Wednesday, February 20, 2013

After doing a few more reads from several websites especially from I switched things up again to cater more of my  needs and making my so-called diet and fitness plan more effective. On people on a regular 9-6 or 8-5 working hours like I have maybe this can also serve as a guide.

Since I go to the gym after office, Martin recommended not to workout hungry especially if you came from work. So now I follow the 1 Lunch 1 Pre-workout meal and 1 Post-workout meal on Training days, and 1 Lunch 1 Snack 1 Dinner on Non-workout. Heaviest meals are post-workout on training days and lunch on rest days. Carb cycling.
SMALL! Need em to get bigger >_< Taken on a Valentine's day, a dinner with my good friend dixie, while we were observing daters Haha! #foreveralone

Training Days
Lunch consists of lean meats like chicken, fish, and carbs from veggies and fruits. Sometimes bread. For Pre-workout I take a scoop of my favorite protein shake, some milk, and if I need more carbs I also eat oatmeal, cereals, or fruits. For Dinner, I load up on brown rice, and lots of MEAT. Haha! Yum and I love the feeling of being full at night.

Required Percentage Caloric Intake

20% - 333 kcal
20% - 333kcal
60% - 1001.4kcal 

Rest Days
Lunch is MEAT, veggies, and brown rice. The snack can be any source of lean protein, and green veggies, if I don't get enough protein I drink protein shake. For dinner, I can have eggs, chicken, fish, and more protein.

Required Percentage Caloric Intake
60% - 721.2 kcal
25% - 300.5 kcal
25% -  300.5 kcal

Please do take note that this is my customized caloric and macro intake, and you shouldn't use this one if you havent taken any actual measurements, or have a nutritionist to guide you.

Yesterday, before training I asked one of the coaches to measure my weight and body fat percentage, I know it's not exactly the most accurate thing, but the difference in percentages is BIG so it proves some sort of progress.

3 weeks ago I was at 30% BF, measured 2x
Yesterday it was at 23%, I couldnt believe it. I did notice most of my clothes fit better, and jeans that I cannot zip, I can now zip and close with ease! Haha!!

BUT I felt weak. I don't know if I'm over pushing myself, should switch to a BULK or RECOMP instead of CUTTING. I'm currently at 102.6 lbs and 23% Body Fat at 3 weeks of Lean Gains. I want to get stronger. Yesterday during training, I joined the workout of the week and was able to accomplish 3 rounds and 2 kettlebell snatches.  Top 10 gets to join the Bootcamp this April! DAMN IT!!!!!!

Workout of the Week
Burpee with weights - 5 reps - 10lbs per arm
Renegade pushups with Mountain Climbers - 5 reps - 10lbs per arm
Rotational Press - 5 reps per arm - 10lbs
2-arm Kettlebell snatch - 5 reps - 10kg per arm
And I forgot what it's called, the one with the cylinder thing and then you roll your hips up, 5 reps

I did 3 rounds of everything and on my fourth, I was able to reach up to 2 kettlebell snatches. The top scorer did 4 rounds and 5 snatches, the 2nd one 3 rounds and 5 snatches.

I felt weak. I was disappointed. I could've pushed myself harder. I shouldn't have been scared of swinging that kettlebell. Why was I scared? Because the other day, the kettlebell flew off my hand and broke the gym's mirror. I was afraid of hitting someone with a kettlebell or breaking other things. Oh and don't get me started with the pushups, pushups and pullups are my major weaknesses. I couldn't lift myself off the floor fully. I'm fuming mad at myself.

After doing the WoW, I had more training. IT should consist 100 reps of each but since I was sooooo weak I did only 30 pushups, 50 burpees, 100 swings of a 12lbs kettlebell, and 80 mountain climbers.

Now I'm not sure if I'm weak because I'm not eating the amounts I should suppose to eat or I just need to train more. I'm planning to train on my own this saturday, to make 100 FULL pushups, 100 squats, 100 burpees, 20 snatches of a 10kg kettlebell, and 100 mountain climbers.

I just want to keep doing pushups until I can do it at ease. What motivates me? Myself. Not anyone else. I'm proving myself that I can do it, I can get stronger, better, do harder. Not just in working out at the gym but at everything else.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Working out in the gym does not mean you should wear baggy shirts or clothes to hide your body. We all have our flaws and we should not be ashamed of that since we workout to improve our bodies. It also helps that we are free to move however we want without any distractions from loose clothing or any peekaboos. It also does not mean we should spend a lot on having nice gym wear. BUT being a busy bee that we are sometimes we have not enough time to go and shop anymore.

That's where on-line shopping comes in. Ah.. the perks of window shopping without the fuss of lines, hassle of bringing a lot of cash, and spending too much time at the mall. Well, haha although I  must admit it IS a good thing to be at the mall for hours (haha women!)

I'm so glad convinient malling is now available in the Philippines with the help of Zalora. It's an online haven where you can browse and buy all items you can think of from cosmetics, skincare, clothing, and even home accessories! Talk about complete!

Since I already know my size (it helps to know your size and measurements ;) ) I just browse around their sportswear for women to get new stocks of gym clothes so I can look and feel my best every time I work out.

They have convinient and flexible payment methods as well so rest assured of a  hassle free shopping experience! is Kikaysikat approved ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

After 2 weeks of lean gaining, I lost 2 lbs and kept it off. Please note that the 2 pounds shed are fat weight and not muscle as I've also been gaining muscle. It really is working for me, EXCEPT for one thing. I mentioned in my previous posts that my feeding window is from 8am-4pm and I found it difficult to maintain as after a hard workout I get really hungry. I workout after working hours so can you imagine the feeling of not eating after? And besides, the founder of leangains suggested that it is better to skip breakfast instead. It's still 8 hour feeding window and 16 hour fasting window for me.

So I skipped breakfast.

For those who want to track their macros, calorie count and such, My Fitness Pal is the place to be.
Not sure how many protein or cals you need? This Intermittent Fasting Calculator is the perfect tool. Both of them work well with each other. You can find more about this at and

What have I been eating more of lately?
Chicken breast. The part of the chicken I used to hate because of its dry texture and almost paperlike taste. But then I appreciated it now because how high it is in protein and low in fat it is. I take of the skin, season it well and tada! But If I'm too lazy to cook, I buy whatever chicken breast I can find at food joints, remove the skin. Lunch is served.

I get my carbs from fruits, vegetables, bread and rice. I get sad when people nowadays see rice and carbohydrates as something negative. Everything should be eaten in moderation. We need these carbs to fuel our bodies with energy as we take part in our daily lives; we need this more when we train and workout! Reminding everyone high carb low fat on training days, moderate fat low carb on rest days. Keep protein high at all times. Drink lots of water to help our kidneys and bodies digest protein and its enzymes.

Lean gains, compared to other diets is highly sustainable. You get to eat plenty, and feel full. You don't feel deprived, and you dont eat tiny bits and get hungry quick.

On days I find it difficult to find a protein source, I get mine from Dymatize Elite Gourmet Protein Blend. I have tried a couple of protein before like designer whey, and GNC's inhouse brand of protein and it tastes really bad. This particular brand tastes really good; creamy, sweet, delicious. There's still a bit of bitterness in there but it's tolerable. When  mixed with water or milk its okay but when turned into a shake it's  dessert substitute! It's a mix of Whey and Cassein. You can buy it at any Toby's store. It's always low on stock so be sure to pre-order

On a personal note, it's been a year after all the hardships that has happened. Look at this photo of me when I fell down the stairs and had to wear crutches for 2 months with my right foot disabled.

and here I am now,  last Sunday I took part in Red Cross' Run to Save Lives Fun Run and ran 5km in 30 minutes from World Trade Center to Quirino Grand Stand. I was alone, and tried it out since I never participated in any run before. I observed people and yes people have different motivations and reasons why they do those things. Some were there to flirt with other runners, some are really passionate on running, some are obliged, some are bored, some wants to see celebrities, etc. I came there because I was curious.

Did I enjoy it? Yes! But I won't join any "fun runs" if companies use it as their source of income, or make money out of it. Runs should be fun and free. I'll do it again, for charity or for fun.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I've been doing a lot of weird stuff on my hair lately. I colored it 2x last year, had it chemically permed, and been styling it like crazy! And all that craziness did damage on my hair. Here are several pictures of me with dry and damaged hair :( *sob* it used to be so nice and shiny even if it was flimsy.

Yep there goes my bra strap Haha... Dry, "sensitized" hair

I was so ecstatic when I received an invite for me to be one of the first to experience L'Oreal Professionel's SteamPod. There are two types of services you can get from Bench Fix.  One is the Steam Care a maintainance treatment if you had your hair recently permed or straightened, the other is Steam Bond; where you actually get sleek, straight hair without much damage! I was advised to just have the Steam Care treatment because my hair was severely damaged from recent perming and coloring.

So what does this amazing service all about? It's a collaboration between L'Oreal Professionel and Bench Fix.

What's a SteamPod?

Beautifully sleek and manageable tresses with a glamorously glossy, smooth finish. Steampod can be used to create a variety of finishes from smooth and supple looks to soft, tumbling waves. It uses steam, instead of direct heat to open hair's cuticles to allow better absorption of product. For SteamCare, the product applied is Keratin (sprayed) and their Hair Creme. This can also be used to straighten hair without harmful effects of metal or even tourmaline irons.

When used in conjunction with creams, the steam care's anti-frizz effect can last up to 3 days! (Mine did! I was amazed!).

How it Felt Like?

It felt way different than regular irons. It's like there are little hands massaging your hair each time the steam pod runs through your tresses. It's smooth, but with vibration. Haha it's a fun experience. The steam being used is filtered so you can expect the purest steam coming out of the SteamPod machine. The process took around 45 minutes which included shampooing, keratin spray, steam pod, cream, rinse, and blow dry. You can expect experts at Bench Fix salon to know what theyre doing. We were even given advice on how to maintain our hair after this.

You should definitely get the Mythic Oil for beautiful hair everyday

Filled with natural oils like avocado and grapeseed for salon gorgeous hair everyday

Weee smooth hair.. I'll post a better picture once I get the ones we took from the shoot :)



Sleek, shiny, healthy hair! You should try this for yourselves guys! It's exclusively available at all Bench Fix branches! You're worth it ;)

Steamcare (P2500/long; P1500/short) and Steambond (P7500/long; P6000/short) treatments are available at Bench Fix salons.

To know more about L'oreal Professionnel's Steampod; visit their Website and social media networks
  through  Facebook . Instagram , Twitter ,Youtube.
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