About KikaysiKat

Why KikaysiKat?

My blog title stems from a play of 2 words and my name. Kikay (loves to primp and prettify) and Sikat (popular). Plus my name Kat. I always dreamed of having a blog that reaches millions worldwide. This site is more about YOU and what YOU NEED rather than about me.

Random fact #1: I love zombies. From comic books to movies to TV. I even dream about them sometimes.

How did it start?
I was bullied before  and been labelled a lot of things like "dumb"  "ugly"  and "weird". But that didn't stop me from growing to who I am today.  What happened in my past just made me stronger,  inspired to improve and be my very best. I want to inspire others. I want to help readers here be beautiful inside and out!

Random fact #2: I'm addicted to tea. With milk our without. I can't stand a day without having a cup.

People will continue to judge you, hurt you, and criticize you. Hate spreads like wildfire. But what I've learned from all my experiences and people I've dealt with;

“Every time you post something online, you have a choice.
You can either make it something that adds to the happiness

levels in the world—or you can make it something that takes 

away. There is enough sadness in the world already. 

You don’t need to add to it.” 

― Zoe Sugg

I also love going to places like farms, and beaches.

Who is KikaysiKat?

Oficially, I work full-time  as an analyst for a leading Gas/Energy firm. I'm also a mom to a wonderful kid who's into science and engineering (he's 4!)
I write here as both my passion and hobby! I love to read and discovering new things especially beauty and fashion related. When I think of something, anything! I just write it down here! Even my dreams (dreams litereally)

Random fact #3: I love cats, even when I'm allergic to them. I have a pet cat named Eros and he's a ragdoll/siamese mix

I'm also the founder of BRAVE Women's Self-Defense. An advocacy to help women learn custom self-defense techniques to arm themselves with knowledge on how to protect themselves the best possible way. You can learn why I started the company here. (Has this ever happened to you?)

Random fact #4: I like to dine alone most of the time, even in eat all you can buffets. I enjoy eating my food without conversation.

I love staying fit, eating a lot and lifting heavy

I do enjoy going out with friends and meeting new people. I to sing and I love music!
Random fact #5: I'm a lucid and vivid dreamer. I write them here or on my personal facebook page. That's how John and I met. He was curious with my dreams daw LOL

I'm a proud Single Mom

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