Paper and Plastic and Cities After Dark and an Amazing Pair of Shoes

9/15/2011 Kaycee Enerva

I am going all out for support to my friend Martin who's doing Butoh performance this week at Ateneo's Fine Arts Theater. :) I watched a show last night and it was definitely a mind-f*ck experience. So if you like artsy-fartsy shows that makes your head tick a little bit more. Go watch them! (Oh you should also see the other half of this act Russ Ligtas the way he portrays the extremes of emotions is WOW). Click to see more below and watch a sneak preview of their show plus the awesome shoes

Beki na beki ako  idol ko si Ms. Divine Lee!

Guess who wore these shoes?
Too bad they're not my size! I can't imagine the pain on wearing those! Martin had it custom made at Marikina for around 4,500. He even told me that when the shoe makers were making the shoe they had to try it on so that theyre sure it can balance and they kept on falling! :P

Here's the creative video of Martin and Russ for a preview of their show :) and yes that is a toilet plunger on his head, and here is us, being silly :D I also posted this on look book so please share your love hihi.. I promise promise promise to take better shots next time!

He really shaved his head like this!

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I am going all out for support to my friend Martin who's doing Butoh performance this week at A...


  1. Good shots! Its really very hard to stand on these shoes, but your friend does a good job standing on it! I never want my legs painted. Is it u in the red top?

  2. Really good shots!

    please follow me and comment!
    thanks! xxxx


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