How Big is Benefit's Big 10?

11/27/2011 Kaycee Enerva

Here's a picture of Benefit's bestsellers in one complete mini kit. The Benefit Big 10! This is perfect for girls like me who cannot finish up a full size because of makeup rotation. (Rotating cosmetics so you get to use em all)

The Big 10
What it is:
A travel-size set of 10 small wonders that pack a big punch.

What it does:
This set includes the biggest hits of the season: primers, concealers, lip-and-cheek tints, highlighters, and blushes. This set packs all the Benefit legends you love in conveniently compact sizes.

This set contains:
- 0.1 oz Dandelion (soft pink)
- 0.11 oz Erase Paste in No. 2 Medium
- 0.08 oz Benetint (rose)
- 0.08 oz High Beam (luminous pink)
- 0.08 oz Posietint (poppy pink)
- 0.08 oz Ooh La Lift
- 0.08 oz Stay Don't Stray
- 0.25 oz That Gal
- 0.25 oz The Porefessional
- 0.1 oz Bella Bamba (watermelon pink)

After trying the products out. I conclude that with daily usage, a product can last up to two weeks max. Not too shabby for getting a lot for your buck, and you get to try everything before committing to a full sized product.

My favorites are the tints! Posie tint, Benetint, and High Beam. They are the bomb! Sure people may say there are a lot of dupes out there. I was one of the doubters before. But after trying them out. They DO LAST the whole day. Unlike other tints that wear out. So they are really worth it.

Dandelion does not show up on me and the Erase Paste is sorta useless.

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Here's a picture of Benefit's bestsellers in one complete mini kit. The Benefit Big 10! This...


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