeup regularly.

    I've once hit pan on teh elianto primer,only because i use it in swatching, but not in application.

    i seem to be wanting to do this, but back out after a minute!LOL

    do tell us about your promise

  2. try this! this is easier! :D

  3. sorry to ask. I think I just read a post of you on soompi...are you half portuguese?


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