Manila Street Eats: Shawarma Rice

1/03/2014 Kaycee Enerva

*Note that KikaySiKat has a strong stomach and high tolerance on street food so please eat this at your discretion.

This. Definitely deserves a post. It's cheap, tastes good, filling, and will make you come back for more! Imagine for 49php you get delicious rice, generously topped with beef, cucumber, tomatoes, onions. Slather it with yoghurt sauce and hot sauce and you're good to go!

If you happen to pass by the LRT-Buendia area, you will notice that going to the LRT station there are a lot of shawarma stalls. You do remember the Mediterranean food craze during the 90's right? Oops, that's revealing my age! Being as experimental as I am, I've tried each and every one of these food stalls to find the best tasting cheapo shawarma you can eat. Then lo behold, shawarma in rice meal form! Perfect!

You can opt to eat the regular shawarma, add on some cheese, add on extra beef. But I prefer the rice kind,then match it with my favorite soda. This food actually made me happier than other pricey food joints I have eaten at. So price != taste. I cannot say much about the quality but it does taste good! Whether you're hungry or full.

Let me know what kind of street eats discovery you have tried!? Please do share it with us! :D

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*Note that KikaySiKat has a strong stomach and high tolerance on street food so please eat this at ...


  1. This is my favorite too! I used to buy Shawarma rice at town center, but they suddenly moved and I don't know where. :/ I've tried other Shawarma rice but nothing compared to the one I was always buying at Town center. So I hope this one is as good! :)

  2. omg, nakakagutom! i love shawarma, i'm here in the Middle East but surprisingly, max gusto ko lasa ng shawarma jan satin.

  3. Sharwarma Rice is already popular here in Cebu because of Leylam Shawarma.
    Happy New Year! ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  4. Ano kaibahan ng lasa sis? Nag-crave uli ako ng shawarma rice haha

  5. The rice has toyo and I think they use the oil of the beef? yum... haha! Manage your expectations sis ha :)

  6. They put soy sauce on the rice :)

  7. i love shawarma in leylam! hahaha my common after-school tambayan. haven't tried the shawarma rice because i always buy the regular shawarma.


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