Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Only Own 2 Lipgloss

And theyre just recently bought this year
both of them are from Revlon.


Revlon Superlustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pop and Nude Lustre

I am not fond of glosses because of the ff reasons:
1. Sticky-ness
2. They expire a lot sooner than lipsticks which to me is a waste of moolahs
3. If I wanted color on my lip, I would put lipstick instead

But I bought a couple since I there are times I wanted my lips to look
shiny and moist. To me these two are enough for most looks. 

Pink pop is a cool toned bright fuschia pink on the tube but when applied on lips
alone is a wonderful pink that is flattering on most skin tones. It also makes my 
non-wearable lipsticks, wearable-bearable

Nude Lustre is a peachy beige gloss that when used on top of other nude lipsticks make them
I use this everytime I do a nude look because when using nude lipsticks alone, makes me look
like a zombie and washed out.

How about you guys? Do you love or hate glosses? If you have other lipgloss to suggest what are they and why? *wink wink* might try your suggestions and maybe influence me to get more haha

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm a frequent taxi cab rider because of my lazyness and it's very rare
that I encounter a "nice driver". Most of them are either mean, hot headed especially on traffic,
misguide you on directions, ask for a lot of tips, or tell hate stories like it's the end of the world.

Well, yesterday was different.

He was well-mannered. I just told where and he knew the shortest way.
He was quiet all throughout the ride, and not the typical driver who starts
a conversation (I know it must be boring to drive all day without someone to talk to but sometimes
they have to see if the person wants to converse or just stay quiet)
He never asked for an extra pay.
I paid an exact fare and he graciously thanked me politely with a
"thank you mam"
and dropped me off my wanted location.

Things I noticed while in the taxi
1. His playlist of lovesongs consisting of - VST (Vic Sotto and Company I think?), Till they take my heart away,
Glory of Love, and other cheesy but still romantic songs.
2. He was smiling
3. During stoplights, he would text someone and then look happy.

I therefore conclude that this taxi cab driver was in love.


When a person is in love, everything turns into positive. Especially during the first stages of courtship,
we don't feel stressed at all. Even when the day is gloomy, we gleam an aura of rainbow.

Too bad it doesn't last for long to most people, and it turns into a chore for them.
If only people could remain in-love for the rest of their lives, no person
would live miserable.


Stay in love and happy everyone! Have a nice LONG weekend!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pardon me. This is my first time to attend a press launch, thus the giddy tone and excitementhaha! Weeeeee ^_^. It was held at C2, Greenhills-Annapolis and the press, beauty editors, and bloggers were the ones given this wonderful opportunity to take the first look at Tita Fanny's latest "baby"


Just this lunch, I was invited to attend the launch of Tita Fanny Serrano's Professional Hair Care Collection. Ooh boy was it something that I wasn't expecting and I was under dressed wearing jeans and a shirt while everyone was wearing fancy dresses. Hahaha!!

TF (Tita Fanny) started with his beginnings as a stylist, and then entrepreneurship on starting his cosmetic line that he could have his hands on to and not just labeling the cosmetics with his name.He shared to us that he made sure that everything is what he wanted including the best quality for his customers without having only the upper class people being able to use them.

I definitely agree! Among all local makeup brands, TF's line is at par to foreign brands (his powder foundation is better than MAC in my opinion) and his concealer in Sand is perfect for my under eyes.

He then discussed using natural active ingredients like papain, legumes, and our ever trusty moringa seeds (malunggay, haha not just for breastmilk production!) that can benefit different hair types. While walking around he even touched my hair and told me it was too thin and brittle -__-; I guess I should use the blue variant for damaged, frizzy, and falling hair. 

See the model's hair all straight and shiny

The products, packaged with class

The goody bag hooray

With all 3 variants! Plus bonus cosmetics courtesy of Fashion21! (makers of Fanny Serrano Cosmetic Line)

Where to buy? This is a Watson's exclusive, will be available December 2010 at all Watson's nationwide
How much? Ranges from 100pesos-200pesos. Really affordable!

I would do an honest to goodness no bull-crap review of the Blue variant (Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment)
after 2 weeks of road test. I'm confident that this hair care line is holy grail material and we won't have to rely on using foreign brands to give the best to our crowning glory.

Oh.. did I mention they smell DIVINE! It smelled one of a kind, fresh, if the fluffy white clouds above had a scent, this would be it. The fragrance of the hair care line could pass as a new perfume! Tita Fanny if you are able to read this, Im looking forward to your future perfume line. Hahaha!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Millia - A hard closed comedo with a very obvious white head. Not to be confused with a pustule, milia are not red or inflamed.

In other words, icky, protruding whiteheads. My sister is currently 12 years old and she had this for almost 4 years already and it has been bothering us ever since. She's not the kikay type of girl and when I gave the Purederm BB Cream to her, it was her only moisturizer/makeup. She loved it so much the first time we tried it on SM that IM SO GRATEFUL that Purederm sent us a tube for free. 

She has been religiously using this bb cream for a couple of weeks now and 
we we'rent expecting this result!

Purederm BB Cream  magically made her millia disappear one by one!
Her only ritual was wash face with ordinary soap in the morning, and bb cream to school. My sister is so thankful to her ate :)

and ate is thankful to purederm :)

I got envious and purchased a separate tube for myself today! (I had fish allergy and I have a lot of small pimples all over my face :( hope this bb cream can share its magic to my skin as well)

Click here for the BB Cream Reviews: The Ultimate List

When it comes to eyeshadowsl I usually scrimp. Hehe, since there are good ones without the high price tag. I was supposed to get a NYX eyeshadow palette for neutrals since I loved their smokey I palette, but
the ELF Eyebook looked sooo good that I got that one instead.

As you can see, the ELF basic beautybook is composed of 12 eyeshadows with different finishes (matte, pearl, shimmer)
2 cream eyeshadows, 1 black eyeliner, and one sponge/brush.

It may seem the perfect starter kit for those beginning with makeup. But I was disappointed with the product. :(
Almost all the shadows are chalky and loosely packed. The cream shadows lack pigment, and they have no staying power at all.

As you can see with the swatches, even the color selection is not that outstanding. They looked different in product ads than
in person.

Here are some of ELF products that I love:
1. Studio Powder Brush
2. Eyeshadow Brush
3. Brow Gel
4. Lipglosses

I advise makeup newbies to stay away from this product and buy NYX eyeshadows instead. Dont waste money on this one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I was enticed to try In2It's Sheer Shimmer blush because I read a review in girltalk that it
gives a nice glow and the packaging attracted me.

It looks like a hybrid of a Chanel Joues Contraste and Shu Glow On.

It looks so pretty in the pan.

But I don't like it so much, the name of the product is what it actually is.
It's sheer. It's shimmery. It lacks color. If you try to build up the product,
you just build up the shimmer and not the color which is very sad because I was
actually expecting so much from this.

Here are pictures of a Chanel JC and a In2It blush side by side, so pretty.

Swatches of Chanel JC in Candy besides the In2It Sheer Shimmer.

I gave it to my mom instead, the In2It blush. Im keeping my Chanel thank you :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Once upon a time, on our company halloween.. I dressed up as..

An old lady who transforms into a young lady on night time. (Oh and I have zombie escorts)

Old Side:

  • NYX Smokey Eye palette
  • In2It brow powder for contour
  • MAC blankety for the lips
Young Side:
  • NARS Angelika
  • Revlon Pink Pop
  • NYX Smokey Eye Palette

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Swapped my NARS Angelika for the Chanel Rouge Allure in Incognito. Mom saw my makeup stash and decided to try this lippie and hey.. since I havent swatched most of my new lippies yet, might as well use my mom as a model haha!

On our lips, RA Incognito is a nice, My Lips But Better color with a tinge of rose. Chanel's lipsticks are never
drying and oh so moist that once you try this, you'll forget other brands *ehem*MAC*ehem*MAC*
retail price is at 1750php but dont be scared. Theyre lipsticks are really worth it because it gives the best moisturizing color your lips will ever need. The clicky case is also quite addicting to "clickity-click" just like the clicky ballpens that annoys some people, especially during boring meetings hehe.

Okay.. haha I should stop raving. Oh how I wish I would win the 355 6/55 PCSO Million Lottery jackpot so I could buy me more of these babies! HAHAHA

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I promised my little sister that I would buy her a Purederm 3in1 Magic BB Cream (699.75) when we returned to Watson's since we had no more cash when we were there haha, thanks to Purederm who sent me a gift pack!.  My sister loved it so much even
if she isnt the "makeup-type" of person, here are the reasons why:

  • It brightened and evened out her dull and uneven skintone
  • It doesnt feel as heavy as other foundations or moisturizers
  • It's natural looking, it's YSBB, your skin but better
  • It's super lightly scented, you can barely even smell it
  • Being a badminton player at her school, I told her the SPF would give her protection from the sun's harmful rays
  • Easy to blend
  • Dewy and not oily! ;)
  • A little goes a long long long way
Honestly, I gave up on thinking that BB cream actually has significant skin benefits. I tried more than 20 brands and then really gave up. Haha, only of them worked as they promised (Skinfood Mushroom, Goowoonsensang) and most of them broke me out (Legere, Missha, Skin79).

Purederm's BB cream lacks staying power and will fade mid-day even if set with a setting powder, as seen in the pics it has a slight white cast but it looks really GREAT in person. So this is a no-no if you're going to take pictures with flash. Compared to other BB creams, using this for a week did not break me out! Most take only a couple days and whoops! There goes another pimple.

It is really gentle to the skin.

I gave my Purederm gift to my sis! So I bought an extra tube for myself to use on my lazy days and I just want to leave looking polished.

I'm looking forward in reviewing their masks, they give instant lifts and glows! Reviews soon!

Click here for the BB Cream Reviews: The Ultimate List

Monday, November 1, 2010

FMDR stands for.. For My Dearest Readers hehe, it would take up a lot of my title space that's why I shortened it out.

So for all of you guys and gals, are you a lip licker?

Lip Licker - A person who has a tendency to  bite or lick their lips.

To be honest it really doesnt matter if the lippie I own is smudge proof, fade proof, kiss proof etc. What I need is something lick proof. The so-called "lasting" lipsticks still do not last because my *ehem gross saliva* haha is better than any other lipstick makeup remover *hides*

To lip lickers like me, here are a list of lip colors that somehow stayed on me

1. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint
2. Benefit Benetint
3. Benefit Posietint
4. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint
5. Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Tint

They stayed on even after some err. tongue action haha!
So how about you? What are your fool proof lasting lip color?
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