Circles Buffet and the Tres Leches Cake

8/27/2011 Kaycee Enerva

It was hubby's birthday and I decided to treat him at Circles since both of us LOVE LOVE LOVE to feast!
Thank you to Ms Cathy of Vitapack Beauty for giving me 2 vouchers for a lunch buffet at Circles because I wasnt able to attend the bloggers meet last time and I think it was held there? Hehe..

I was too shy

Too take pictures

I had bacon and ham and mushroom carbonara pasta, which was freshly prepared by the server yum yum

Protein overload! Chicken wings, pork chop, steak, and ribs! Im a protein kinda gal

Happy Birthday hubby!!! I LOVE YOU

Round 2 of the steak, a few pieces of beef stroganoff and yummy grilled pink salmon

The desserts are sooooo yum! Its the first time that I had desserts from a buffet that ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD and not just served desserts for the sake of having one

My fave was the creme brulee and the tres leches cake

The fondue machine was broken when I was there.. :( But I dipped my stuff in the chocolate instead.. Im not a fan..

I got another slice of the tres leches cake.. you can eat more of this even when youre full already PROMISE

I will eat again... but not on a daily basis since I think lunch is at 1550 pax, and this is also not good for someone who's trying to be fit. My favorites are the roast chicken, steak, the tres leches cake, and the creme brulee. Hubby loves the fruit in fruit cream (I found it weird tasting though sorry no pics) and the salmon.

Happy Eating!

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It was hubby's birthday and I decided to treat him at Circles since both of us LOVE LOVE LO...


  1. Sayang, I hope you were able to try their banana cake at circles. Sobrang sarap. Sobra.

  2. looks soooo good! :) i haven't tried eating at circles although i have heard many good things about it. this + pammy's post made me super hungry.

  3. Yay, Kat! So glad you were able to use them with your husband! Happy birthday to Mr. When Chic Hits the Pan! Hope his days in Manila go by slowlyyy.



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