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Mac Pink Nouveau Dupe is Wet n Wild Muave Outta Here

Read a lot of bloggers saying that Wet n Wild’s muave outta here is a good dupe for the ever so popular pink nouveau of MAC. Is it a dupe? (OLD POST NO PHOTOS AVAILABLE IM SO SORRY)



Sorry for the zit overload, no time to spot conceal 🙁 and yes, this is how bad my skin WAS. I’m slowly recovering using a regimen, and that’s another topic. MAC is more cool toned, feathery, and drying.

Wet n Wild is slightly darker and warmer than Pink Noveau, but it’s definitely close. Muave about it is more flattering on me and is wearable on a daily basis. But for gals on a budget and wants the same skin “bloomening” effect of MAC’s go ahead and give Wet n Wild’s a try. You get a bang for your buck. Try out their other products too, especially their brow powder and shadows.

I'd like to hear your thoughts, please do comment below. If you have feedbacks, suggestions, comments. Basically, it makes my heart fuzzy to know you were here :)

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