Dupe Alert! NYX Indian Pink vs Chanel Montecarlo

So since I have a crappy camera (oooh Im hoping hubby would keep his promise on getting me.. err us a DSLR camera this Christmas). I have no photos that I own to share and compare so I would use pictures from other blogs :\

So here's the story, I was out and about looking for a dupe for NYX's Indian Pink, it's a lovely shade of pink, peach, coral and gold. Color-wise it was perfect, however it fades, it bleeds, it feathers in a short amount of time haha I can even see it leaking to my chin (not kidding! not a pretty sight!) so I have to check when using.

According to the blogs Ive read MAC Thrills was a "dupe" or was it the other way around? So I got that and it was too coppery, too dark, and not flattering for me at all

Dropping by the Chanel counter the SA recommended me a random lippie to try, and lo-behold! Eureka! A perfect dupe!!! Its an improved version of NYX's

Different lighting but ehhh.. hehe - credits to makeupandbeautyblog & frmheadtotoe

I would try and update this post with pics that I took when I get the chance to get a good shot -_-;
Dupe Alert! NYX Indian Pink vs Chanel Montecarlo Dupe Alert! NYX Indian Pink vs Chanel Montecarlo Reviewed by K on 10:11:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. Wow! I love-love Indian Pink also but I hate how it doesn't last.. Must look for Chanel Montecarlo!

  2. Me too! :) So glad I found the dupe! (been searching for almost a year would you believe that?)

  3. So this is still available locally? How much? :) Def a GOOD FIND!! :D


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