How to Look Like a Doll Tutorial Review Review


Many of us admire girls who have innocent looking and sweet faces just like a doll's and there are many tutorials popping out here and there. I'm sharing this popular one for you to view but read my thoughts

For me, it's a basic tutorial, a good one, but nonetheless basic. There isn't any special tricks she did to make herself look "doll-like" compared to other tutorials that I've watched, especially Taiwanese, Japanese, or Korean tutorials and makeovers that really show drastic changes as the video below. The thing is, VenusAngelic already looks like one, she already looks like a doll even without makeup. The shape of her face, the color of her eyes. It will frustrate some girls who will try and emulate the tutorial and still look like theirselves, only better (there is nothing bad about this though!) but not a doll.

So girls, do you want to look like this?

Valeria Lukyanova internet sensation

Tell me what you think!

PS - I do! XD

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