1. I just got the sample a few days ago. Didn't follow the "every other day" instructions since I'm in a hurry LOL.

    I'm seeing some improvement, but nothing drastic yet. My scars are getting lighter, though. I found out that it's much better if I use this with a gel peel like Laneige Yogurt peeling gel. The dead skin goes away faster.

  2. Really> I might try it to use everyday na.. Need to see results faster.. *sugh* the pimple scars are bothering me especially the redness..

    thanks krys dear!

  3. This reminds me of the skin polisher I bought from Nu Skin a while back. Smells like elmer's glue. Pero it's cheaper at 1.5k something ata. I can't remember na. Kainis lang na it can only be bought through their distributors.

  4. nice review...i hate the cap too! but i love this product! ;)

  5. Hi K,
    If you are having problems with the redness of your face, you can use redness relief creams like those from Eucerin :D
    ~Pauline @ http://www.kallony.com.ph/brand/eucerin


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