Monday, October 31, 2011

I don't have a lot of makeup because I'm not a hoarder. I just keep what I always use :) and keep what colors look good on me but have a selection from all colors if possible. But even if I don't have a lot, it still makes up a clutter. Keeping them from one makeup pouch to another, it's hard for me to realize that for example when I go to the mall, I already have this shade of lippie already.

Pwedeng wallpaper no? Hehe ang gulo ko!

I notice a lot of women being organized with their things from their bags, accessories, to shoes. Well, some folks just have to realize not all women are the same! Haha! If there's anyone here who's like me who's a clutter-bunny please raise your hands! *raises hands* if no one raises their hands or commented on this post if they are a clutter-bunny, I'll just shy away in one corner hehe
Plastic Drawer: 379.75PHP at SM Dept. Store

You can get these type of drawers at SM Department Store at their home section, or at Ace Hardware. It's really nice since you have a taller bottom drawer underneath where you can store your bottles and tubes and the upper drawers are enough for blushes, compacts, and lippies. I placed my liners and shadows on top.

Still don't know where to put my brushes, any suggestions? :O

Oh and for some updates, I'll be posting Oliver Tolentino's latest bag collection MASAYA c/o rags to riches.
Koh Gen Do posts/pricelists/reviews will be done the following days. Hope y'all can patiently wait :) my boss at work is getting strict lately hehe and we all know that work's a priority.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yes, is it too late to post halloween makeup tutorials? On halloween's eve? Haha!! Better late than never. Surfed around the you tube and spotted these awesome makeup tutorials for halloween.

This one is a DIY to make boils, blisters, and icky skin. If you have icky skin already, move on to the next one. Just kiddin ;)

Next is a freaky unzip your face ala leather face... it looks so realistic it's bordering creepyville.

Oh, and since Walking Dead and zombies are getting popular (ehem world war z ) here's an undead one for ya

and I'm kinda bummed there aren't any halloween parties in my current office. Boo... no fun! but I remember I posted a much much late halloween makeup last year of 2010
This photo was taken last year hehe

Oh and if you're from Pinas! Happy super long weekend! A lot of holidays this November it's sooooo cool!

Oh and while youre at it, Bactidol shared some of their own twists on popular horror movies like Psycho and The Ring

and nope, was not paid by Bactidol (sadly.. :p) to post the vid. Just posting out of good will. Hehe.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beautiful skin is yours. The cult japanese cosmetics brand most famous for providing full coverage, high definition and looks fresh the whole day, but there's more; its good for your skin too. Sounds perfect no?

Thanks to Beauty Bar Philippines of  SSI, they gave us pinays the chance to finally have the makeup that makes good skin and not just cover skin.

Oct 26 2011 was the official launch of Koh Gen Do here in the Philippines

Beautiful skin is yours. The cult japanese cosmetics brand most famous for providing full coverage, high definition and looks fresh the whole day, but there's more; its good for your skin too. Sounds perfect no?

Thanks to Beauty Bar Philippines of  SSI, they gave us pinays the chance to finally have the makeup that makes good skin and not just cover skin.

Oct 26 2011 was the official launch of Koh Gen Do here in the Philippines
at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. And kikaysikat was priviledged to get a first look and feel of this wonderful japanese makeup brand.

Megumi Setoguchi co-founder of Koh Gen Do cosmetics
discussed the brief history of their cosmetics brand

Koh Gen Do, started with an actress concerned about her stressed skin. 25 years ago, actress Ai Saotome created a skincare collection based on traditional Asian botanicals and homeopathy. Envisioned to rest and restore skin, Koh Gen Do was designed to stimulate and support skin’s naturally restorative functions. In their search for natural skin protection, their line blossomed into an innovative skincare line, and eventually became a collection of high-performance makeup.
Guided by an experienced skin care therapist who integrated her profound understanding of human skin with herbal medicinal techniques, Koh Gen Do’s products use plant extracts and other ingredients from nature whose safety has been proven throughout history to create cosmetics products. Their special formulation does not make use of artificial fragrances, petroleum-based mineral oil or synthetic pigments.

Koh Gen Do believes that makeup should not hide your face but instead enhance and bring out the natural beauty from within. Their skincare-based makeup collection which includes a wide range of Moisture Foundation, Aqua Foundation, Makeup Color Base, Moisture Concealer, Pressed Powder, Triple Lighting Foundation, Face Powder, Natural Lighting Powder, Fresh Face Blush, Lipstick and Lip Gloss, is breathable, beautiful with moisturizing and enriching ingredients blends with the skin naturally for that perfect natural finish.

Koh Gen Do’s products integrate their innovative concept into a glamorous, eco-friendly makeup line. Used in backstage for hundreds of productions, credited in over 200 international films and cherished by actresses and makeup artists worldwide, Koh Gen Do products continue to draw a cult following the world over in thrall of that exquisite, more than just make up flawless finish. 

Could this beat Bourjois in its position as  number one foundation in my holy grail list?

Could this be better than Time Balm?

Will give you guys a full and detailed review on the base makeup of Koh Gen Do cosmetics in the upcoming posts so stay tuned!!!! Oh and will also post the brief tutorial of japanese makeup artist Morimitsu Miyamoto on how you can create beautiful natural skin with Koh Gen Do Base Cosmetics.

Click here complete products and pricelist of Koh Gen Do cosmetics (to be uploaded on Wednesday) in the Philippines 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

WHUZFXPMWH59 Grab this opportunity to get their best selling best handcreams in the world at 20% off!
They're on sale from Oct. 28-Oct.31 this weekend at SM Megamall 

Levi's Philippines launched their Holiday Collection 2011 last September together with their Go Forth Campaign.

I was seated at the side and people were right in front of me. I was unable to get pretty pictures of their clothing. Good thing female network posted their pictures. So share ko na din dito. Credits to them for the photos! This is quite picture heavy so I separated the page.

While we all want gender equality. Thankfully there are still companies who produce and think of making smartphones for women. The kikay in me always like seeing gadgets and phones that are specifically made to cater to women. (Okay let's not do the let's not stereotype women on liking pink and stuff)
but generally speaking, women want to see some femininity in their phones. Not just black. (or white)

Though I love my Galaxy Mini given to moi by my hubby.I'm still on the lookout for that next phone. Something more lady like to match my personality. Oh something pink. Ever since smartphones were invented, either from a droid or an ios. Information was really literally right in your fingertips. You can have what you want any info right then and there! It's perfect for the information-hungry individual like me who likes to chomp at info especially when I have to know about something!

If only Samsung Galaxies or iPhones made some in fuschia. *sigh* Pink iPhone picture below, but it's a fake one so...

Anway here's a couple of phones, with style and features that are geared towards ladies ;) ;) ;)

HTC Rhyme
Review of the phone can be taken here: credits to the site for the picture.
What's unique to this phone is the dangling charm that comes with it. It will blink all sorta cute light and you dangle it outside your back so you know when someone called you or sent you a message without checking out your phone (if it's on silent mode or it's just too darn noisy)

and the other one being Sony Erricson's Xperia series because they always make in either a gorgeus fuschia or stunning turquoise

Xperia Ray in Pink

I was thinking of other lady like features like a phone that also serves as a mood ring so it changes color depending on your mood. That would be so cool!!

It's a tiring thursday. :P I wrote this post wednesday night after a very exhausting day of moving around back and forth from events-office-events-home take care of baby. Being a working mom and blogger is fulfilling but tiring. Both things though it drains all my energy, they are also the reason why I am very happy. (Of course the other greater reasons are God and my husband)
So this all saints and all souls.. kikaysikat will take another... short weekend break to relax a bit...

If ever you miss me... you can read my older posts and reminisce hehe... or follow me on twiter @kikaysikat

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The secret to yummy milk green tea from popular bubble tea shops like Gong Cha, Cha Time, Serenitea, Simple Line and all others is that instead of using the regular japanese matcha. They infuse it with Jasmine making it more fragrant and flavorful.

Now if you are not fond of floral tasting teas, this might not be for you, but please do give it a try. As I always say, try everything at least once! As long as it isnt bad :)

I was craving for milk green tea one fine and dandy day at the office but there were no shops nearby. Suddenly a light bulb was blinking on top of my head.

Well not really! Hehe :) I suddenly thought of a brilliant idea! (well.. not really that brilliant :P)
Uni President Taiwan Green Tea

Uni-President Taiwan Green Tea should be the perfect milk tea base. I could just add any kind of fresh or condensed milk and add ice and it should should taste similar to what they have. Because Uni-President Taiwan Green Tea is a delicious blend of green tea infused with jasmine lightly sweetened that it's yummy on its own. Adding milk would make it even yummier! Best part? It's available at 7-11 for a cheapo price of 31PHP for 550ML. (I made approximately 3 servings of milk green tea)
Magnolia Low Fat Milk

Just mix em together with the proportions of your choice.
I used 75% Green Tea
Oops I made a mess teehee :P

and there you go! Cravings killed!!!! ^____^

:) Cam phone again hihi
Drinking tea of any kind has a lot of benefits. It has antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E. Oh and its a known diuretic meaning it sheds of excess water weight / or makes you pee a lot . It can help clear up your skin because it cleanses you inside and out. Though there were rumors that milk cancels out the anti oxidant value of tea, you can take em separately on times if you want.

Have a great great great wednesday! I could not wait for the long weekend ahead! I got 2 events to attend to today, one is for the launch of Beauty Bar's newest makeup line (cant wait to tell you all about it!) and the other one is for the evenint. The launch of Oliver Tolentino's latest bag collection. Wootwoo!

Monday, October 24, 2011

How's your weekend everyone? Today we're going to discuss Part 2 of the 2-Part Laneige Makeup Workshop with makeup artist Min Hyuk Park. For those who recently dropped by, you can check out Part 1 which is all about Korean Skincare Routine.

In this 2nd part, we are going to tackle Korean Makeup Routine.

Base Makeup:

Mr. Park used their newest product, the Snow Crystal BB Balm as base makeup after the skin care routine. It is very
moist and emolient and looks like second skin. He told us that when using this BB cream it is better to spread instead
of tap so that it looks natural. Seeing the application in person, it really does look so natural. I wonder how it feels on skin
and if it will oxidize? I got myself a BB Balm so that I can review it later! :) The BB balm is in a big round compact with a large mirror.
We like em mirrors nice and large so that we can see our faces clearly no?

 He emphasized that their product is transfer proof which is good. We can make cheek-2-cheek or beso-beso without worrying 
that our makeup is already transfered to the face of our amiga.

Set the base makeup with powder, loose or pressed using a brush in light tapping movements just to set and catch oil but still retain

Finally, use a puff without powder in pressing motion so that makeup will be absorbed on our skin and again
absorb the oil.

Natural is key. He used a rosey blush with slight shimmer in the apple of the cheeks. If you have round face
brush upwards. Long face, brush horizontally.  Highlighter is placed not on all the nose bridge but only on the

One can use the most natural color they can use for the lips. Making lips look better. One can go one color lighter
or one color darker than your natural lip color with slight tinge of pink and gloss.

For the eyes Mr. Park used a light shimmery beige-pink eyeshadow all over the lid. He then lined the upper
inner lashline with a black liner. He stressed out that when applying eyeliner, it must be put in the inner rim
so that it looks natural. Korean makeup is all about looking natural but perfect.

He used a dark brown eyeshadow to line the uppe rlash line with a soft dark color, it really looks nice. Makes
me want to do this kind of makeup everyday.

He used a combination of pencil and powder for the brows. He first line the eyes with a pencil to shape and then
filled in the brows with color of powder.

Finally he curled the lashes and put a bit of mascara.

Gorgeous :) 

If there's one makeup style I really like, it has to be Japanese or Korean style makeup. They focus more on looking younger and fresher. Natural but still a head turner. You can check out more Korean Makeup Tutorials in my Pony Ulzzang Tutorials

I tried to do my own version, but being not used to lining my inner rims yet, my eyeballs turned red! HAHAHAHA.. You can see it's a bit reddish in this photo..

Red Eye FAIL :D

Love love love and hugs hugs hugs to everyone! Start your week with a prayer and a smile! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sure, we girls like to try on different shades of makeup and different colors of lipsticks or shadows so that we can check which suits us or not. But have you ever experienced of skin burns because of excess rubbing using wipes or tissue removing the color over and over again just so you can use another shade of lipstick or blush?

Browsing around Android Market, I bumped into one heck of a useful applications for us girls who like putting on makeup! It's called Mondi Makeup for Android.

See the page below to see more :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You can skip dinner but never ever skip breakfast. You start the day and your body needs energy. More than the caffeine boost you get from drinking coffee. :P I can't believe some people can survive with coffee in the morning alone! (My grandparents are like that).

(shame i should have bought one today so that i can share a pic)
Here's what I had today:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yep... You read that right folks.. I was at Robinson's Ermita today to buy a pair of new comfy shoes at Hush Puppies when I dropped by the Guerlain Counter at the department store. All items are on sale and the highest slash is 50% off. The lowest being 30% off.

Here are the items I saw on sale including their markdown.  Sale is on until supplies last. I didnt buy anything because it was out of my budget and I think I have self control now. I dont need new cosmetics for now. I planned on reselling it and marking it up a bit but then I thought it was bad to gain money out of ripping people off.  So I decided to just share this information to all of you ^_^

Meteorites Voyage with Gold Compact at 50% off
Meteorites Balls at 50% off
Rouge G at 30% off, Kiss Kiss Lipsticks and Lipgloss at 50% off
Terra Cotta Bronzer at 50% off

Happy shopping guys !!! Your happiness will make me happy too :) :) :) Thanks Im almost cured of my shopaholicness and impulse buying!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Koreans are slowly making their way into mainstream pop culture such as music, television, and other media. Boys are handsome and girls are surprisingly cute with a bit of sexiness that makes them irresistable to men but women want to be like them. So what makes korean women so special? They look so pretty but look so natural! That's the difference between western celebrities and korean celebs. They have this youthful, radiating aura that seems so hard to copy!

Fret no more girls, KikaysiKat was invited to a special blogger's session from Laneige that had their Korean Makeup-artist/Guru teach all the tricks of the trade on how ulzzang (korean for perfect-face) sweethearts do their skincare and makeup routine.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Joining the Milk Tea brandwagon is Simple Line Milk Tea. Popular among students near UST for its affordable price but taste comparable to pricier brands. (According to reviews). So here is mine.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick post. Thanks to google, I suddenly remembered a piece of my childhood. Watched this when I was around 5 years old at ABC 5.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I recently attended a makeup-workshop at Laneige and definitely learned a lot on how Koreans do their skincare and makeup! Can't wait to share it with detailed pictures to all of you super soon! (Tomorrow, maybe?"

Here are some of the stuff I'll be reviewing this week.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Generally speaking, food in dream usually refers to food for thoughts, ideas, new beliefs, etc. They are ideas you take in and digest mentally.

To see grains of rice in your dream, symbolizes success, prosperity, luck, fertility and warm friendships.
To dream that you are eating rice, denotes happiness and tranquility in the home.
To dream that you are cooking rice, signifies that new responsibilities will bring you much joy.
To see rice mixed with dirt in your dream, signifies illness and separation from friends.

courtesy of

Milk Tea Mania is slowly hitting the Philippines and who knows? It might beat popular coffee shops sooner or later. Happy Lemon was my next stop and even if there were rumors about a cockroach in their drink I still went to try! Hehe..  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ah magenta. It's the lesser known shade compared to ms. fuschia and ms. baby pinks. If you want to pop out of a crowd and never look understated this color is for you. It suits a lot of skin tones as long as you have the courage to wear one! Always always always remember that cheap doesn't mean low quality most of the times. Check out my cheap but amazing local finds and see why. So here I am to recommend a wonderful magenta lipstick that can beat the crap out of Girl About Town and Schiap .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Looks like I know what I want for Christmas :) Click to see the comparison chart.
Oh and we'll have week themes starting from hereon now. Tech Thursdays, Pink Fridays, and Makeover Mondays. Cant wait! ^_^

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello Everyone! :) I'm giving away 50 free entrance tickets to the Fashion Gives Back Bazaar. Proceeds of these tickets goes to charity. Hope you can support this event with me :) (Oh and I hope to see all of you gals too!)

I received a couple of emails from readers and their questions can help other followers and visitors too since these are 2 common issues we encounter. Acne and dandruff. Ick, who wants those?

1. "Ano ba yan andami kong pimples anong gagawin ko?" - Cindy
    Translation "OMG. I have a lot of pimples, what  can I do?"
There are a lot of over the counter brands to fight acne but most of them include either Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid as an anti-acne content. Always check the back label for ingredients. Alcohol is not so bad really, except if you have dry skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide - Is an antibacterial agent that directly kills the acne vulgaris bacteria that causes acne. It comes in 2,5% 5% and 10%. If you have light-moderate acne please get the lowest concentration. Benzac is great because it doesnt dry skin that much.

How to apply: Just spread out a thin layer every night on the affected area. Please use mild soap while on treatment such as Cetaphil or Celeteque.

Salycilic Acid - Is an exfoliant. It works by peeling the skin ever so slightly and drying out the pimple. This should work on blackheads and whiteheads rather than huge cystic acne.

How to apply: Since this comes in many forms like toners and creams. A little amount is best.

A word of advice. DONT USE Salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide together. They just counteract the effect and will  do nothing to help.

2. K! Ano ba marecommend mo sa dandruff?
    "K! What can you recommend for dandruff?"
Prevention is better than cure. I will say that over and over again. My doctor said dandruff is sometimes caused by an unhealthy diet. But if you're eating good food and still get it, it may be with your shampoo.

First, treat your dandruff with Nizoral for a week. Then for maintenance don't use the same shampoo everyday.  It means find 2-3 shampoos to rotate around, and use a tiny bit of amount and it will lather already. That's why I dont mind when companies put a tiny amount of shampoo in sachets, because to be honest that's just the amount we need. :)

These are tips, and if unsure, please visit your dermatologist first before doing any DIY

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