1. Your baby is so cute! I'd love to do this challenge but i won't leave the house anymore haha, go K go! :-)

  2. A big challenge! But sometimes it's just one of those days/weeks where you don't feel like doing anything :P I don't think I've lasted a whole month without using anything though..Hmm maybe I should give this a try in the future :P

    Good luck to you! ^__^
    Your baby is adorable :] I bet he'd make a great baby model!

  3. I really don't have a resolution every year, hehehe maybe I just don't want to pressure myself!
    Kudos to your resolutions and I wish you will be able to do it! I think you can! I am sure you look good even without makeup :)

  4. hi mina! thanks! I'll try and join my kid in SCQ kids quest when he grows up a bit haha

    hi mandy! yep probably just one of those days.. but then I couldnt just do it!

    hi nikki! Im backing out!

    Hi everyone, after not wearing any makeup today, I feel like a naked mole rat. I will start wearing makeup again tomorrow, not full blast though.

  5. KK! :) same here, skin care and new year's resolution!


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