Friday, April 27, 2012

Many of us admire girls who have innocent looking and sweet faces just like a doll's and there are many tutorials popping out here and there. I'm sharing this popular one for you to view but read my thoughts

For me, it's a basic tutorial, a good one, but nonetheless basic. There isn't any special tricks she did to make herself look "doll-like" compared to other tutorials that I've watched, especially Taiwanese, Japanese, or Korean tutorials and makeovers that really show drastic changes as the video below. The thing is, VenusAngelic already looks like one, she already looks like a doll even without makeup. The shape of her face, the color of her eyes. It will frustrate some girls who will try and emulate the tutorial and still look like theirselves, only better (there is nothing bad about this though!) but not a doll.

So girls, do you want to look like this?

Valeria Lukyanova internet sensation

Tell me what you think!

PS - I do! XD

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm going to post in tagalog dahil nanggagalaiti talaga at nag ngingitngit ako sa galit ng malaman kong nakahuli.. daw ng "aswang" ang military men sa pilipinas as per reported by TV Patrol. Andyan pa naman si kuya kim.. mahiya naman kayo sa balat nyo..

This is a flying fox. Not an aswang or a "witch" We live in a modern age and still we mis-inform our people just to get publicity.

The giant golden-crowned flying fox (Acerodon jubatus), also known as the golden-capped fruit bat, is a rare megabat[2] and one of the largest bats in the world.[3] The species is endangered and is currently facing the possibility of extinction because of poaching and forest destruction. It is endemic to forests in the Philippines.[1]

You go around hunt for aswangs na? Sige ubusin nyo mga kawawang flying fox.

Okay translation: So you guys are going to hunt for witches? Go ahead, totally extinct their species.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello everyone! This is the first time I would post a video with me in it. Besides writing, singing is one of my "dreams". To sing in public, to sing in a crowd. When I was a kid, I always sang at school programs, or barangay fiestas.

*LONG PAUSE* haha! There's a long pause in between the chorus..
I really really really want to sing the original "high" part in the chorus but my land lady would get mad at me.. so I hesitated.. I'll try again better next time!! In another house maybe? :P

Would you like reviews on products, skincare, and makeup tutorials in video format as well? Let me know!

Here it goes.... *runs off* I said Ack-ward.. LoL
Bigger video in youtube :)

Tell me what you think! Song requests etc? Haha! Please do share your comments and suggestions!
Kisses and Hugs


Init. Heat. It's one of the trending topics I see in twitter or in facebook. When there's heat there's sun. But who wants to hide under shades or umbrella when you could enjoy cooling yourself down swimming in the pool or at the beach. But with the sun comes the unwanted UV rays that can cause skin pigmentation, sunburn, spots, and wrinkles!

Here are several reviews on suncreens that have tried, loved and hated. Hope it helps!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What are Binaural Beats?
Music. Sounds. Different tones that we hear in our ears give us different effects. Love songs make us sentimental, Club music makes us feel like we're on the runway even if we're just walking along the road. But while browsing around android apps for relaxing music, I got curious with some of the apps it was displaying. Binaural Sounds. Brain Waves. Sounds like a weird science experiment right? But some people are actually using and producing this to create drug substitute. That instead of ingesting chemicals in our body, the binaural waves would actually make our brains and body  produce the chemicals that we want, depending on our need.

Need something to perk you up? Want to go to sleep? Want more melatonin? (Sleep hormones) How about happy hormones? There are even scarier binaural sounds that induces LSD (psychadelic drugs) and Drunkeness.

Have you tried it?
I just did today, in the train. I selected "brain improvement, energize, caffeine boost" and yes it wasnt the power of suggestion, because a few min. after listening to the music. Instead of perking up, I fell asleep!!!!!

Here's an example
This video and binaural beats is supposed to induce Lucid Dreaming or state of being aware while asleep. I'll try this one later before I go to bed and see if it's real :p Give it a try yourself too!

Do tell me what you think! Have you ever heard of these already? Tried it? Does it work for you?

More reads..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 welcomed me with a different kind of bang.  A not so good one. To those who know me personally, you know the sad story but I'll guess I can share it with you.

Hubby left us for another woman in Singapore. The girl knew he had a family, but she still pursued him. There was even a time I was so pathetic to fix things that I met her in person and begged her to leave my husband alone and that she should stop destroying our family. I can even post her name here..I have a lot of readers..  but I would not stoop down to her level.

But thank God for giving me strength and providing me a loving family to help me through those days. One of the blessings He gave me was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for my followers and readers who continues to support my blog amidst the hiatus..

It was the 2nd week of January and I was in the middle of still trying to fix things for the sake of my son. But alas  the devil has a stronghold on that person and I am just human. I'm leaving God to do the work now. Letting go and letting God. The editor-in-chief of Working Mom magazine (Ms. Dedet) asked if they can do a feature about me. I was in Singapore then, but I agreed, since I was going home the following week.

Viviere Salon fixed me up, gave me the makeover that a struggling woman who wants to move on needs. The photographer was even challenged to make me smile. Thanks to their efforts, the output was amazing! Thank you to Ms. Rhia for that wonderful feature and write-up.

Please grab Working Mom Magazine's April Issue :)

*hugs* to everyone! If ever you are in pain, sadness, or trouble.. pray.. God answers.. it may not be today.. but wait for his perfect time.

Love lots,

Mix and match As debuted on the runway of Phillip Lim (left), pretty pales are meant to be combined. Lim claims his pieces are inspired by the kite: breezy and free to fly— much of what sorbet shades emulate. Jonathan Saunder’s spring collection reaffirms this trend, by mixing tangerine hues with a beach-inspired blue and beige skirt (right). As multiple runways reveal, faded neons hold no boundaries. Only suggestion: opt for colours that work against one another (like oranges and purples) to make your look stand out. 
Phillip Lim Spring 2012 RunwayJonathan Saunder's Spring 2012
Statement piece pantsIf you’re not one for mix-and-matching hues, various designers— like Rebecca Minkoff and Chloe— experimented with sherbet hued pant designs. A sheer midriff-baring look with high-waisted pants (as showcased in Rebecca Minkoff’s Spring 2012 collection) is ideal for a night out. In contrast, Chloe’s spring runway paired a vibrant-toned pant with a ladylike blouse— an on trend approach to brightening up standard work attire.
Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2012Chloe Spring 2012 Collection 
Go monochromatic 
When donning such playful, feminine colours, scope out your most beloved hue, and wear it for all it’s worth. Since the sherbet shade is somewhere between a neon and barely-there pastel, there’s enough pigment to stand out on its own. Just make sure the shade complements your features — like model Charlotte Free’s coveted pink strands on the PPQ catwalk (right.) On Christopher Kane’s Spring 2012 runway (left) a sheen mint blazer and matching shorts brightens up the model’s pale features.
Christopher Kane Spring 2012PPQ Spring 2012 Runway 
Feminine mid-length skirts 

As the runways of Aquilano.Rimondi and Prada manifest, no garment screams spring more than a breezy skirt in a summer-loving shade. Flowing, pleated skirts reminiscent of the ‘50s have secured a spot on the runway once again— only this time they're brighter, and more versatile. Whether it be an aqua hued variety as seen on the Aquilano.Rimondi runway (left) or a pink and blue toned design showcased on the Prada catwalk (right) these light-shaded skirts can be paired with just about anything. One tip: with a monochromatic skirt, take if from these looks and experiment with a patterned piece up top.
 Aquilano.Rimondi Spring 2012 RunwayPrada Spring 2012 Runway

Monday, April 16, 2012

Inspired by spring, but has a funny story behind it. I wore this look for church yesterday and while walking near the MRT an old lady told me that my undergarments were showing when light hits it because it was too sheer!!!

OMG OMG OMG. The panic! Good thing there was a mall nearby and already open so I headed towards Cotton-On and got a white miniskirt to wear underneath this one.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I have to be honest to you folks, with regards to fashion "creativity" I base what I wear on stuff I feel comfortable wearing, or looks cute and more often than not I lack inspiration. My fashionista blogger cousin The Yuume Bunny, recommended this website for more fashion peg that can be my inspiration.

CopyKat! Fashion Adventure would be a weekly series of me, Kat, scouting different thrift or cheap shops and will try my best to copy the style or at least its essence. It would be a combination of 2 posts, one the original and the next would be the adventure and me posing for the copied. *wink*

Let's start with our first post then? This style grabbed my attention because it looks very retro yet modern. The bland colors do well with this style because using sequins may be a bit bold.

Tell me what you think ;)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Obviously everything I wore in this look is bought from BUGIS STREET! It's like the bargain 168 shop back in the Philippines. It was my 25th birthday last Saturday and my son gave me a visit *hugs* What I like about this look is that it's vintage yet modern. Sexy, yet innocent.. oh and I had to walk barefoot after a couple of hours because the shoes were painful!! XD

We had a great time in Sentosa even with a limited budget. The importance is we are together as a family. He came with my mom and siblings. Thanks for the airfare and pocket money! C/o Mama2 and Ninang Marie and Lola Olive.

I  miss the Philippines, but those who know me personally know the reason why I had to make this sacrifice and work here. Thank you for my family who always have my back. If not for their support, I would not be this fine. My baby geof is my biggest inspiration I love him so much :) Everything I am doing is for him.

K is a mom, a career woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lifestyle blogger.

Guess what I deleted in my description :p

Love lots,

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's truly been a journey on the search for an eyeliner that can be used in the waterline. One can be waterproof but not sebum-proof, and at the end of the day, all your line falls down and makes you look like a racoon or a zombie.

Found the perfect liquid eyeliner in K-Palette and they have released a new product in pencil form that is specially made for waterlining! Hooray! Wish granted! Now for the review..


  • No need to sharpen, less mess. Just twist.
  • Really lasts like a tattoo, through sweat, through tears, this liner will stay
  • Though it doesnt last 24H it is the best pencil liner I have tried for my waterline, compared to Urban Decay's In2Its and Makeup Forever


  • Can't think of any for now. Perhaps the price is too steep? But eye makeup is essential, especially liners because it's one of the instruments in making that "no makeup makeup look" that k-pop artists have
  • Want to look young? Line the upper lid and waterline only
  • Want to look sexy? Line the upper lid, waterline, and 3/4 of the underline, wing a bit for that sexy cat eye
  • Want to look mature? Line everything!
  • Where to buy? At Watson's or Sasa :)

I recommend it for girls who wants to try something more natural because liquid eyeliners are too "showy"


Will definitely purchase again

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CURE Aqua Peeling Gel
Purederm Dual Wellbeing

I feel it really does remove dirt and skincells, skin looked clean afterwards
skin looked glowing and fresh after using
Not Applicable
It has a another mask, the fruit mask which I think made hubby’s skin glow
Very gentle!
it felt stingy when rubbed to hard
Love the pump bottle
It’s quite a hassle to buy a sachet after sachet but it’s hygenic
Fragrance Free
Not a fan of the mandarin orange fragrance, reminds me of taxi cabs and buses
Expensive! 1600php – 1800php per 250ml, and has to be used within 6 months
29.50 per sachet and one sachet can be used 2x


Verdict:  If CURE wasnt so expensive, this would be my winner. It was gentle, and it works. I love how my skin felt afterwards, it’s also fragrance free which is a plus plus! The residue it creates also is real, try it for yourselves if you have a sample. Apply it again for the second time around and you wouldnt get anymore residue since it exfoliates  just enough. As for purederm, I rub it anywhere and I get the white flakes. Skin looked drastically glowing after one usage though.

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