About KikaysiKat

I believe that having good skin is the perfect canvas for any makeup - KikaysiKat

Why KikaysiKat?

My blog title stems from a play of 2 words and my name. Kikay (loves to primp and prettify) and Sikat (popular). Plus my name Kat. I always dreamed of having a blog that reaches millions worldwide. So might as well believe in law of attraction and put it to work. I want to be famous.

How did it start?

I was bullied before  and been labelled a lot of things like "dumb"  "ugly"  and "weird". But that didn't stop me from growing to who I am today.  What happened in my past just made me stronger,  inspired to improve and be my very best. I wanted to inspire others. I want to help readers here be beautiful inside and out!

If you're curious at how I looked like before visit my Before and After

 I've been blogging since 2010 but my passion for reviewing things started way way way back in highschool. I'm a vain opinionated narcissist and wanted to share everything I learn to everyone. It's my combined fascination with beauty, fashion, food, fitness, and fun.

Who is KikaysiKat?

Oficially, Kat works full-time in the IT industry for a leading Gas/Energy firm. She's also a mom to a wonderful kid named Geof. She blogs as both her passion and hobby.

Aside from blogging, Kat loves to sing, lifting weights at the gym, pigging out, shoes, accessories, clothes, finding thrift finds, travel and trying out new activities from archery, gun firing, ice skating, and a whole lot more. She's also loves japanese cuisine, milk tea, and pizza.

(A video of myself randomly singing at a hotel room in California due to boredom)

I'm a proud Single Mom

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Disclaimer: Companies may provide me with products or products samples but that does not mean that I am obliged to provide a rave review. I am still going to post what I feel about the product whether good or bad. My readers are my priority and I will not be bias. :) I DO NOT SELL PRODUCTS

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