James Cooper Cream Compact Foundation Review


Before I bombard you with really HUGE photos of my current favorite concealer. Let me give you a brief introduction. As you may have known, I am a fan of The Balm's Timebalm Concealer, but after my cousin let me borrow her James Cooper Cream Compact Foundation during a wedding, when I forgot to bring my makeup (Oh no!) I had a change of heart.

This awesome product works just the same as products like Timebalm or Cinema Secrets concealer. Has more amount, and costs less. Okay, let's just say it comes in a really cheap packaging that you'd be somehow ashamed of using it in public. But it lasts long so you can apply in the morning and forget about it the whole day once it is set.

Now, let the pictures do the talking.

 Cost: 549php

It's easy to blend, and has superior coverage. You definitely can't beat it for its price and the 20g of product you get. Just make sure you set it with a good setting powder. I'm currently a fan of Shiseido's Pressed Baby Powder.

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  1. The coverage looks great! I'd like to try that but I'm still hesitant to use cream foundations because I have super oily skin. :(

  2. great review! I'm always looking aorund for new foundations to try



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