Ugly Duckling to Swan? Ugly Before, Beautiful Now [Update: May 2014]

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I got inspired by the thread from Soompi where people are posting their pictures when they wear an "ugly duckling" then they bloomed to become such beautiful swans. I personally think it's with the confidence level though, no one is born ugly, it's just how you dress up, fix, and carry yourself; and I guess thru the years we learn and gain knowledge on how to look better.

I will update this when I get my gradeschool picture, I was BULLIED when I was in elementary, as in soo bullied I had no friends and a lot of people tell me how ugly and stupid I am :(

Want to share you mine..

Update: New old pictures

This was my original skin color. 

I'm the darkest on in the photo!!!

Highschool Prom - 15 Years Old

2nd Year College - 18 Years Old

Me today

I think my "makeover" was with how I changed my smile and my aura in life, I used to be all shy and awkward to smile and all emo..
and I think I learned how to move my eyes and mouth better

For the physical, I think nothing much has changed but I dunno, I think I look prettier now 

After 3 months of taking vitapack beauty this is the first time I have achieved this kind of skin. This is no joke.As a disclaimer I am not paid by vitapack whatsoever.. but Im just happy with their product..

and yes.. I will announce 2 of the winners of the vitapack on Monday so watch out

anyway.. tada...

How about you guys? I would like to see your before and after makeovers teehee.. very inspiring. Have you ever felt ugly before.


  1. A positive outlook really does wonders. :)

    You were pretty before as you are now but you changed your aura nga. :)

  2. You don't look ugly kaya before! ang mean naman ng mga classmates mo :) But hey, you grew up to be more positive and its the inner beauty talaga that shines in us! promise yan, walang pangit sa world!

  3. Thank you for posting this. Thank you also for being an inspiration to other women. I'm a new visitor of your blog, and I liked your blog, you have very helpful tips and advices. You're blog's awesome. Keep on blogging and more power :)

  4. hello po, effective din po ang luxxe white? pde po un s 14 yrs old?


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