A Video. A Song. A Thank You!!!

Hello everyone! This is the first time I would post a video with me in it. Besides writing, singing is one of my "dreams". To sing in public, to sing in a crowd. When I was a kid, I always sang at school programs, or barangay fiestas.

*LONG PAUSE* haha! There's a long pause in between the chorus..
I really really really want to sing the original "high" part in the chorus but my land lady would get mad at me.. so I hesitated.. I'll try again better next time!! In another house maybe? :P

Would you like reviews on products, skincare, and makeup tutorials in video format as well? Let me know!

Here it goes.... *runs off* I said Ack-ward.. LoL
Bigger video in youtube :)

Tell me what you think! Song requests etc? Haha! Please do share your comments and suggestions!
Kisses and Hugs


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