[GIVE AWAY] Pulseras by Kim x Kikaysikat

Freebie alert! Freebie alert! Or should I say freebies as you would be getting the chance to win a boxed set of 3 handmade bracelets from Pulseras by Kim

 Pulseras by Kim is an online store that specializes in creating gorgeous handmade bracelets made with love <3 and the owner, Kim was kind and generous enough to spread more of the love by sponsoring a Giveaway!!!!!!

 One of the great reason why you should get bracelets from Pulseras by Kim is how they are unique, and made for you! They can be worn alone, together, mixed and match. Aren't you tired of seeing the same generic bracelets you see at the mall time after time? :} Handmade = Special. You = Special.


Prize for the winner! Sealed! I got myself a separate one used to take the photos
These are bracelets are made in collaboration with Kikaysikat. The design is custom made to make the charms and bracelet appear inspirational for the fit and kikay you.

They look so purrrty when worn together. But dont you think they also look good on their own?

Heal charm, an iron anchor, and crystal charms that look like dumbells.

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   Kikaysikat x Pulseras by Kim Bracelet Giveaway! Click here for more details!   http://www.kikaysikat.com/2013/03/give-away-pulseras-by-kim-x-kikaysikat.html #kikaysikatgiveaway

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It's that easy and that simple! Winners will be announced  April 13 2013

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    hey miss kat! stay gorgeous and more power to your blog! wish you notice me.. :)

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  6. cuteee. perfect for summer! Love your blog btw. I followed you. Im a newbie blogger, maybe you could visit my blog and follow me too perhaps? Thanks :)

  7. Sheela Marie CastilloMay 1, 2013 at 9:33 PM

    who won?


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