Easy No-Heat Curls : When I say easy I mean easy!


When it comes to hair styling, I can never be creative, or effective. But when I found out this tutorial. I can easily style my hair to nice glamorous curls in around 5 min, and it only took a couple of practices before I got the hang of it.

It's nice for the holidays, and someone told me that having curls gives you an added oomph and sexiness.

This is not me, I found the video on youtube! But do watchout for my video tutorials again, I got myself a new toy for Christmas :)

Happy Holidays everyone! I miss posting on a regular basis and hope I can do better next year. 2012 was very tough for me and my regular readers should know that :.) Thanks to everyone for all your love and support.

Hugs and kisses
Kat <3 XOXO

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  1. Oh I can't seem to find the video in this post anymore . Is it just me? But it's not working? :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family! :D

  2. Hi! It's working on other browsers! Belated Merry Christmas nikki!!! Ive been so busy with office work i havent got the time to check on comments on my blog haha


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