Thursday, September 27, 2012

It claims to minimize carbohydrates absorption by 66%

Update: I stopped drinking this because I got tired of the taste. I also dont like of thinking I can eat anything as long as I drink this. What I do now is exercise regularly thru 360 Circuit Training 3x a week, Zumba 1x a week. Then a healthy morning banana diet, anything but no/less rice during lunch,a small sweet for merienda and oatmeal or fruits for dinner.

YES. It does. I've been drinking this for a month now and I noticed significant weight loss even without changing my diet.

My Diet: It consists of red meat, fish, ice cream, cake, and lots of sweets. I barely eat rice, but I "make up for it" by eating lots of sugar-high and carb-loaded alternative starches like pasta and cakes. Boo. I love to eat! Who doesnt?!

The general rule of weight loss is if we burn more calories than we intake. Please do take note that calories is different from carbohydrates. Calories, is equivalent to energy, and we get it from different sources in any food we eat may it be protein, carbs, or fat. But since the diet of majority of filipinos consist of rice. Thus we get most of are calories from carbohydrates.

Now if you eat more than you exercise. You gain weight. If you eat carbohydrates more than protein, the carbohydrates you don't burn turn into FAT

So how does carbtrim work?

  • It's made from white kidney bean extract which is proven to help reduce the absorption of carbs by unabling our stomach to have the enzyme that digest it. We poop it instead (the remaining 33% that is)
  • If we don't digest the carbs, and it doesnt turn into calories or fat since we poop it. We lower our calorie intake. 
  • It only has 8g of calories, that works to negate the calorie of the food you'll eat. win-win

Why carbtrim won't work?
  Carbtrim is not a miracle drink that blocks 100% of what we eat. Some people over do it thinking that if they drink carbtrim, they can eat whatever they want. So the opposite happens and they gain weight instead, then they blame it on the drink.

Side effects of carbtrim?
White kidney beans are notorious for bloating, and flatulence (utot in tagalog HAHAHA) because since you wont absorb the starch and carbs, it goes into your large intestine. It just clumps there until you poop them the next day or whenever you'll poop. The clump of starch produce gas that makes you fart more :)) 

Weight loss, can be achieved thru healthy diet, exercise, and less stress. Take carbtrim whenever you feel like eating a bit more carbs than you should, but everything should still be in moderation. It doesnt make you lose the pounds drastically, but it works.

I prefer the lemon flavor over the apple one, it tastes more refreshing and less sweet. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hi, sorry for the delay, I broke my foot a couple of weeks ago and needed enough rest. Anyway here are the winners. I'll also contact you thru email so that I can ship your prizes. 

  1. Winner of the vanity trove box from watson's - ms. azaliah aguinaldo
  2. Winner of K-palette eyeliner - ms. jennifer fosgoat
  3. Winner of K-palette eyeliner - ms. pamela mathieu

Non-response within a week will forfeit your prize and I'll pick another winner okay? Congratulations!

Will no longer accept entries starting today, September 01 2012. Will raffle of the names  below and announce the winner next week!

Watch the video for more details! :)

Review of the eyeliners:

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5. Contest ends end of August

Thanks Everyone! *hug*

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Here's the note from our Salad Box friends! In my opinion, this is the perfect way to try out samples, and discover new and amazing products without buying full sizes OR trying out second hand items from forums hehehe.. I think 500php for a box of goodies is very affordable! Plus we get to experience discounts and sales as subscribers. This is way better than a magazine subscription! I can't wait to register!

Greetings from The Salad Box team!

We are very happy to introduce SaladBox, Philippines’ first and only beauty and lifestyle box
subscription service. Beauty and lifestyle box subscription service has been widely popular all
over the world for years now, and we are very excited to introduce this fun service to our lovely

For just PhP500.00 per month, a subscriber will receive a box filled with four or more beauty
and lifestyle product samples. The SaladBox team greatly values the money their subscribers
spend so these products will have a value of more than PhP700.00. SaladBox is currently in
partnership with a lot of beauty and lifestyle brands, both local and international, up-and-coming
and timeless classics.

To show our appreciation towards our subscribers, SaladBox will also host a weekly flash
sale—these deals won’t be seen in any other group buying website in the country—wherein only
the subscribers can take advantage of the awesome discounts that SaladBox negotiated from
their partner merchants. First deal in line is from LayBare Waxing Salon.

Also, SaladBox values camaraderie so they will give a subscriber equivalent SaladLeaves
(reward points) for each successful friend referral. They also value a subscriber’s opinion so
each product review will be rewarded with equivalent SaladLeaves. These SaladLeaves can be
used to buy full-size products from their website shop and from the flash sales.

And since subscriptions come in first-come, first-served basis, SaladBox will start accepting
reservations for subscription slots starting September 8, 2012, 8:00PM Manila Time. They will
send you a link to their subscription application form once it’s your turn to subscribe.

SaladBox is a fun way to try out new products without breaking the bank and filling up your
dresser with all the unwanted clutter. And with a SaladBox arriving at your doorstep, it’s going to
be like Christmas every month!
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