Complete Skin and Health Supplement: Vitapack Beauty 3in1 Review

6/13/2011 Kaycee Enerva

I think I should also get my liver checked, haha I've been making myself as a guinea pig trying out skin supplements that I is right for me and can continually use. :) Tried it for a week and it's soooo good I bought 4 boxes for supply and backup!

65php/sachet and 650php/box of 10

See all those wonderful ingredients? Can't believe it's in a single set already!

The vitapack 3 in 1 has 3 capsules inside. One capsule for whitening, one for slimming and one for wellness. Wow.. See the picture above for the complete ingredients list. Since it has only 250mg of glutathione and 50mg of L-Cysteine, I take an additional supplement of Metathione during lunchtime. I take this once a day.

The slimming capsule is the Orange one. It's slimaluma ingredient, or carlumba fimbriata, according to google and wikipedia is an herbal appetite suppresant and an anti-obesity ingredient, yerba mate is a type of caffeine and ginger is for good digestion.

The green capsule is for wellness it has anti-oxidants like garlic, green tea,grapeseed and turmeric. Turmeric is what gives the skin radiance.  Garlic has many good benefits like for the heart, and blood circulation. Green tea and grapeseed is a good source of vitamin C and E.

I noticed that after taking this for a while, I'm never constipated and have a good regular bowel movement. NO LBMS here.. and instead of being the glutton me, I only have appetite for breakfast since I take this after breakfast, the rest of the day is glutton-free. I haven't checked my weight yet, last time I weight a month ago I was a whopping 47.5 kg!!! My cheeks were puffing out and my jeans won't fit. Now my jeans are even a bit loose on the waist wootwoo

I also did not feel tired at the end of the day. For the whitening, I'm not so sure since Im taking this with metathione, but I can attest that this has not broke me out.

I highly.. highly... highly.. highly... recommend this supplement! I hope they don't discontinue this so please support and also take this if you're interested in whitening, slimming, and wellness. This is a complete pill!

Love lots,

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I think I should also get my liver checked, haha I've been making myself as a guinea pig trying out skin supplements that I is right fo...


  1. glad to hear it works for you.i think i've seen this at Watsons?

  2. Yup forgot to mention it's sold at watson's :)

  3. Supplements like these scare me. I always feel like there's going to be some weird side effect. :-/ :))

  4. Sounds promising.. Between this and Belo Nutraceuticals, which would you prefer?

  5. These beauty capsules had really worked for me. It does not have any side effects for me. My skin becomes glorious like sunshine.
    -Whey Protein

  6. Indeed, this is a complete pill. This pill is what our body needs to stay healthy.
    herbal supplements online

  7. How much? seems a good deal for 3 in 1 pack

  8. I bought some too last week from Watsons in North Edsa. I bought the box for P650. Works out to P65 per sachet kasi 10 per box. Seems cheaper than the Belo and other products and parang mas maraming benefits. No negative side effects on me.

  9. Been using this for more than a month. Glowing and brighter skin.. and also I dont feel as tired when I take this so its a ++

    Will continue to take this.. Im having pimples in Met.. dito lang ata ako hiyang.. I dont want to use it twice a day though kasi hindi naman ako nagpapapayat ng super

  10. I am choosing the slimming capsule, because i have tried so many things like jugging, cycling etc but not succeed at all sill i am at that point.

  11. I got a discount voucher today from the promo girl at Watsons MOA. Get 5 free sachet when you buy a box. I think only for this week. That's pretty good deal.

  12. lucky you! This is my HG supplement already! One of the super few glutathione brand that does not give me cystic pimples

  13. for more information & promos visit our fanpage

    Ms. K, thanks for the product review!

    adminNIKKI,of vitapack beauty

  14. r u still hiring as promo here at vita?? can i apply and wer?

  15. r u still hiring as a promo??

  16. hello tanung ko lng po .. kung sabay sabay ko po itatake yung 3 capsules ?? tsaka san po ba mas maganda itake ito ?? bago po ba matulog or before breakfast ?? tsaka kailangan po ba may laman ang tiyan bago to itake ?

  17. pwede bang ung dalawang capsule lang ang itake ko kasi di ko na kailangan magpa payat, gusto ko lang talaga pumuti at kuminis

  18. Hi sis.. effective po ba to? as whitening pills? Thanks..

  19. Hi Ms. K are you highly recommend this to the 18 years old girl? :) Reply naman po Thanks. :)

  20. bakit mas mahal ang megawhite sa 3in1?

  21. dahil sa 3in1 250mg lang ng gluta
    sa megawhite 500mg

    gluta lang talaga si megwahite + l-cysteine

    1. Hi po.. paano po magtake nito? Dpat po ba di pagsabay sabayin ang pagtake? Thanks po.. :-D

  22. Paano po magtake nito? Pagsabay sabayin po ba?


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