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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is it a bad case of writer's block? Have I been to busy to blog? Am I too lazy to update?
I'm sorry everyone :( It's all of the above. I've been busy, lazy, and having a bad case of writer's block even if I got tons of pictures already uploaded and articles to post (but not yet written)

First, I've been busy with my "career". I'm never been happy with my current job and in my opinion, one should be happy and satisfied in his/her field in order to work well, and not the other way around. I'm thanking God that he gave me an opportunity to have a fresh start, a good long rest, and of course, a higher paycheck haha! (plus plus plus! having more time with my baby geof :) )

Next, yes I have been lazy, particularly because I'm on a continuous streak of project no buy for around 2 months now. Yes, 2 months, cheers cheers!! It does not mean that I don't have any lemmings for makeup though, I already have a list swirling around my head. But I told myself that it's important to finish up what I have before buying a new one. I have 2 more liquid foundations to finish, 1 powder foundation, and a LOT of blushes and lipsticks. With mascara as an exception since I always replace mine every 3 months. I have to finish a shade of something, or the product itself before getting another one. It's quite an achievement because in the past few years, I've always been a super shopaholic. I guess reality bit me already and made me realize to prioritize savings and investments first before buying "wants" or "luho".

Last, and yes last but not the least, a bad case of writer's block. Which is quite ironic since I've also been on a reading streak and finished quite a few books in a short amount of time. I'm currently reading a short story compilation "Blind Willow Sleeping Woman" by Murakami, and his style of wrting has definitely caught my interest in reading more of his works. I just finished World War Z, and Little Prince (I read this book 4x already, when I was 8, when I was 14, 17, and now that I'm 23) Haha there, I revealed my age >_<

I miss you guys, especially my frequent readers, even if you don't get to post your comments a lot, when I check out my stats page, and see visitors that have their favorite blog posts. Fret not, I will come back when I've settled down, in a month or maybe two.

Hope you don't forget this little blog of mine.. :)

Love lots

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's about time that I get to try one of the most raved face mask in the www (whole wide world). I had very high expectations on this one, but alas, it's failed me :( read on more for the detailed review...

Now according to the official product description
Mint Julep Masque is the original natural home treatment to help dry up pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores. Simply apply Mint Julep Masque to your clean face and neck. As it firms and hardens within minutes, it draws out impurities from your pores. After the masque is removed, your skin will feel clean, refreshed and smooth. Even for individuals who are fortunate to be free of skin problems, Mint Julep Masque is a refreshing facial treatment that helps relax tired muscles and ease tension lines on the face and neck.
Whew, that's a lot of promises and claims!

I purchased this a couple of months ago from Healthy Options for around 398php and have religiously used it 2x a week to see if it would work.

I left it on my face to dry.

 Now while it did make my skin feel all tingly and cold and tight, continous usage did not do anything to my pimples, pores, or blackheads. M2 Skin Refinish did a better job on that area. On a side note, this did not break me out as well. Relaxed the tired muscles it did. :)

Will I buy it again? Nope.. will save the 398 bucks for M2 Skin Refinish or another bottle of Bragg's ACV

Now ACV is another story.. it's what worked on my endless pimples pores and blackheads..
This will be my next topic guys and gals so stay tuned..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

After all the rave reviews that I have read from several blogs, I still could not manage to buy a bottle for myself.
However, my really nice officemate bought me one from HK since they were deployed there. (Thanks Christian!!!)

It comes in the usual pump type bottle, it doesnt have a strong fragrance and has a very thick consistency.

How to use:
1. Pump around 2 squirts of oil
2. Massage through face to clean and remove makeup
3. Rinse with water

Even if the cleansing oil is said to be removable by water since it turns milky white, it doesnt rinse clean and the face needs a 2nd washing. It leaves a very greasy feeling, and even stings the eye a bit. It doesnt remove makeup very well. Noticed that after using this, and then applying toner, the toner still grabs bits of makeup and dirt from the face.

Disappointing product actually :( FANCL works better, in my opinion

FANCL > Shu Uemura > DHC

Just my 2 cents, I know this oil has a lot of fans *runs off and hides* please dont hate! Peace! :)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

A lot of people say that salt and sugar compliment each other. That's why there are odd food combination that works. Examples are tuyo (salted fish) and champorado (chocolate rice porridge), puto(rice cake) at dinuguan (pork insides stewed in blood), sorry if I mentioned a lot of filipino delicacies, but they are indeed a good combination that you should try.

Well, the Japanese also appreciate this certain "oddity" and came up with a very unique dessert/snack. Thus, Royce Chocolate Potato Chips :)

Royce is quite a popular brand for chocolate, and theyre famous for the absolute feeling of pure creamy chocolate slowly melting on your tongue :9

I love their bittersweet variants, but a friend told me that I must must must try their chips!

They have white chocolate cheese, and caramel flavor as well.

Cant resist not taking a bite before taking the photo *shame*

The chocolate used is not to sweet, and the potato is fresh and crisp, not greasy and not too salty. They compliment each other very well and when I first got the chip in my mouth and got a taste, "harmony" was
the first word that popped into my head. They harmonized like music. Haha! It's really good. It does not have that "sawa" factor (sawa means "get used to something so much you get tired of it") quite addicting actually
bite after bite, you get this craving that you want to eat more, even if you want to stop.
Because this is one unhealthy food.

It's good to eat this once in a while, maybe twice in a year, or a few more if you're not that conscious about your weight. :P

I finished the whole box in one sitting, alone. O_O

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've been enjoying reading books, than watching TV or movies lately. It's basically entertainment, anywhere you want it. Also, never was a fan of those e-book reader thingies. Convenience it is alright, but nothing beats the pleasure of smelling paper, glue, ink, and flipping the pages of your hard bound or soft bound books.

I was inspired by a topic in the literary forum of in where people made a resolution that they would at least finish 50 books before the year ends. I started this January and I have finished 3 books so far and reading my fourth.

Here are the books:

A classic favorite. Makes you want to read it from the beginning when you finish it.

Finished for the sake of finishing. The narrator's cynicism made me cringe.

Fun, but it's very your-typical-zombie-story and will not read the next book of the series
Brad Pitt will star this 2012 movie.. !!

Post-apocalyptic zombie books are really getting my interest lately. They're so fun to read! My favorite authors are Anne Rice and Stephen King (and yes for me he IS the king of horror fiction!) 
No fave authors for newbies yet.

How about you? What books are you reading lately?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A good cheek tint should always work like the ff:
1. Natural
2. Long lasting
3. Easy to blend
4. Will not break you out
5. Convenient 

So when you find a cheek tint that does everything like the following, and then is cheap at the same time. Then guys, we hit a jackpot! Kashing kashing! (sound effect of a cash register, and yes i shouldnt have explained that.. but still!)

I've tried several cheek tints, from bodyshop, bench, benefit, etude house, liole, etc.. but I just keep on coming back to this one. You can't go wrong with it being priced at 75php. It's very blendable, with basic ingredients like aloe, water, food color, give and take some preservatives (warning it has some parabens) but I dont mind. It lasts all day and provides the most natural glowing pink flush I ever got. You should have properly moisturized skin so it can blend easily.

What's great about this is that most lip and cheek stains only work for the cheeks, or lips, but rarely both. But this one really works. It stains the lips with a natural rosiness that is never drying nor look fake.

There are two things that you may not like about this product though

1. It doesnt smell good
2. It doesnt taste good

but both scent and taste do not last forever, and hey, whoever told us to eat our tints! Haha!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


:( :( :( I'm so sorry for not posting lately. My internet connection is having disruption, Im here in our province using the pc of my brother, to post this update. You might be wondering what the heck happened to K(me). Haha. Well, I got a root canal, and then instead of having my wisdom tooth removed. I took the one that got the root canal instead. Looooong story!

I have to catch up with my posts! I have lotso stuff to share with you like more foodies and more makeup goodies, especially your favorite amazing yet cheap local finds~~

Missing you badly, I hope I get to post in my own pc, with pictures and all very very soon!

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