Rave! A Lioele Pop Blooming Pinky Tint Review

1/21/2010 K

Nihongo for the DayOkaeri! - Welcome home!

I think.. I have found.. my Holy Grail of lip and cheek tints! (Thanks to babyjapnurse for selling this at an afforadble price at Girltalk so I could try it out before spending for a brand new bottle).

What I Like
  • Lasts the whole day. More than 12+ hours without fading. Meaning? No retouching!
  • True milky pink color. This is perfect. The color is perfect for me. A nice pinky glow. Not too dull, not too bright
  • I like the cherry bubblegum scent (some might be bothered, but I <3 it)
  • Non-drying. I use it on both my cheeks and lips, colored stayed true, lips stayed moist.
  • The price. Quite affordable (450php/10$ more or less in ebay)
  • Easy to blend. It doesnt leave me with splotches of tint, even if it takes a while to dry. Etude house's tint leaves me with some splotches if I dont blend as quick as a fox.

What I don’t Like
  • The bottle. I would prefer tints in tubes or something more handy.
  • The brush, I use my fingers instead. I prefer Etude House's Fresh Cherry tint sponge brush than this nailpolish brush. My hubby actually asked my once why I was putting polish on my lips!

This is not me. :p But this is the effect it gives me.

Who will I recommend this to?
Fair skinned gals will love the pink this tint will provide! I have a golden-olive skin and this kind of pink really makes me look alive and vibrant. This is also great for on-the-go gals who do not have the time to do the complete makeup ritual. Just slather on lips, slather on face and youre ready to go!

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Nihongo for the Day -  Okaeri! - Welcome home! I think.. I have found.. my Holy Grail of lip and cheek tints! (Thanks to babyjapn...


  1. Oh I want one too... where can I buy???

  2. Hi! Where are you from? If youre not from Asia, theyre available in Ebay,
    I recommend the seller "legendeux" and "rubyrubyshop"

  3. i tried looking for this in Etude House when i went there kaya lang out of stock na

    but i will get my hands on this 1 way or another.
    i'll get the pink & the cherry because it both looks cute!

  4. Hi sis this is not fresh cherry tint, this is from Lioele.. hahaha :)

    you can get this at Ebay

  5. i cant find liole products everywhere >.< not in aussie ebay..and i cant read chinese

    xoxo elle

  6. you can try here


  7. I have this too and like it, along with Etude House!:) I've been planning to review those two for the longest time but I've been lazy!:P

  8. Thank you so much for this wonderful review! :)

  9. Guys,

    you can buy this in ebay, user: hellocosmetics.

    i just bought mine today.

    you can also buy it in prettyandcute.com
    hope i helped.

  10. It lasts the whole day on the lips too?


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