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3/15/2016 Kaycee Enerva

"Authenticity is magnetic"

Hello there! I'm Kaycee, also known as KikaySiKat. I'm a vampire who likes to inject wit and humor in my posts. Thanks for stumbling to my virtual home. I write here as both my passion and hobby. My blog title stems from a play of 2 words and my name. Kikay (loves to primp and prettify) and Sikat (popular). Plus my name Kat. I always dreamed of having a blog that reaches millions worldwide. I'm a narcissistic epistimophiliac (vain knowledge junkie) who wants to look and feel good no matter what!

Well besides writing about vanity; I'm also a "closet-geek". I love trying out the latest gadgets especially mobile phones O_O, watching cartoons such as Uncanny X-Men, The Batman, Justice League, Family Guy, American Dad, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead and a whole lotta more!

Trivia: I'm a proud graduate of Computer Science at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. I can be defined as a Beauty-Addict/Tech Geek. I design and manage this blog from coding to SEO to graphics and writing the articles by myself :) I used to work for high-profile companies as a business analyst for their computer systems but decided to pursue my passion on writing instead! Yahoo! You can say that I found my ikigai (a reason for being) in blogging.

This blog is for everyone. What makes this blog special is that it embraces diversity and has readers from all walks of life. It is never intimidating. From the gastadoras who wants to spend thousands on a product, to the thrifties in search for the affordable alternative.

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Discclaimer: I only accept brands that I truly believe in even if they are sponsored.

What I do
- Mommy to Geof
- Stock Broker
- Entrepreneur 
- Beauty Addict
- Shopaholic and Gastadora Extrordinaire
- Writer for WheninManila.com and Astig.Ph

- Nominee Best Beauty Blog Nuffnang Blogopolis 4D 2016
- Nominee Best Beauty Blog Philippine Blog Awards 2012

I love staying fit, eating a lot and lifting heavy. I'm a certified gym rat. I currently work out at Fitness First Philippines.

I'm a proud Mom

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Hey beautiful! I hope you liked what I've written. I'm glad you came to visit. Feel free to stalk me on any of my social media accounts below for more fun and new discoveries!
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"Authenticity is magnetic" Hello there! I'm Kaycee, also kn...



  2. Hi Nina, I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 when I had myself checked to a psychologist


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