Whitening Serum for the BODY from Nivea!

1/30/2013 Kaycee Enerva

Yes folks, you heard it right. We're usually familiar with serums as being applied on our hair, or on our face and they're placed in tiny tubes or bottles because though small, a serum is packed with more vitamins, nutrients, and all the essentials compared to ordinary moisturizers. It's also less oily.


When it comes to skincare, Nivea is one of the brands I trust; The tub of crème saved me from blisters and windburn when I climbed mt. pulag! So I'm really looking forward to give this one a try.

Imagine a serum, especially formulated for the whole body?! It works faster than a lotion and also absorbs better! It promises fairer, radiant skin in 14 days.While  I promise to give a review with pictures right after ;) ;) I guess I'll take photos of my best parts. my legs? Haha!!

If only the serum could make me as pretty as this lady! haha!

This is NIVEA’s first foray in introducing serum to the Philippine market, in its pursuit to provide more long-lasting whitening products that do not only stop at whitening, but persist to create a healthier, more vibrant skin tone that lasts. The NIVEA UV Whitening Serum contains real Vitamin C, nature extracts, UV filters and Hydra IQ that ensure whiter, healthier, more even-toned and moisturized skin within just 14 days, with results that visibly last.
Below are 11 benefits found in just one product:
1.       1. Advanced UVA & UVB cell protection with SPF25 and PA++
2.       2. Nourishes sun damaged skin
3.       3. Enriched with Licorice for fairer skin tone
4.       4. Enhances and supports the skin renewal process
5.       5. Infused with Hydra IQ and Red Seaweed
6.       6. Enriched with natural Vitamin C from Camu Camu
7.       7. Enriched with 95% anti-oxidant pure Vitamin C derivative
8.       8. Light and non-sticky texture
9.       9. Gives more radiant and fairer skin tone all over the body
10.   10. Gives smooth and even skin tone all over the body
11.   11. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved
The new NIVEA UV Whitening Serum is currently available in all Watsons branches. It conveniently comes in 200ml tubes for only SRP 219.00.  (so affordable!!)
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Yes folks, you heard it right. We're usually familiar with serums as being applied on our hair,...


  1. i love this! I also use it as my sun protection for daily activities or commutes. here's my review: http://www.beautycolada.com/2013/01/review-nivea-uv-whitening-serum-spf-25.html

  2. hi... I have an ongoing giveaway back at my blog and I would really appreciate if you could check it out.




  3. I can't believe I forgot to follow up on this one. Review coming soon!!!


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