Sunday, August 22, 2010

My tita just gave me a China phone yesterday, it's a version of the blackberry curve. I'm not fond of mobile phones of such and am very happy with my cherry mobile p2 (haha it comes with a flashlight!) since it's small, compact, and very light. Iwas snatcher pa! But since this was a gift might as well use it instead.

 It isnt very hard to navigate through at all, and has very nice features just like most china phones, TV, touch screen, dual sim, dual cam, and it's very cute too! Here's a picture similar to my phone

To make the most out of this phone, I googled how to set up MMS and GPRS for China Phones and here's the link

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Has it been really over three months since I last made a post? I really sincerely want to apologize to you guys for doing so. I cannot believe how difficult it is to shuffle working and being a mom at the same time.
I'm practicing attachment parenting ( that even if I am working, baby will still recognize me as his mommy dearest.

My routine goes like this

1. go to work
2. work
3. pump milk
4. work
5. pump milk
6. work
7. pump milk
8. work
9. go home
10. tend to baby

and during weekends, its either im a full time mommy to my son, or my hubby and I go out.
My next post will be about babywearing :) Featuring reviews on the ring sling, pouch, and saya.

Im using Avent Isis Manual pump, evenflo milk storage bottles, snappies, and Avent anti-colic bottles for my precious one. Invest invest invest in a good pump! I prefer manual since I can adjust the pref pumping speed. I tried a medela electric in the hospital and it made me bleed OMG

Here's a recent pic of my little angel sleeping in our Saya.
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