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Masarap Ba? Go Thai Bistro Big Ben Lipa



Haha! It’s about time I reviewed another foodie joint. We’re going to my homebase bbs, in the heart of Lipa City. I can’t believe a legit tasting Thai restaurant would pop-up here out of all places. I discovered this place thanks to Hello Lipa! (Hi Aisha! Jayzar!) and I had to taste for myself it it’s indeed worthy of their rave reviews. What do you think?

Masarap Ba? Go Thai Cuisine Big Ben Lipa


It’s a tiny compact area located in the back of Big Ben Complex Lipa City Batangas. It’s so small it can fit approx I think around 20 people max? Don’t let the size fool you tho!

Go Thai Menu


A meal for 2 would cost you around 600 pesos. While I always dine alone or with macho kid, I spend roughly around 500 pesos for a meal, dessert, and my favorite thai milk tea. I usually order their Pad Thai (LEGIT BEST TASTING HEFTY SERVINGS LOTS OF MEAT), mango sticky rice (125php), and thai milk tea (60php). Sorry I don’t have actual photos of the Pad Thai. I was eating it consecutively for 3 days straight that when I finally decided to take photos for a review, I decided to try something different instead. Their curry.


The sauce of their Red Chicken Curry was part sweet, savory, and spicy. You can really taste the blend of their creamy coconut-based sauce. You can tell them to adjust the spice to your level of tolerance. For 149, I was expecting more chicken meat but all I got was potatoes. It disappointed me a bit. I should’ve ordered my regular Pad Thai instead. As in parang there were like 2 tiny pieces of chicken that I had to make do with the sauce as my ulam. Huhu. Masarap pero bitin.


Their Thai Milk tea tastes legit, but could use a little bit more cream or condensed milk. But that’s just my preference.


Ahh… and for the dessert. Their sticky mango rice. It’s not too sweet and they even put in a dash of salt in the rice to remove the “umay” factor. The mangoes are fresh and sweet. It’s the perfect partner for the sticky rice. The serving is enough for one. Well enough for me! I always make sure I order this one it’s sooo good if I wasn’t controlling my macros I’d order another plate!


I'd like to hear your thoughts, please do comment below. If you have feedbacks, suggestions, comments. Basically, it makes my heart fuzzy to know you were here :)


Overall, I’m glad we finally have authentic thai cuisine here in Lipa. I’ve eaten at many thai restaurants here in manila and abroad. This one tastes like the real deal my friends. It’s better than the yucky Jatujak franchise. (worst IMO). I wish they made their portions of meat bigger lang! Pero MASARAP!

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