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5/21/2013 Kaycee Enerva

Hey guys! Still remember me? :) It's been a while since I last made a post, even a sponsored one! Why? How come?

To be honest it's just plain old laziness and lack of motivation to write. It's not a writer's block because I always have plenty of things to say, but I didnt get the need or urgency to post. Busy? With balancing work, family, and personal life yes. And blogging became the least of my priorities. I was actually planning to shut this down or leave it as a self-sustaining blog because some of my posts especially the glutathione reviews one is self sustaining because of the commenters providing their own feedback.

Why did I post again?

Because I missed it. It's like finding something you love, then you get to do what you love everyday. Then as time pass by instead of becoming more passionate about doing it, it just becomes a chore, especially when you feel you are obligated to write some of your posts. It feels better when you write about something you innately want rather than "forced" to because you are given something in return.

Thus the new rule. I hope this won't offend some of the sponsorships but I won't just accept partnerships not unless I am ultimately satisfied with your product or service that will push me to write naturally about it.

Looking forward to writing again :)

Love lots,

The contest winner for

Leyanna Fortes

I'll send you an e-mail so I can ship your prize soon

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Hey guys! Still remember me? :) It's been a while since I last made a post, even a sponsored on...


  1. awe, your back! we miss you!
    thank you so much for choosing me.. will wait for your email.

  2. Hey Kat! It's Gervin. How are you??? Hope you're doing well!!!

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