Thursday, December 22, 2011

Universal 6 Card Spread
The High Priestess
Card 1 (The High Priestess) : How you feel about yourself now  »
You are very aware of the feminine power within, intuitive and conscious at a spiritual level, looking for guidance and answers, a secret to be revealed. You desire a wise guide to help address your questions, and your intuition is just that. If you are male the appearance of The High Priestess can represent a woman who you care for very much and who truly inspires you.
The Devil
Card 2 (The Devil) : What you most want at this moment  »
The cards suggest that what you most want at this time you can't have, like the forbidden fruit, which makes it all the more tempting. Or you could go for it but you know that it would be a bad choice and for all the wrong reasons. Yes, you want passion and gratification - just be careful where you go looking for it.
The Chariot
Card 3 (The Chariot) : Your fears  »
The word failure isn't in your vocabulary. You are worried things are more of a struggle than you expected, with more delays and frustrations. Things aren't going to plan at all, just chill out, calm that mind of yours and you'll find the strength to battle on until you succeed. This is a period of movement and change and conflicts ending in victory.
The Star
Card 4 (The Star) : What is going for you  »
A wish come true, this is a time of good luck and fortune, perhaps after a period of struggle and heartache. Good health, possibly after a time of illness, and good fortune that will give you a new zest of life. If considering a new love affair, new job or career, or travel, then go for it. You may also receive a gift or gifts!
Card 5 (Death) : What is going against you  »
This is a time of anxiety, depression and fear with all the turmoil and distressing events happening in your life - it's time to show what you are made of. What has now come to an end leaves room for brand new beginnings in life, love and career. However radical events may be in your life, believe that life goes on and life is what you make of it.
Card 6 (Justice) : Outcome  »
Justice will be done. Decisions will go in your favour, particularly regarding partnerships or legal matters. A time for some good luck and reward for your good deeds in the past.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Okay, I'm here, I'm still alive! Barely! :) :) :) How are you? The holiday season is always a busy season for us and thus the low post count. Or, I caught the holiday-lazy-days. Neutrogena has been kind enough to send several products for me to review and oh boy do I owe em some! I have been a neutrogena-loyalista ever since highschool with their Deep Clean Facial Foam as my savior from teen oily skin. It has this fresh scent that doesnt give me dizzy spells and works to control oil and prevent acne! It's a must must must have for teens!

Now that I'm "aging" my skin now needs something that gives moisture, that lasts. Most of us may be putting on a lot of creams on our faces, but how about our body? How can we be sure that soap and lotion is enough.

Okay, ironically, this oil is not oily at all! Think cashmere or silk, and then turn it into liquid. Then add this very light, sexy smell that you wish it had a perfume version; and this is it. Neutrogena's body oil provides skin this moisture you wont find in lotions. It has a natural sesame oil formula that's so light you'd be wanting to put more. And it's so tipid to use! Just a few drops on your skin after your shower or mix it right in your bath. Just after one use you'll notice the difference and that "glow" on your skin.Use generously on legs if youre gonna wear short shorts or skirts for that extra oomph.

I've been using this for more than a month and I barely made a dent but I'm definitely buying another bottle if I run out.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I dreamed that I lost my bag last night.. and that bag was like really precious.. like everything important was in there. I referred to dream moods with its meaning and I'm still not sure how I'll interpret my dream.

Update: Then I realized the things in my bag were my passport, IDs, ATMs, and things related about me. Does it mean I'm losing myself in the process? I'm confused with how my life is going through right now. Hope it's just my mood swings.

To dream that you lose something indicates that you may really have misplaced something that you had not realized yet. It may also be a signal for you to clean out and reorganize your life. Perhaps you are overwhelmed and distracted with the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Alternatively, losing something often coincides with a significant life change or waking issue.
On a symbolic note losing things in your dream suggests lost opportunities, past relationships or forgotten aspects of yourself. Your personal associations to the thing you lose will clue you into the emotional meaning and interpretation of your dream.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

source article

1- The Smart-A s s
What man doesn’t enjoy a cerebral opponent? What man doesn’t want a woman who has an opinion, has a personality and can participate in a conversation or debate on just about any topic? Of course a hot body is a turn-on, but a true Player recognizes a hot mind and a blazing personality. These are the absolute aphrodisiacs. A woman with verbal confidence is a true catch. But when confidence is locked on contentious and confrontational, you should make plans to avoid her. The Smart-*** drips sarcasm. She enjoys answering and asking questions with a tone and an attitude that pushes away the nicest of suitors. Her words drip with venom and her personality is based on making others feel beneath her. She will say she’s confident and that no one understands her sense of humor. You will know she’s a smart-***, and one of the five types of women to avoid. 

2- The Gold Digger
All men have experienced the effort to bring together their physical, spiritual and financial aspects. In the process of courting, you will pay for flowers, go out to the movies, take the weekend to go skiing, and lay the world out before her. However, while you spend with emotion and desire, make sure your newfound lady is enjoying you rather than your money. Gold Diggers will eventually show their colors when they begin expecting you to pay for everything including her bills. Going for broke in a relationship is far different from going broke, Player. Remember that.

The Gold Digger is easy to detect, but they are a smart breed. A Gold Digger will instantly speak of high-priced evenings and pricey desserts. She will mention her bills and her need for your financial help. She will also take this time to arouse you to the point of blind obedience. Stand your ground and keep your hand on your wallet.

3- Ms. Right
While the description may make you scratch your head, it’s not what you think. A sign of a true Player is the appreciation of something good. So if this was Ms. Right for you, I would give you the green light to pursue. But this is Ms. Right, as in Ms. Always Right or Ms. Has To Be Right. This lovely lady can have a host of great qualities and characteristics, but she has a stubbornness for being correctthat turns off any man and turns any relationship into a disaster -- that’s why she makes it into the five types of women to avoid. She has to be right about anything and everything to the point that your slightest word had better be in agreement with her's. If you disagree or prove her wrong, there is hell to pay. While her great qualities may make you want to hang in there and overlook (or modify) her ferocity, Ms. Right is one of the types that cannot be changed. Sorry, my friend, but the best you can do is avoid her. Her pride and her arrogance should send up two red flags that scream turn and run as fast as you can.

4- The Psycho
A broad category with many entries, the Psycho includes the girl who calls, texts or posts to your Facebook wall 10 times a day. It includes the girl who wants to know your every move and asks how you’ve been when she just spoke to you an hour ago. If there is any woman to avoid at all costs, the Psycho is the one. She will insert herself into your life and shake all aspects of your existence. It is easy to fall for the Psycho as she brings an intensity and a passion that is borderline supernatural. Remember, though, that sex with a psycho may be amazing, but at some point you’ll end up in front of the police. If you fail to look at her from all aspects, you’ll end up with a bothersome, insecure and potentially vicious woman who will show no signs of going away. She will deny her obvious issues despite their growing intensity.

5- The Rebound
She is most sinister on the list because she is the most difficult to detect. We have all heard the warning of the “rebound guy,” but what about the female counterpart? Like the Psycho, this girl tends to come on strong, hot and heavy. Her seductive ways could weaken some of the strongest Players. Falling into her traps, you’ll bypass your better judgment and fall hard. You believe that this is the one; you believe that this is a great relationship in the making. But the truth is that you were just a lay, just a sexual encounter to help her past the man who recently broke her heart. The Rebound is well aware of how great you are, Player in training. Over the course of your courtship, you’ll gradually find that you can do nothing right. You’re either too early or too late. You’re either not ready on time or not giving her time to get ready. See the signs as she shifts from being the comely hotness to the reluctant mute across the dinner table. This change has nothing to do with you. It is the life cycle of the Rebound girl. She has had you and is now done. Once you begin to sense this resistance, with dignity and finesse, bid farewell and remove yourself from the situation.

Monday, December 5, 2011

It is important to curl your hair on your second day hair, not fresh out of the shower, because second day hair has natural oil, which makes the hair easier to style. Curl a little at a time, it takes longer but it's neater. If you have long hair, you need to curl twice along the length, say first 20-40% and then 40-80% of the length. It is simply impossible to just roll it all in and expect a perfect curl all at once if you have long hair.
Curly hair towards the end of the hair gives that "I'm laidback and not trying hard to attract attention" effect while curl from the roots says "I'm confident and I don't even care if you give me attention, I just wanna have fun" effect. Use a hair mask and serum to protect your hair from these processes.
Bon Jakobsen
Jaidee TV host and Le Sasha presenter


If you want permanent curls, go with perming, but be careful what you wish for. The art of hair perming is a skill that a hairdresser has to master, as it is not easy to create beautiful curls without damaging the hair. In fact, all chemicals will damage your hair to a certain extent, but more reliable salons can minimise the damage. Always pick a salon you can trust, or one that you have heard good things about. Bring a picture of the end result you are hoping for to avoid miscommunication. Remember that even after perming, you will still have to style your hair every morning with wax, mousse or spray to keep the curls in shape.

Curling iron

It's easy. It's long-lasting. It's also very damaging to the hair. Curling irons, as well as any other hairstyling tool, apply high levels of heat directly to the hair, damaging the cuticle layer. Heat also reduces the water content of hair and weakens the shaft. If you want to curl your locks daily, it might be less damaging to have your hair permed. One-time exposure to perming chemicals is better than daily exposure to high heat. Don't forget to use a heat protector before you apply heat to your hair.

Curling sponges/plastic rollers

They are available in many shapes, from tennis balls to strawberries. These sponge curlers are something you can sleep with and will not later regret, as you will wake up with beautiful curls that last for hours (or throughout the day, with hairspray or mousse). Simply curl your strands using these sponges when your hair is almost dry - too dry and the curls won't stay, too damp and you will end up damaging your hair, as sleeping with damp hair is the biggest must-not for hair care.

Paper bag or paper strips

Michelle Phan, make-up teacher and spokesperson for Lancome, has demonstrated how to make beautiful no-heat-involved curls using brown paper bags. Start with damp, detangled hair and tie paper strips to each strand. Search YouTube for her video "Paper Bag Curls Tutorial".

Clip-on curls

Save time and avoid all types of hair damage using clip-on curls, available at accessories sections of most department stores at about 900 baht. Tie your hair in a ponytail, clip on the fake curls and voila! Make sure you buy a matching colour for a more convincing look.
Taylor Swift has signature blonde curls that spell soft and feminine. PHOTO: ANTHONY JOSEPH BAKER
You can recycle paper bags and get beautiful hair. Brown paper bags, when torn into strips, can be used to make beautiful curls.
Clip-on curls can look just like the real thing if you choose the colour that matches your hair.
Go to sleep with curling sponges and plastic rollers and you will wake up with bouncy curls without tormenting your hair with heat.
A curling iron is the easiest way to temporarily curl your hair, but make sure you protect your hair from the excessive heat.

Bounce booster

Bring back the just-out-of-the-salon bouncy curls by washing your permed hair with Korean Bounce Therapy Intensive nourishment from Keratinology by Sunsilk. The specially formulated shampoo, conditioner and hair mask will help prolong the beauty of salon curls. Lock your style and put the bounce back into your curls for a salon-like finish every day.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post and products were sent for consideration

A reader sent me an email asking what fragrance she could buy if her budget was a tight 100php. Im a fan of fancy fragrances so you could try out the shops that sells those per ml BUT it may not last you for a long while since you can get approximately 1ml-2ml in 100php.

Then I remember HBC sent me a couple of colognes a few weeks back and they smelled really sweet, perfect for tweens who want to smell good and will smell like their age. Okay lets say chanel no5 smells classy, but who wants to smell like a classy grandma eh? hahaha HBCs Allue Line also have gentle cosmetics specially formulated for young ones so youre sure its gentle and safe. They're very affordable too so tweens wont have to spend their savings. :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I couldnt sleep the other night when I saw my website URL on the list of Finalists for the Beauty and Fashion Category National Level! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!

But they got my old blog name instead; They havent got my updated Blog name and URL I hope they update it :)

Surreal... I'm not expecting.. but I'm hoping I get to win something.. like in their raffle. Hehe.. It's going to be held at Carlos Romulo Theater at RCBC this Dec. 3 2011; Oh and I don't know what to wear. This would not be possible if not for YOU people who visit this blog everyday and interact with me and other readers as well. It's super super super fun.

This blog was started because I was a frustrated writer. I really wanted to take up Journalism at UST and work in the media-world like Magazines, TV, Hosting, and other things but because my parents were sorta "cutting costs" I had to study at PLM because I got a scholarship there for Computer Science. Did you guys know back in college I auditioned for a few hosting stints in ETC? (Didnt get in! Haha.. always a finalist, never the "one" :( )

Still! No regrets no regrets. Wouldnt be here today if not for what happened in the past. Thank you thank  you thank you! Maybe one way I can say thanks to all of you is for me to produce articles with higher quality both in words and in photos.  Do post your suggestions on what you want to read more from Kikay si Kat!! I really love hearing from you!!

I may not have won (yet.. hopefully? waaa) but I already feel like a winner with being a finalist!!!
*jumps up and down* I'm not preparing a 2 min. speech.. (yes I wont) because if I did and I didnt won, I'll just be sorta sadder) Waaa this is me being bipolar >_<

Our workplace is kind of divided in to "2" groups. The jolog-sosyal-hybrids and the sosyals. Of course you know where my group is right? JOLOGS ALL THE WAY!! :) :) :)

Oh if youre not pinoy here's a quick definition of both:

Jologs - (joh-logs) Came from the combination of Jolina + Organization. Jolina was a fashion trend setter of the 90's with her outrageous hair-dos and outfits. But her fashion soon evolved synonymous to cheap, and then non-classy, and then it became the acceptable. "cowboy" "co-boy" or cool. Since if youre jologs
you eat street food. You ride PUVs and you can kick a$$!

Sosyal - (sow-shal)  Came from the word "social" and "shallow"... Kidding!!!!! These people are identified as classy people.

Ok, now let's go back to carrots...
What? Hehehe
Oops! We're talking about Carrot Pants.. not Carrot Pantsuits!
I noticed the sosyal women in our workplace wears  carrot pants everyday. They also range from the skinny women to the heavier women side. They wear em everyday with everything! So I wonder if carrot-pants are really uso? I dont own one, because I have wide hips and I don't think it can really flatter my figure by doubling my hip size to quadruple size. I also have large thighs... imagine the growth if I wore carrots! Haha!

I honestly believe this type of pants won't suit everyone. It works better on girls who are either the inverted triangle shape or those with skinnly legs so it will make them more shapely.

Credits to

I am no judge but people are free to wear whatever they want, whether it suits them or not; as long as theyre happy. So even if the carrot-trend looks aweful on some people. It's their right to look bad if they want to! Hahahahaha! Sometimes my sense of humor is just really dark ^_^;

What do you think of guys wearing them? Is it possible for a 100% straight man  to wear it?

Lemme hear your thoughts! Let's talk about social cliques, jolina, jologs, sosyals, and the carrot pants!


Love lots, XOXO

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