Monday, May 30, 2011

My favorite chemical exfoliator. 2,500php at La Petite Confiserie. See the crappy cap.

Eliminate all your skin care woes with one easy-to-use serum. This multi-purpose facial treatment uses a high-potency combination of Mandelic and Malic Acids to rapidly even skin tone, reduce breakouts, and soften wrinkles. (Previously known as MaMa Lotion)
1.7 fl oz
Ideal for all skin types, especially hyperpigmented, mature, and acne-prone, who want a smooth, even complexion. Recommended for all skin tones, including dark skin. Click here to read why M2 HP Skin Refinish works well on dark skin. Safe for use while pregnant or nursing.
Mandelic Acid is naturally antibacterial. Malic Acid protects skin from damaging free radicals. Algae Extract moisturizes skin.

Where to buy?
SkinRx or La Petite Confiserie (Philippines)

Water, Mandelic Acid, Malic Acid, Algae Extract, PEG-8/SMDI Copolymer, Potassium Hydroxide, Artemisia Vulgaris Extract, Polysorbate 60, Isohexadecane, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ubiquinone, Hyaluronic Acid, Corallina Officinalis Extract, Squalane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Polyacrylate, Dimethicone, Tetrasodium EDTA.

It's a sticky sticky substance that really smells like glue, and when you touch your face, don't be scared if you feel like it's so sticky some
of your skin might stick on your finger haha. I love the fact that every night I use this, morning the following day my skin looks radiant and fresh.
Ive been using this for a month now and unfortunately it hasnt proved the "less blackheads, less acne, minimize pores" bit yet. But it works
as a great exfoliater and skin breather.

When I forget exfoliating, my skin feels itchy and heavy.. prolly because of all the sunscreen I put during the day, so it's a great way to end the night
and let my skin breath again and unclog the dirt stuck in my pores.

I HATE THE CRAPPY PACKAGING. Haha.. sorry for that. It's really crappy, cap keeps getting loose, it's so hard to get a product out, and it's a tad bit messy.
It's so inconvinient, I am thinking theyre so smart to create this great product yet suck at making its packaging. I did not get a stub because
it's the major rant of all users of M2 Skin Refinish. The bottle and pump cap is annoying.

Will I buy again?
This will last around a year or so, but if I ran out. I WILL buy again. This is holy grail material folks.

An update on my task for neutrogena..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My baby's 1st Birthday haha.. cake I ordered was too small :( It looked big in the picture waaa.. 

Nope: This is not a paid ad, I just love Bayo <3 haha *ehem* 

Among middle-ranged local brands, Bayo is ranking with my favorites like Folded & Hung, and Plains and Prints. They keep this minimal Boho Chic that's just my style, girly effortless. Here are pictures in their latest collection. I posted the pictures of some of my fave looks, you can see more here
Shyanne blouse, P995; Delia shorts, P695

Kaya blouseP1,095Spencer shorts, P1,295
Genelle tank top, P495; Dariel blouse, P495; Xyrelle skirt, P695
Selma dress, P945 (I wore this one on my baby's birthday party.. see the picture at the top)

Jakee blouse, P1,095; Alanah pants, P995
Isaura top, P1,095; Judith shorts, P745

I love shopping at Bayo! How about you guys? Where do you usually buy your clothes?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just a quick update before the swatch and review, this is my Day 2 for my Neutrogena Task. Everyone has until  Day 5 to join the contest and win awesome skincare prizes!

It's around 395php in SM Department stores

Cheap plastic packaging with no brush, this is placed in a blush container specially made for majo blushes, but its not worth to buy the case. IMO. Its also not sturdy and I hate the fact that its too slim for most brushes.

Color Payoff
It's matte and sheer. It gives a freshness to your face that looks quite natural on my skin. The thing that I like about this one is that it does not turn orange on my acidic skin. It's a boring neutral-cool pink.

It has a fine texture but as you can observe in the picture, bordering on the chalky side of blushes

Staying Power
Lasts about 3 hours max on my skin, in an airconditioned environment. On hot days it only lasts a couple of hours.

Will I buy again?
Probably not, its a very boring color and it's nice to try new blushes every now and then. This is not HG material

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Give-away details at the bottom of the page my dearest readers :)

1. Drinking coffee - check
2. Staying in an airconditioned room - check
3. Skipping meals - check
4. Stressing over work - check
5. Prolonged sun exposure - nah.. I rarely go out in the sun and I almost always wear spf 50+ everyday
6. Skimping on sleep - Oh boy! Haha.. I never had a full night's sleep since having a baby last year

As for my task, for 5 consecutive days I will track my daily activities if they contribute to my skin dehydrating. My pimples are healing but my skin is acting up with dry cheek and chin patches and a very oily nose! Imagine that? I'm also very scared of early skin aging.. so I want to take necessary precautions...

Neutrogena and When Chic Hits the Pan are giving away products that can help your skin  from dehydration to make it nice soft smooth and supple *yum*

We'll be having 1 winner of the moisturizer after 5 days


1. You must be a follower of When Chic Hits the Pan
2. You must leave a comment here including your name and e-mail for contact purposes
3. Winner will be chosen via facebook so make sure you like When Chic Hits the Pan on Facebook
4. This is a Philippines only contestPublish Post
5. Winner will be randomly drawn using a computer program

You can still join! :) This promo is up to April!
HBC is giving away the following prizes to the one who gives the best answer!
May 26 Update: Winners for April are
pure and choco chelle! please wait for my email later this evening!

April 10 update: Winners for March are
1. zeneth
2. rmviloria

March 05 update: Winners for Febuary are
1. Charms Musngi
2. Diaphoretic
Will contact you real soon for the prizes!

1.       You must be a follower of When Chic Hits the Pan
2.       You must announce this contest to others by linking this page to your blog, twitter, facebook, or forums.
3.       You must be a Philippine Resident
4.       Answer the question: Why I Love My Guy?
5.       Leave your name, email address, share link (#2) and answer in the comment box below


·         1st Run: February 11-March 3 (announcement of 2 winners: March 4, 2011 ) – 5 Free Sessions of Diamond peel for each winner
·         2nd Run: March 11-28 (announcement of 2 winners: April 4, 2011) – HBC giftpack worth P500.00 for each winner
·         Last Run: April 11-28 (announcement of 2 winners: May 4, 2011) – P1,000 HBC Gift Certificate for each winner

Contest will be held from February 11 - April  11 2011. We will pick 2 winners each month.

We will announce the winner on Valentine’s day! <3

This is related to HBC's Promo: Win a Date with Papa P!

Thinking of that perfect date? Let Mr. Piolo Pascual take you to an unforgettable getaway by being one of 11 lucky HBC customers to spend an exclusive moment with the Philippines' ultimate heart throb in the island paradise of Boracay!

Simply purchase P200 worth of products from HBC! And get a chance to win these perks:
** All expense paid trip to Boracay (with 3 days and 2 nights accommodation courtesy of Boracay Garden Resort)
** Pocket money worth P5,000.00
** Autographed "Piolo Believing" coffee table book
** FREE products from HBC worth P1,000.00
** And other exciting prizes

1. The promo is open to HBC customers who are 18 years old and above.
2. Promo starts on February 11, 2011 and ends on April 30, 2011.
3. The grand draw will be held on May 6, 2011. DTI representative will be present during the draw.
4. Employees of HBC, Inc. and its subsidiaries, its advertising agency, its commissioned printer, including their relatives up to second degree of consaguinity and affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.
5. All prizes are transferrable but non-convertible to cash.
6. Winners will be notified through registered mail.
7. Winners must present valid ID, and the registered notice upon claiming of prizes.

May 6, 2011
HBC Corporate Centre, Mindanao Avenue, Novaliches, Quezon Cit

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It was an honor to have been invited as Neutrogena's Brandvocate. I got to meet several other bloggers, some I already know in the cyberworld and some new to me. New friends hooray!

Eww.. camwhoring in company comfort room LoL

The Macaroni
Ooh.. the caserole, all perfectly blended together for comfort
The MoMo Vongole Pizza : Roasted Garlic, different cheeses, clams, shrimps, and other seafood goods ; I ate 3 slices! Yum!

MoMo cafe is located at Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City. It used to be located at Robinson's Ermita but they changed venue since they cater to a different market as per Ms Gwen. Good move indeed. 12 lifestyle bloggers were chosen by Neutrogena Philippines to discuss about  an issue to most women like us. Skin Dehydration. Sir Gab and the whole Neutrogena team even brought in this cool device which measures skin's hydration upon touching the skin.

The team, discussing dehydration

I rated 46, which was normal but bordering on dry. Normal skin is 40-70. If youve been reading my blog lately, you would know that Ive been breaking out badly, and on the verge of healing up. (Hooray for safeguard + M2 Skin Refinish). As a Neutrogena brandvocate, we have the special task of listing
our day to day activities that contribute to skin dehydration (ouch talk about revelation!)

Youtube artist say, Me, and Donna of mylucidintervals
Sir Gab of Neutrogena, Me, and Julia of Bless My Bag

I met other bloggers too like Lauren, Kryz Uy, Camille, and Argie of The Beauty Bin
The daily task will be featured on my upcoming posts..oh and also a giveaway for my readers so watch out for that!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oohh.. lots of hand marks on the product
Price: 499php
Where to Buy: Almost any department store, drugstore, grocery that has Maybelline
  Had to give in.. will provide bigger and more detailed photos to everyone. Thanks Julia of Bless my Bag for the tip.

This is currently the mascara Ive been using everyday. It holds the curl, it lengthens, and it defines my lashes. Removing is a breeze with any makeup remover and it lasts the whole day too on me with minimal panda eyes. Next is a photo my lashes wearing the mascara. As you can see, theyre still thin and flimsy, and the effect is very natural.

Sorry forgot to pluck!

What I Like:
  • It looks natural on the lashes, it makes you look like you have natural long lashes
  • Holds up the curl
  • Minimal smudging after around 8 hours with some eye rubbin action
  • Inexpensive
  What I Dont Like:
  • It flakes a bit, especially the tiny fibers
  • With flimsy lashes like mine, on occasions I would prefer something more dramatic
  • Dries up quickly, had it for a month and its starting to show the creamy smudgy dryness that means its about to expire
 Who would I recommend this to?
   Anyone who wants an everyday mascara. If you already have long lashes, maybe you want something that will provide you more volume instead. I highly recommend Maybelline's Cat's Eye or Volum Express.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

As some of you know, I love to eat! I've been trying to get hubby to have dinner at yakimix but alas he doesn't have the time and when we're about to go there, we crave for something else. Good thing my very generous project manager treated us out there for lunch.

Guilty! I mixed up the raw and cooked food in a single plate :( Goodness! haha
Well, we went there at 11am and had a table reserved for us .The place wasn't that packed as I expected but come 12pm, it was jammin full! I was amazed with the amount of food there was inside to offer, from raw food with sauces, sushi, maki, sashimi, tempura, lechon kawali, soups, veggies, meat, shrimp, squid, fish, mushrooms. You name it! My fave was the tempura and it gets out really fast.

Yummy yummy
The food that I loved the most that I cooked was the pork something with lotsof peppers and sesame seed. I don't know what it's called hehe. Most tags on the food were mixed up, and some were missing so minus points for them. To be honest, they don't have the best tasting food but it's fun to go here with friends or family to bond while cooking. Also thumbs up for the variety, it was my first time to eat here and I'm definitely coming back with hubby!!!!!

Cakescream for dessert with lotsa mallows
Lunch: 499
Dinner: 699
Drinks: 65 Bottomless? (not so sure, can't remember, more or less)
They have branches in Podium and near MOA I think... 

My new team :) I'm the youngest! Haha! And see how I learned from tyra to get the light? :P

Happy Eating! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

While reading the first chapter of James, I was struck by the phrase “humbly accept the Word planted in you, which can save you” (v.21 NIV). A decision with which I’d been struggling came to mind, and I thought: I don’t need to read another book, attend another seminar, or ask another friend about this. I need to obey what the Bible tells me to do. My efforts to be better informed had become a means of resisting God’s instruction rather than receiving it.
James was writing to followers of Christ when he said: “Lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted Word, which is able to save your souls. But be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves” (James 1:21-22).
Bible scholar W. E. Vine said that the Greek word used here forreceive means “deliberate and ready reception of what is offered.” Meekness is an attitude toward God “in which we accept His dealings with us as good, and therefore without disputing or resisting.” A humble heart doesn’t fight against God or contend with Him.
God’s powerful Word, implanted in our hearts, is a trustworthy source of spiritual wisdom and strength. It’s available to all who will humbly receive it.

God who formed worlds by the power of His Word
Speaks through the Scriptures His truth to be heard;
And if we read with the will to obey,
He by His Spirit will show us His way. —D. De Haan

Open your Bible prayerfully, read it carefully, and obey it joyfully.
Moms out there can relate when I say how much I hate mosqitoes, cockroaches, flies, and other creepy crawlies. Well, even if you're not moms
I guess you hate em as well haha! But we are more worries when our babies are exposed to these icky creatures. These insects can give
a lot of germs, viruses, and sickness to our loved ones.
I'm not a fan of commercially bought insect killers or repellants since it can also pose dangerous to young children; So after trying out a lot of natural
brands like messy bessy, indigo baby, human <3 nature, and GIGA, I found a winner in my heart. That is GIGA's Home Spray Insect Repellant Eucalyptus scent.

Besides not having the stingy scent of citronella which I find too strong, the eucalyptus is very soothing to the nose, no hints of citronella here,
and I love it when me or my baby has the cough or colds, it kinda soothes and relieves it well. The scent is very comforting. Most of all, it works.
A few sprays everywhere in the room especially on the bed works all throughout the night giving baby a sound sleep, and me, a peaceful mind.
This is not a paid ad mind you! Haha.. I finished 7 bottles already and keep on buying. I buy mine in their stall 2nd floor Robinsons Manila around 175php.

Baby Geof and Mommy K approved! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

For around 4 years I've owned the same Pink 5MP Fuji Z100FD shot camera, sure it may not have great specs when you compare it to compact digital cameras
out now, but it endured falling down the stairs, sinking in the foot fish pond of Manila Ocean Park, tumbling down on the ground of small hills
in our backyard in Batangas. It's quite durable and handy.
This camera was given to me as a highschool graduation gift in addition the laptop I've wished for (I chose a computer course and needed one). I used
it for our projects, personal photos, primary pictures on friendster, pets, friends, family, events. We've shared a lot of memories. It's the camera
I used when my hubby and I first went out of town (we were not married yet, and we were not boyfriend-girlfriend yet), it's the cam I used on our
super simple wedding day, I kept it with me during my pregnancy days with my little boy growing in my tummy. It's hard to let it go.
My mind tells me to give up the camera, it has served well. I could sell it, for a low price yes. But I could keep it. Even if I'm about to replace
it with a new camera. I lost its charger, and tried to looked all over but could not find it; and for my hobby as a blogger, it just couldnt keep
up. Photos in my blog need more quality, especially food or product swatches, it just couldnt deliver no more. I would probably give it to my little

Now, the past few days I've been looking for a decent compact camera, not the heavy DSLRs everybody's lugging around these days. I want
a simple, small, functional and most of all AFFORDABLE camera that can take great swatches, and pictures to share with all of you. I've made a short list of 3 compact cameras
that is within my small budget; then finally picked Canon Ixus 115HS as my camera of choice.

1. Panasonic Lumix FH22
2. Canon IXUS 115 HS
3. Pentax RS1000

What made me decide? I'm all for quality. From what I've read, Canon is the best. Trust me, I read ALL the reviews available and shown in google. Haha.
I was supposed to get PentaxRS1000 because it's really cheap but alas it is out of stock :( and compared to Canon, Canon is really superior.
Here's my favorite camera compare site, Comparing both gadgets.

My budget range is 5,000PHP-10,000PHP and the cheapskate in me compared high and low in google, cnet, photoblog reviews, and proved that a 9,700 peso
digital camera is right up my alley. Best of all, it's PINK!!
I got it last weekend and I can't wait to use it! I can finally provide you with better photos and swatches *crosses fingers* hopefully!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Read a lot of bloggers saying that Wet n Wild's muave outta here is a good dupe for the ever so popular pink nouveau of MAC. Is it a dupe?

L-R: Muave about it, Pink Noveau
Theyre not twins but theyre definitely close sisters

Wet n Wild: 349php
MAC: 1000php

MAC Pink Noveau
Wet n Wild Muave Outta Here

Sorry for the zit overload, no time to spot conceal :( and yes, this is how bad my skin WAS. I'm slowly recovering using a regimen, and that's another topic. MAC is more cool toned, feathery, and drying.
Wet n Wild is slightly darker and warmer than Pink Noveau, but it's definitely close. Muave about it is more flattering on me and is wearable on a daily basis. But for gals on a budget and wants the same skin "bloomening" effect of MAC's go ahead and give Wet n Wild's a try. You get a bang for your buck. Try out their other products too, especially their brow powder and shadows.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gals and Guys! I received an email about the opening of Nail It's latest branch in Greenhills and everyone is invited to come!

Nail It! is owned by Miss Jean Uvero and her daughter Agatha. Miss Jean is also a franchiser of Lay Bare waxing salon. Recently, Nail It! opened a new branch in Rockwell Business Center located right across Medical City in Ortigas. Less than a year in the business and there are already 9 branches, 1 franchise and the possibilities are endless-- with Nail It's sudden success, Miss Uvero can't help but open branches so close to each other!

Nail It! is opening another branch in one of the most frequented shopping centers in Manila. Think tiangge and you'll know what I'm talking about. ;) I would like to invite you to the grand opening of Nail It! Salon in Greenhills Shopping Center on Saturday, May 21, 6pm.

This event is open to the public.

There will be a free photo booth session for guests and customers. Food and drinks will be served.

Visit the newly-made website of Nail It! here for a list of services and branches.

I'm planning to get their body massage and lash extensions :) See you there! I'll bring my grandma and my baby geof too :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'll be straight, and forward. Again, no "palabok" or hullabaloos. :) I had the opportunity to attend the event of celeteque's
anti-aging line. Unfortunately, I am unable to leave office. To my dearest readers, I want you to know that I am a nerdy-techy-systems-specialist (computer geeky stuff)
by day, and a beauty afficionado by night, and lastly, a 24/7 mom. Whew! So yup, I wasnt able to go and let my proxy, ate mimi to come on my behalf.
Long story short. I only got the box of goodies when she returned. Hehehe..

I'll be honest to Celeteque, and my readers. I won't be using this line. I have another line that I'm so excited to use and
show to you..

BUT! a big BUT! There's another one who's willing to be my spokesperson and tester for Celeteque's anti-aging line.
None other than my... beloved lolo!

Age: 79
Career: Super-lolo

He's the one who took care of all us his apos and he's the one taking care of my baby boy, with the help of my grandma) He and my grandma loves to take care of their skin and they're very conscious about their appearance. When I told him about the kit I received, he was so estatic and willing to be my model. We're going to have a weekly photoshoot to show the progress and starting this week, he consistently uses the cleansing oil, moisturizer, and serum twice a day.Well, there's a celeteque promise of looking years younger in 6 weeks, so we'll see.

Both of us can't wait for his results!!


TO my lolo: I know you can't read this, but I want to tell everyone in the world that you're the BEST BEST BEST BEST

PS to Celeteque: I think it would be better if the ingredients are listed on the product labels, I was planning to read the ingredients and interpret it to my readers but alas, there was none :(

Who doesnt love lipsticks? Raise your hands!!!
Oops, haha someone might leave a comment and say they dont hehe.
Anyway, for pretty girls on a budget, HBC has released their summer collection for their
usual affordable San-San cosmetics line. The Soleil collection; Soleil means Sun (hehe I bet you already know that)
First up for reviews are their lusciously smooth lipsticks. It comes in 3 different sheer shades

San San Soleil Lip Colour w SPF 25
• SRP – P109.75 each
• Comes in 3 variants – Nude Carribean,
Peach Ibiza and Pink Tropics
• Neutral shades are very suitable for the summer
• Enriched with Vitamins A, C & E

L-R: Pink Tropics, Peach Ibiza, Nude Carribean

It's not paraben free but look at the moisturizing and lip lovin ingredients like squalene, vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin a, and pearl powder!

Lips: Me!
Shade: Peach Fizz
It's a very wearable orange since its sheer

Guest Model: Lormie Santiago :)
Shade: Pink
It's a cool barbie pink, similar to maybelline's watershine pk22 or viva glam gaga

Shade: Nude Carribean my personal fave!
It's  MLBB shade

What I Like?
It's very moisturizing, it's feels better than lipbalm and it applies so smoothly without the waxy feel. Colors are sheer and you're bound to match with all of them. It's great for summer because it leaves a tint, but if freshly applied it makes lips look moist and not greasy.

What I Don't Like
It smells pleasantly strange,like a mixture of Sunblock, molasses, honey, and seawater. But it goes away after a while.While the smell goes, the color goes. It lasts less than an hour tops, anyway, it's okay because it's a pleasure to re-apply

Who Do I Recommend This To?
To girls who like sheer natural looking lipsticks and doesnt mind reapplying all day.
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