Simple Acne Remedies

Yes folks, I want to congratulate myself that after 6 months, 6 months of frustrations and stress because of my HUGE acne breakout all over my cheeks; and frustrated for trying out A LOT.. I mean A LOT of products from Conzace, Beauche, BP, Tret, Hydroq, Beauche, and a whole lot more..

I am finally clear. (See pics of previous post) I still have minor red scars but that's easy peasy to fade up with Pond's Flawless White. I will post an individual review of each product for your reading pleasure folks, but for now.. let's cheer for them!

Almost all products can be bought worldwide (not sure with katialis)

Hephep Hooray!

As face wash

As night spot cream
As day cream
As sunscreen
For internal cleansing

Yey after with my cousin and blogger yuume bunny

Posted By: Kaycee Enerva

Simple Acne Remedies


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  1. Nice! So happy that your skin finally cleared! It feels really good to find products that works for you :)

  2. J&J as a face wash? I love it as a body wash but it never crossed my mind to use it that way. And that was really clever of you since it is gentle enough for the skin. Glad your skin's getting better. :)

  3. Hehe.. yeah pammy, actually the baby wash is my baby's I use it for his hair, face, body, everything. I thought if it's safe for him and it did not irritate him, might as well use it on my face as well

  4. I might give the johnson's milk bath thingy! Great tip! :-)

  5. i'm happy you found the products that work for you! :)i think i shall buy a katialis ointment too.

  6. What is your day cream? Diko kasi makita yung pic. Thanks


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