Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ever since I transferred to my new company; a company that highly focuses on their employees health and safety, I discovered that standing while working has indeed a lot of benefits. Not only did it help in making me lose more weight when I dont have time to exercise, it has also minimized the long-term back pain that I had for years.

I'm sharing this article from that discusses the difference and benefits of standing while working instead of sitting (actually, in standing most of the time)

The simple act of standing up instead of sitting may help you burn as many as 50 more calories per hour, depending on your size. Although 50 calories may not seem like a lot in a 2,000-calorie day, making the standing adjustment for four hours out of the day can burn an extra 200 calories a day--leading to a 20 lb. weight loss over the course of a year. Standing more often also contributes to an overall better sense of well-being and health.


We spend a lot of time sitting--at our desks, at the computer at home, in front of the television, in our cars, in meetings, waiting for appointments and at restaurants and bars. Sitting compresses the spine and tightens the chest, shoulder and neck muscles. Poorly designed chairs further exacerbate postural problems and inflexibility caused by excessive sitting.


Standing improves your posture and reduces aches and stiffness. People who choose to stand over sitting note that their minds feel more clear and that they have a better ability to concentrate. Standing qualifies as non-exercise activity thermogenisis, also known as NEAT, which encompasses those everyday activities that help burn calories, such as fidgeting, gesturing and shivering. Adding these types of activity creates a bigger calorie burn and assists in weight loss. Standing often leads to other movement, such as pacing while on the phone or walking to the copier. All these small movements add up to more calories burned over the course of the day.


A sedentary lifestyle contributes to obesity and health complications. Even dedicated gym-goers who put in their 30 minutes every day on the treadmill are at risk if they spend a majority of their waking hours sitting. A 130 lb. woman burns a scant 60 calories in an hour while sitting. If you sit for eight hours of your day, that burns only 480 calories, which is less than what most people consume at dinner.

Expert Insight

Author Neville Owen, who surveyed multiple studies on the effects of sedentary lifestyles, concluded that an increasingly sedentary lifestyle contributes to the growing rates of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. His conclusions, published in a 2008 edition of the "British Journal of Sports Medicine," recommends possible interventions to break up people's daily sitting time as part of public health practice.


Ergonomically designed elevated desks, although pricey, are becoming available in some workplaces. Some companies are experimenting with slow treadmill-based desks to increase workers' physical activity throughout the day. Even if you do not have access to these progressive workplaces, you can make an effort to get up more often throughout the day. If you are tied to your desk, increase your non-work activity--take a walk during your lunch break, park farther away in the parking lot and move as much as you can in the evenings and on weekends.

You should go beyond this. Look for a good gym and maintain a good exercise regimen. If only Eclipse Gym was near where I work, I'd prefer doing my workouts their than fitness first.

Friday, October 26, 2012

You can view part 2 here -

Based on the popular "Top Glutathione Brands" post. We now proceed to review one of the more popular supplement. mosbeau placenta white advanced. It is very expensive as a month's  supply would cost you around 3,500PHP and you have to take 4 small tablets per day. This is not purely glutathione but placental protein and other ingredients that have other claims and promises. It has a very small amount of each so I kinda doubt its effectiveness.

Be beautiful in 14 days. They have half a month supply worth 1800+ i think. I'll try this for 14 days as they say and I'll tell you if it works or not. If it doesn't I'll probably go back to my trusted brands like gluta-white, belo, or MET; until a new one comes around that is. Hehe.

I wonder if you guys have already tried this supplement? Did it work for you? Would like to hear your feedback! :) Together on our quest on white and youthful skin!

Here's some information from their website.


Placenta is a rich source of natural and potent amino acid that is essential for the production of beautiful and healthy skin. Mosbeau uses Horse Placental Protein, harness from Japanese healthy horses. It is known that horse placenta contains 300 more amino acids compared to other animal placenta extracts. Mosbeau’s Horse Placental Protein is clinically proven more effective skin-whitening and skin nourishing ingredient with exemplary cell renewing and anti-aging properties.
While Marine Placental Protein is from fresh Japanese Salmon egg that is licensed and certified as natural, effective ingredient in skin-whitening, anti-aging and skin renewal.


  • Actively hampers tyrosinase activity, a component of melanin that is responsible for skin’s complexion.

  • Fights & reverses the skin-aging process. It visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Stimulates skin cell renewal to revitalize the skin. This helps to improve cellular functions and protects the skin from degeneration.


Reverses skin aging and visibly removes wrinkles, fine lines and other unsightly signs of skin aging.

Helps in promoting hormonal balance.
Aids in skin-whitening, anti-aging and protecting the skin from free radicals that causes skin damage.

Is a potent antioxidant and rich with vitamin C.

Has anti-allergic effects and anti-atopic properties.

Is a protein found in the skin and tissue of the body. It helps keep skin flexible but firm, and smooth.

A natural substance that can be found in the body. It is great for skin care as it has the ability of retaining water. It is this unique characteristic that makes skin hydrated, moist and soft thereby maintaining a youthful appearance.

A component that helps revitalized the skin and rid skin imperfections like wrinkles, acnes etc.

Provide moisture retention capabilities and improves skin’s firmness.

Promotes good skin conditioning and moisturizing.

Is an amino acid that is very beneficial to the hair and skin.

Is an enhancer that boost the effects of Glutathione.

Protects the cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Promotes good blood circulation and active oxygen that helps make the skin look younger and fresh.

Master anti-oxidant that helps fight free radicals that causes skin damages. It also contributes to good liver function.


  • Double up whitening, anti-aging and moisturizing effects.
  • Get effective whitening, anti-aging and skin renewing benefits from Horse Placental Protein and Japan Patented No. 3899116, 3946238 & 3946239Marine Placental Protein.
  • Promotes good blood circulation that gives better sleep through Carrot Extract.
  • Potent anti-allergic effect with Rose Petal Extract.
  • Rid skin imperfections with Silk Powder that has 18 kinds of amino acids that revitalizes the skin.
  • Achieve firmer, softer and younger skin with Elastin and Collagen.
  • No need to take in other vitamins or supplements for skin-whitening or anti-aging to take effect.
  • Promotes healthy and renewed cells that make a whiter skin.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 My skin has been very sensitive recently and I had to switch powders. Luckily for me, I didn't have to try tons of pressed powders or makeup just to find "the one". It's actually one of Etude House's first BB powder compacts and it's a cult fave amongst beauty bloggers. It's their BB Magic Pact.

After a couple of months of using it, I must say it's my new favorite!\

If you're obsessed with BB cream as I am make sure to Click here for the BB Cream Reviews: The Ultimate List 
It's gonna be frequently updated with almost ALL brands of BB creams and also a step by step tutorial on how properly use any BB cream for the best effect!

The casing is more suitable for teenagers or tweens rather than grown-ups. But still! It's what's the inside that counts right? It boasts a decent amount of spf 40 so perfect for touch and go!

The #1 is suitable for those who are really really fair so be warned. Avoid looking like a ghost and get the #2 shade instead.

The sponge included is very soft and of good quality, but the I would prbably cut the label because there are times it scratches part of my face when I apply on the nose or eye area. 

Smooth, finely milled, never chalky.


So Why Do I Love Etude House BB Magic Pact?

  • Non-Oxidizing  - A pet peeve of mine, that occurs in majority of face products. Its when it turns orange or really dark after a few minutes or hours because of the chemical reaction that happens on or skin. 
  • Non-Comedogenic - It doesn't clog pores. Talc-free, and made out of nifty ingredients from plants that won't trouble our already sensitive skin
  • Freshness Factor - There's something about this powder that makes you look fresh in an instant you put it.Yes it doesn't have superb coverage and won't hide acne; it's the "your skin but better" look
  • Oil Control - It's matte, but not too dry. Radiant is the term. It controls my oilies up to 4 hours, and I love retouching because of its...
  • Light Scent - That reminds me of flowers and grass. Nature. Not too heavy on the nose and it really doesn't aggravate my already existing zits
It costs around 649php at  Etude House stores near you and I highly recommend it!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Singaw. That painful, annoying, pimple-like thing that can exist anywhere inside your mouth from your gums, to your tongue :( and unfortunately I have em now. I googled singaw since I forgot the english term for it HAHAHAHA.

Singaw is also called mouth ulcers in english; here are the treatments I found that we can try to help curing it :) The last one is fun. Beer? HAHA!

1. Mouth ulcers can be the result of a lack of vitamin C. Drink plenty of orange juice.

2. Create a mouthwash with water and a small amount of sodium bicarbonate to cleanse the mouth.

3. Fresh coconut milk is an excellent liquid to gargle with. Use three or four times a day to keep the mouth clean and ease the pain of an ulcer.

4. If you don’t have any coconut milk, rinsing and gargling with cold and then hot water can be beneficial for an ulcer.

5. Also, adding a little salt to water and gargling with it can aid healing.

6. Crisps, toast and nuts can have sharp edges. When chewed, these can cause small cuts to the lining of the mouth. If the cut becomes infected it can lead to an ulcer (especially avoid these foods if you prone to mouth ulcers anyway). Also avoid chewing gum which can cause you to bite the inside of your mouth.
7. Peppermint oil is great for immediate relief from the pain and irritation of an ulcer.

8. Raw onions are good for ulcers as they contain sulphur. Eat them in salads.

9. A cold tea bag placed on an ulcer will give relief and the tannin will dry out the sore.

10. Over the counter antacids (Rennie, Remegel etc.) can help lower the acidity levels in the mouth and prevent the onset of mouth ulcers.

11. Don’t use a hard bristled toothbrush.

12. Change your toothbrush on a monthly basis.

13. Use toothpaste that has sodium bicarbonate rather than a fluoride heavy paste.

14. Warm vinegar and half a tablespoon of salt rinsed around the mouth three times a day for thirty seconds is great for healing ulcers but a little painful.

15. Chew Tulis (also known as holy basil leaves) five or six times a day and then sip water.

16. Rinse around your mouth with milk of magnesia to coat mouth ulcers and provide soothing relief.

17. Make sure your diet contains plenty of soured milk products such as yoghurt, cottage cheese and buttermilk (unless you have a dairy intolerance).

18. Indian gooseberry root bark powder (1tsp) coupled with honey (1tsp) makes a paste that can be applied directly onto the ulcer to provide relief and healing.

19. Cut out animal protein for a couple of weeks (fish, meat) as this increases acidity in the body and slows down the healing process.

20. Beer! Great excuse to have a drink but swish it around your mouth and you’ll get relief from your ulcers.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 One of the best feelings in the world as a blogger is when you get notes or letters from readers. It makes you realize that people do appreciate what you are sharing. :) Comments you leave on this site does not leave unnoticed. I do read them and reply to them although not as quick as I can because there are other things I have to tend to. But thank you so so so much for your continued support!

Alex, from Khloe and Stella was so kind and thoughtful to send me this really cute makeup kit and a feather necklace!

But the most special was the personalized note that came with it. I was so touched with her letter that she discovered my blog by searching for Carbtrim reviews, but was hooked with other of my posts as well.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I've been practicing makeup artistry for 4 years now but I never did professional or paid gigs. Just favors for friends because I really enjoy doing it and seeing the "before/afters". A couple of months ago, I did a shoot for my cousin's prenup and helped with the styling and of course doing her makeup.
It was the first time I did a gig outside metro manila and in a nature inspired shoot pa. ^_^

To tell you honestly, I can understand the high rates of MUAs! It is not as glamorous as it seems. (It's not, but it's still fun)

My clutter <3

My model barefaced

After concealer, foundation, liner, brows and contour; I'm a fan of natural but makeup that enhances natural features so highlight and contour is one of my specialties

She wanted it simple, so I just gave her a light beige/brown eyeshadow with black winged eyeliner to match the red lip

With mom and sister

The shoot was held in our backyard in Lipa Batangas. If you are interested in holding shoots here, just feel free to pop me an email and we'll talk about rates ^_^; This has a nice nature inspired theme, plus no need to camp out since our house is just right in front

Not the actual professional photos. Since it's a prenup, it can't be published yet :)
Styling team L-R: Andrea, Kat, Aira Model: Anne

I'm currently building my portfolio so if you're interested in getting my services, sponsor, or anything else just send me an email. As of now, I do not charge in cash :) Exchange of goods + blog promotion is okay.

Friday, October 5, 2012

 Is your eye color brown or black, and would you like to choose color contacts for dark eyes that will not make you look off or weird? The great news is that contact lenses now come in various shades and patterns, and each of them are made for certain types of eye colors-and so if you have dark eyes, then you should know that there are color contacts for dark eyes that you can look great in! However, the key in choosing the right shades of contacts for you is to know your skin type, as well as your preferred effect. Certain shades have specific effects on your skin cast and your entire face, so you need to know how the color lenses will look on your face before deciding to purchase them.

A guide on Color Contacts for Dark Eyes

How then do you go about selecting the right color contacts for dark eyes? First, you should look at your skin tone. If you are also dark-skinned, you may want to go for something lighter and bolder for a piercing effect-try blue, light gray or even green. When used by someone who is dark-skinned, these shades tend to give you a very striking look-to put it more simply, your eyes will be the first thing that will draw people to you when you wear these shades. However, for something a bit more subtle yet still lively, go for hazel or light brown. These will give you that bright-eyed effect that will make you look positively glowing.

Never go for anything darker than brown or hazel, as this will just make you look drab and unnoticeable. The best thing about having dark skin is that you have the opportunity to look more striking and make better use of lighter shades than those with already lighter skin to begin with.

Now, if you have dark eyes and light skin, then you can try to stick to medium shades of brown, hazel and gray as you want to even out your skin cast and your eye color. Another great type of color contacts for dark eyes to try for those who have fairer skin is violet-this is a very striking color if you have a light complexion. This looks more natural and a lot more comfortable on those with light skin, and is truly a great way to stand out in the crowd. Don't worry about looking too weird-the fact is that violet contacts blend in with your darker eye color so you won't look like you have cat's eyes.
How to Look Great in Your Color Contacts

When chosen properly, color contacts for dark eyes can do a lot to brighten up your facial features. This is why it's so important to choose the right shade to match your skin tone and blend in with your eye color perfectly. The right color of contact lenses can make you look more interesting, or, on the other side of the spectrum, drab you up even more. Therefore, choose carefully before deciding on your pair.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This is another one of my interpret-your-dream series. I am the type of person who has vivid dreams, in color, seems so real, and can remember the utmost details. I keep track on some of them in this blog because dreams, somehow are a reflection of our reality and subconscious.

Who knows? Maybe you also got a similar dream like what I had and you can use the information as a reference.

When I woke up, I knew I dreamed of myself, in a mall, together with my thesis partner. But in my dream I was in a mall in Singapore. I had myself with my thesis partner, and then I see another self climbing up the escalator to the fifth floor. Wearing something white, with lace; My other self was attempting to jump. I chased after her to try and stop her but she still jumped off.


I woke up in an emergency room, this time in the Philippines, with nurses surrounding me. "Where am I?" Unfamiliar faces were staring at me from the bed. Unlike the scene in the mall in Singapore. The hospital scene looks calm, serene; the people who were looking at me just said "Everything would be okay now."

So while it's still morning and I can remember my dream with all the details. I am writing this. Together with the attached article I got from that explains dreams of suicide

Suicide in Dreams
When "death" appears in a dream, it is a very reliable indicator that the dreamer is growing and changing so profoundly that only the "death" of the old "me", (or part if "me"), is an adequate symbol of the psycho-spiritual process that is taking place.

The image/experience of "death" in the dream world is the single most frequent and reliable metaphor of profound psycho-spiritual growth and change that the collective unconscious has to offer. Basically, the archetypal image functions like this: if "I" am truly to grow and evolve, then all my life energy must be fully withdrawn from who "I" used to be, so that my life energies are available to who "I" am becoming - and "death" is the most apt metaphor of "the withdrawal of life energy" there is.

This means that "murder" and "suicide" in the dream world take on a special quality of meaning. The metaphors of "murder" and "suicide" in dreams tend to come up to symbolically describe those challenges of growth and development that can only be adequately met by conscious choice. There are changes that will happen over the passage of time, whether "I" will them to or not - and then there are those changes that "I" am drawn to make in "my" life that will ONLY HAPPEN IF "I" MAKE A CLEAR CONSCIOUS EFFORT. It is precisely these kinds of changes that are most often symbolized by the metaphors of "murder" and "suicide" in dreams.

For example, the dream of "suicide" is one of the most positive dreams a person in recovery from addictive behavior can have, because it almost always indicates that this time, the conscious effort to overcome the addiction will be successful; the "addict" is choosing to "commit suicide" SYMBOLICALLY so that the person free from addiction may truly come into being.
When suicidal thoughts crowd into a person's mind awake, it means the same thing(!) It is an example of "dreaming awake". The unwanted suicidal thoughts are and example of the same archetypal metaphor as in dreams; the person is faced with the necessity of changing his/her life so radically that only the "death" of the "old me" is an adequate symbolic reflection of the order of change "I" must bring about in my life, BY CONSCIOUS CHOICE.
As the Jungian analyst, Robert Johnson has said to suicidal people on several occasions, "By all means, kill yourself...(!) but DO NOT HARM YOUR BODY!"

Alas, all too often, people take these persistent suicidal thoughts literally, when, in fact, they are simply "dreaming awake". The unwanted thoughts and distressed feelings of frustration and hopelessness are clear indicators that the person is standing on a threshold of personal transformation - emotional, psychological, spiritual transformation so profound, that the person "I" am now, (the one who feels the pain the sense of being haunted and trapped), will be GONE, as surely and completely as if "I" had "killed myself". But this is a change that will not happen "naturally" just by letting enough time go by. In order to accomplish this kind of personal transformation, the person must CHOOSE to let go of his/her old life and turn toward the frightening challenges of the new life which is crying out in them to be born.

People who have these "suicidal" thoughts and feelings are experiencing the inner promptings that it is now time to CHOOSE A NEW WAY OF BEING IN THE WORLD, (and if they couldn't actually accomplish this transformation, they would even remember these "dreams" in the first place!) Mistaken literalism is the greatest tragedy when it comes to suicidal thoughts and feelings - by all means, "kill yourself", but do not harm your body!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Posting for a friend. This PR/advert is unpaid.

Don't vote for the following. Theyre the imbicles who took part in approving Cybercrime Law.

Ninanakaw na nga ang pera ng bansa, pati pa ba kalayaan nanakawin din?

Sen. Tito Sotto
Sen. Bong Revilla
Sen. Manny Villar
Sen. Lito Lapid
Sen. Koko Pimentel
Sen. Jinggoy Estrada
Sen. Loren Legarda
Sen. Chiz Escudero
Sen. Ping Lacson
Sen. Gringo Honasan
Sen. Pia Cayetano
Sen. Bongbong Marcos

Monday, October 1, 2012

One of my favorite makeup item is the mascara. Especially for someone like me who has short and sparse lashes. Making them lush and full is always my number one priority.

I have reviewed several brands of mascaras already and you can check them out there.

Benefit's They're Real! Mascara disappointed me :( I had high expectations with how they promoted their mascara, volume, curl, length, no smudge, last all day. And all were false promises.

The rubber brush, though I love the design was just to stiff and painful it pokes the skin and my eyes if Im not careful enough

  • Volume - yes
  • Length - no
  • No Smudge - smudges
  • Last all day - fades within 3 hours and hello racoon eyes
  • Curl - It killed the curl that my eyelash curler gave, had to curl AGAIN after putting on the mascara. It takes so much effort just to get the desired effect.

I was using the K-Palette Concealer, too bad it creases :(

Will I recommend this product? Nope, too expensive, not a value for your money. As much as I love other benefit products like the posie tint, benetint, high beam (most of them are face products theyre excellent with those). Their mascaras kept to disappoint.

Will I buy this again? No. I would rather buy more tubes of Majolica Majorca's mascaras or Imju Fiberwig, Fairydrops. Japanese cosmetics makes the best formulation of mascaras in my opinion.

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