CopyKat: April Week 1


I have to be honest to you folks, with regards to fashion "creativity" I base what I wear on stuff I feel comfortable wearing, or looks cute and more often than not I lack inspiration. My fashionista blogger cousin The Yuume Bunny, recommended this website for more fashion peg that can be my inspiration.

CopyKat! Fashion Adventure would be a weekly series of me, Kat, scouting different thrift or cheap shops and will try my best to copy the style or at least its essence. It would be a combination of 2 posts, one the original and the next would be the adventure and me posing for the copied. *wink*

Let's start with our first post then? This style grabbed my attention because it looks very retro yet modern. The bland colors do well with this style because using sequins may be a bit bold.

Tell me what you think ;)

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