Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I do not know this person. I was taking pictures and he walked right in front. Grr. Oh I was too lazy to take another one :p

Their Wintermelon bestseller
I ordered the Wintermelon Milk Tea.. They just gave me my order quickly without asking me for sugar level options or add-ons. Oh, I also didnt know you had to specify your add-ons. I thought everything comes with pearls. My bad.

I got 100% sugar level default and it was sickeningly sweet. I tasted the roasted caramel taste of the wintermelon alright, but it was soooo sweet after 3 sips I got sore throat. I am not exaggerating. They have a lot of branches and I got mine at UST-Dapitan branch. I never got the taste of "tea"

Back to Simple Line milk tea if I want this good tea fix. Will not come back to Moon Leaf cafe again. The only winning part they have is the ambiance. Sortof the perfect place where students can gather and study, do projects or make tambay.

Monday, January 30, 2012

As you all know, as I have mentioned before; 2012 started with a different bang. A lot of obstacles has been showing up all over and though there may be a lot of difficulties in my life right now. With God's help, I will get through all of this and take each day at a time.

It was a day where my soul was broken, when I received a call from Working Mom magazine asking me if they could feature me in their magazine and talk about things. It gave my heart a short sigh making me realize that although there are a lot of set backs, God never fails to give blessings. As with the podcast I listend to Joel Osteen today; When there are things that we cannot answer, if there are dreams unfulfilled, relationships failing, sickness not healing, and a lot more. That even with all the pain and suffering we tend to ask God why, why is this happening? Even with all the prayers, faith, and work, things still do not go our way. God has a reason, and it's always for our benefit. He may not answer us now, he may not answer us the reason why at all. But if we let go of all the hatred and bitterness, we will fully understand that we are in this moment because God has better plans for us.

We have to let go and give him full control in our lives when things do not work our way anymore. As Joel Osteen said, God loves us so much that he may have better plans than what we want right now. We just have to be strong and be patient. Instead of giving a question mark all the time. Let's end it with a period. So that we can move on forward..

I cannot divulge the full story of what I'm going through but I think it's not only myself who is going through all of this. We can do this peeps :) Let's move on forward together.

Back to the makeover, they gave me a free color, cut, and treatment from Viviere Salon and oh boy I just told the hair-cutter not to make my hair short as I'm trying to grow it.

Snip snip snip. The whole process took around 3 hours but they were nice enough to ask if I wanted any drinks.

They did great service and my hair looked better after a couple of weeks without blow drying it straight. It's nice, wavy and had the volume I needed. Oh and I loved the red coloring. I honestly don't know how much the highlights, color, cut and treatment cost. Thanks to Working Mom magazine for giving me a bump of confidence boost.

Sorry used a cam phone.. but here's how it looks like up close and after a couple of weeks.

Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Being one of the few who tried BB creams since 2007. Yes, 2007 they've been there for 5 years already. I have tried a lot! If I remember it correctly, everytime there's this new raved BB cream, I had the urge to try, and try! But eventually I ended up loving and favoriting 2 BB Creams. Legere Multiwhite BB Cream and Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream.

First up for review is my beloved Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream. This was the 3rd BB Cream to be launched from Skinfood's Line. The first was Gingko Green for normal skin, Aloe for oily skin, and Mushroom for those who want whitening and anti aging.

Texture: It has a similar texture to Olay Total Effects but tinted. Though not as blendable as other brands since it doesnt have a lot of silicones in it (plus plus!) The best way to apply this is to spread dots all over and just mush around your face.

Scent: It smells like freshly cut grass, one of its few perks compared to other variants is it doesn't have a nauseating smell. It's light.

Staying Power: 6hrs. A good 6hrs. With blotting.

Skin Benefits: The reason I stuck with this cream through and through. It works. I had a lot of acne and acne scars and this is tried and tested to be one of the major reasons why they are healed and less visible now. Through time it also makes the skin look brighter and fresher, even with no makeup on. It also helped with acne.. A LOT.

Coverage: 5/10. If you want to cover flaws, I suggest you use a separate concealer

Glowiness: 7/10. Not the best compared to Etude House's Sheer Glowing. It still gives its own share of dew, but not too much. I like it that way, if I want to glow I'll use a separate highlighter instead

Oil Control: 5/10. This provides moisture, than oil control. If you want oil control use a setting powder! :)

Will I buy again? Over and over... I shouldve asked Cindy to get me 4 tubes when she was in Korea it's like around 550PHP over there and here it's triple the price

Who do I recommend it to? To those tired of trying different brands already. Though this may not give you a perfect coverage, or staying power. In terms of long term skin benefits I'd give this a perfect 10.

Me with nothing on.. err.. no makeup on.. dare to bare! Haha ang tapang ng lola nyo

Yeah girl.. this is how I put my BB Cream on... mushyyy

With BB Cream, my skin looks more "happy"

A simple basic FOTD, using the lightest eyeshadow in the Revlon Bloom Palette, Maybelline Superfilm Mascara, MAC Cream Base in Virgin Isle, Shiseido Curler, and K-Palette Eyeliner

I tend to play safe with makeup when at the office, want to be daring sometimes, probably when there's a costume party or something else or when opportunity strikes! Haha feel free if you want to give me a makeover, I'm a blank slate!

Have a happy Friday guys! Always remember, God is in control of our lives no matter what storm we go through.. :)

Click here for the BB Cream Reviews: The Ultimate List

Thursday, January 26, 2012

When my ninang (auntie) told me she got a Revlon Palette as pasalubong from one of her officemates, I scratched my head and told her it might be a fake because I never heard of a Revlon Palette before. And we all know there are a lot of those spread over Divisoria hahaha. :) *ehem fake MAC ehem* with unheard collections and palettes.

But suprisingly, when I got home, it indeed was a palette from Revlon. A Duty-free exclusive. It's very similar to my old Lancome Palette encased in black plastic but this one is more of a dust and scratch magnet, and doesnt include a velvet casing.

This is why some people don't like mixed palettes with lippies/shadows because the powders get mixed up with the creams. I didnt swatch the blush because even with my somehow fair skin, it didnt show up. It's quite chalky and flies all over the palette. It gave this slightest super slight "rose" color.. Okay I'll post the picture where I tried to swatch it with my face.. I think there's color.. but I prefer something that "pops"

The shadows are nicely pigmented though not tightly packed so it gets loose around. Need to tap tap the brush so that there isnt much fallout. They last fairly long around 5 hrs without a primer, not bad. Although I'm not fan of the dark/gloomy shades and I wished they included the very versatile taupe.
My fave shades in this bunch is the charcoal and brown. The white/champagne has huge sparkles that is a big NO NO for me.

The lippies are nice as well. They're the palette version of the super lustrous lipsticks. They are like your regular lippies, creamy, pigmented, and well, average. My favorite is rose dew (first swatch on the left) because it's perfect for summer. It's a mix of rose, gold, pink. I would make an individual post on each lip color in the ff. days with a lip swatch.

This goes for 35USD and only available in Duty Free. Will I buy this? Nope. I would rather invest on a better quality palette and add a few bucks. Like the Lancome Palette or YSL Palette. I wish Chanel would come up with a similar set! I'd definitely go for those.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm a sucker for breadless sandwiches so bring it on! A couple of years ago, I made a short review on KFC's super healthy double down consisting of 2 hearty pieces of chicken fillet, cheddar cheese, bacon, and mayo.. whew..

I guess they thought to themselves, why waste our zinger fillets and make zinger double downs! It's the same double down, except with the spicy fillet.

It's nice that they finally put some sort of holder to help you eat the sandwich, it used to be messy before, but now the "cone" holds everything nicely.

I prefer this one than the original one because the spicy kick lessens the "umay" and "sawa" factor of the dish. After eating one whole sandwich, I even had the appetite to finish the mashed potato that came with it :p and unlike the non-spicy, I can eat this over and over again.

Have you tried double downs? Some peeps even eat it with rice! XD

Friday, January 20, 2012

Anyone can be beautiful! That's for sure! No need for surgery!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Haha! Planning to try this look tomorrow and see how it goes, if this style made the hunk look pretty, maybe it'll work for me..

I haven't tried any "smokey" eye looks because I'm afraid it'll look dark on me or make me look emo, but seeing the brown shades flatter this guy made me think twice.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's an "upcoming trend" this year. It seems odd wearing sneakers with holes and not putting laces in them, would rather wear slip on sneakers instead. But what do you guys think?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I mentioned in a post I wrote a few months back that perfumes and scents trigger memories for people.
For women, it triggers a certain time. For men, it triggers a memory of a certain person. Amazing how our olfactory senses does this eh?
Still have that dream of growing old with the person I decided to spend the rest of my life with

I have quite a few perfumes and colognes in my drawers and all have a memory to share. I would love to tell you their stories once I'm ready. But for now, I got a new fragrance because all scents I currently own reminds me of memories, though happy, I would not like to remember for a while because I'm not sure if those will still re-occur, or remain a memory forever.

Dropping by at Watson's looking for a fresh scent that reminds me of something I would like to remember again and again, and that is my childhood. Back in the days where I was around 5 years old in pre-school and my focus were school or toys; not love or boys. *sheesh had to rhyme!* :)

First thing I looked for was Nenuco, but I couldnt find a bottle, so luckily I grabbed a hold of Denenes cologne which had a similar scent. You literally smell like a freshly bathed baby who played in the sun but never smelled like sweat. Smells heavenly. Innocent. To tell you the truth since it's cologne it lacks staying power that perfumes has but it feels so good putting it on you wouldnt mind the reapplication since putting it on again is really refreshing.

Apologies if this post may seem sad and sentimental. Hugs to everyone.

How about you? What is your favorite perfume and what does it remind you of? What scent makes you happy? Please do share your thoughts :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Glitter Text Maker

for winning the Longchamp Bag as grand prize winner.

The winner and runners up will be contacted shortly through mail this week. :)

Runners up:
Shaz Gepana
Elinor Semira

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I cannot believe my blog is semi-self-sustaining and still getting at least 700+ visits in a day.. THANK YOU for keeping kikaysikat alive!

Still on a journey and process of healing, I would like to thank everyone for their support even if you don't know what I've been going through... Would you believe I'm also off from work for a month? Will be posting updates very soon.. so stay tune..

Biggest apologies to Neutrogena Philippines, I have been continously using your blackhead eliminating line and I'm in love with how effective it is. But unfortunately due to the untimely circumstances I'm unable to post a complete and thorough review of the products.

love lots,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I will be taking a LONG TIME OFF. 2012 bombarded me with difficult challenges and most are too difficult to handle. My heart is breaking into pieces. I'm tired but I can't sleep. I can't divulge any more details as it is just plain painful.

Regarding the contest. I will still pick the winner on the 15th, will be notified in a week and the prize will be shipped in a week.

I need your prayers. :(


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