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Update Oct 26 2011 - Google blocked opcin humor. But he still uploads the comics online thru his facebook, twitter, and other social networks. But you wont be able to "search" him in google. Try looking him up in facebook to get your zombie fix of walking dead. Thank you for visiting my page! I love walking dead like you as well! Zombie freak here! ^_^

I'm proud to admit that I'm a comic book fantard. Especially comic series made by Marvel. I also read Naruto and One Piece manga, and also The Walking Dead Online. Now besides and

I would like to share you a website I recently discovered. Where you can read plenty of Marvel series (if movies arent enough for you ;) ;) )

Super thumbs up to the owner of this site to his dedication. It has other zombie comics too. I don't know why I have a fascination with the undead.

So to the guys (and some girls) who follow my blog and love these kinds of things.. let's read on :)

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  1. I'm the owner :) I will backlink here. Thanks for the article !

  2. WOW! so happy you found out this page! :) I'm flattered


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