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Orihiro Placenta Jelly Review – So Good!


I enjoyed my time taking Orihiro Collagen Jelly because it literally tastes like dessert with benefits. I had another box of Orihiro Jelly in my stash, thinking it’s collagen but lo behold. It’s a different variant pala. The one in the orange box is mango flavored Placenta Jelly. I bought this at Cheska’s Store


Placenta Supplement Benefits

  • Improves skin tightening and firming.
  • Skin whitening and brightening.
  • Reduces pores and skin roughness.
  • Improves skin dryness.
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin.
  • Promotes skin translucent.
  • Maintains toned complexion of skin.
  • Protects against UV rays.
  • Lightens pigmentation and dark spots.
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps to balance hormones in the body and ease menstrual pain.
  • Antioxidant.


Active Ingredients:

  • Low molecular weight collagen peptide: provides essential amino acids to replenish and restructure the skin from within
  • Elastin
  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: a glycoprotein essential for the structural integrity of dermal matrix and a stimulant of collagen synthesis
  • Placenta extract
  • Swallow’s nest extract
  • Ceramide
  • Vitamin C: a vital factor for collagen synthesis


Eat 1 pack a day




Price – 1,300 for a box of 30
Packaging – Each is individually wrapped in plastic. So convenient to take with you anywhere
Texture – It’s like eating a jelly ace!
Scent – Naturally smells like real mangoes
Does it work? YES. My skin never felt more taught. I’ve been taking this for 2 months up until now and my wrestling friends complemented that I looked “baby face”. There are mornings that even when I lack sleep, I can go out makeup free because my skin look that good. Take note during this time I’m only taking this Orihiro Placenta Jelly together with my lola supplements; Magnesium Citrate and Fish Oil that I buy from Healthy Options  (para sa rayuma ko! LOL)05
Will I buy again? YES. It tastes yummy too!


I'd like to hear your thoughts, please do comment below. If you have feedbacks, suggestions, comments. Basically, it makes my heart fuzzy to know you were here :)


Rating: 5/5

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