Review: Etude House BB Magic Pact : It's Really Good!

10/23/2012 Kaycee Enerva

 My skin has been very sensitive recently and I had to switch powders. Luckily for me, I didn't have to try tons of pressed powders or makeup just to find "the one". It's actually one of Etude House's first BB powder compacts and it's a cult fave amongst beauty bloggers. It's their BB Magic Pact.

After a couple of months of using it, I must say it's my new favorite!\

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The casing is more suitable for teenagers or tweens rather than grown-ups. But still! It's what's the inside that counts right? It boasts a decent amount of spf 40 so perfect for touch and go!

The #1 is suitable for those who are really really fair so be warned. Avoid looking like a ghost and get the #2 shade instead.

The sponge included is very soft and of good quality, but the I would prbably cut the label because there are times it scratches part of my face when I apply on the nose or eye area. 

Smooth, finely milled, never chalky.


So Why Do I Love Etude House BB Magic Pact?

  • Non-Oxidizing  - A pet peeve of mine, that occurs in majority of face products. Its when it turns orange or really dark after a few minutes or hours because of the chemical reaction that happens on or skin. 
  • Non-Comedogenic - It doesn't clog pores. Talc-free, and made out of nifty ingredients from plants that won't trouble our already sensitive skin
  • Freshness Factor - There's something about this powder that makes you look fresh in an instant you put it.Yes it doesn't have superb coverage and won't hide acne; it's the "your skin but better" look
  • Oil Control - It's matte, but not too dry. Radiant is the term. It controls my oilies up to 4 hours, and I love retouching because of its...
  • Light Scent - That reminds me of flowers and grass. Nature. Not too heavy on the nose and it really doesn't aggravate my already existing zits
It costs around 649php at  Etude House stores near you and I highly recommend it!

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 My skin has been very sensitive recently and I had to switch powders. Luckily for me, I didn'...


  1. Audrey Rebecca WoodworthSeptember 8, 2013 at 8:43 PM

    Any sunblock with high SPF but does not oxidize?


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