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I love playing dress up.I wear what I want.


The information you're about to read below is lengthy. If you're too lazy, here's a summary. I'm a narcissistic epistimophiliac who's wants to share what she knows to the rest of the humankind.

Unlike others, I wasn't born with a silver spoon. Nothing was handed to me on a silver platter. Everything I accomplished came from hard work. From rock bottom.

Epistimophiliac - love of knowledge, excessive striving for or preoccupation with knowledge
Narcissistic - Having an excessive interest in oneself and one's physical appearance

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I only endorse and use products/brands I truly believe in.  My traffic is 99% organic and have real loyal readers (and growing!)who I love so much.

If you want to work together for collaborations,
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you may send us your proposals at mail[at]kikaysikat.com

Why KikaysiKat? What Makes You Different?

Statistics as of April 21 2015

My blog title stems from a play of 2 words and my name. Kikay (loves to primp and prettify) and Sikat (popular). Plus my name Kat. I always dreamed of having a blog that reaches millions worldwide.

I was bullied extensively during my younger years, being called ugly, weirdo, autistic, stupid. I'm still in the process of regaining the confidence back, slowly but surely. Embracing who I am, while improving constantly.  Thus, the blog was also made for people who can relate with my experience. I believe everyone can be beautiful!

Random fact #1: I love zombies. From comic books to movies to TV. I even dream about them sometimes.

I like going to parties and music festivals

How did it start?

It's always been a dream of mine. I remember when I was around 6; I wrote articles on bond paper, folded it in half and distributed it around the neighborhood like a subscription magazine. It was filled with random information I got from different sources. I always wanted to speak my mind and share what I know to everyone.
I've always wanted to write. My first college course choice was Journalism but my mom told me there wasn't enough money in the media industry thus I chose to take Computer Science instead. No regrets. I loved computer as well. I started blogging (personal blog) way way back 2001 (highschool!)

Random fact #2: I'm addicted to tea. With milk our without. I can't stand a day without having a cup.

I also love going to places like farms, and beaches.

Who is Kaycee?

I write here as both my passion and hobby! I love to read and discovering new things especially beauty and fashion related. When I think of something, anything! I just write it down here! Even my dreams (dreams litereally)

  • Full-time mommy! ^_^
  • Fun and Free-spirited! 
  • Lover of art
  • Business Analyst for a multinational energy company
  • Contributing Writer for When In Manila (WIM Author Profile)'
  • I designed, coded, and optimized everything you see here! Proud computer geek here! 

Random fact #3: I love cats, even when I'm allergic to them. I have a pet cat named Eros and he's a ragdoll/siamese mix

I'm also the founder of BRAVE Women's Self-Defense. An advocacy to help women learn custom self-defense techniques to arm themselves with knowledge on how to protect themselves the best possible way. You can learn why I started the company here. (Has this ever happened to you?)

Random fact #4: I like to dine alone most of the time, even in eat all you can buffets. I enjoy eating my food without conversation.

I love staying fit, eating a lot and lifting heavy

I do enjoy going out with friends and meeting new people. I to sing and I love music!
Random fact #5: I'm a lucid and vivid dreamer. I write them here or on my personal facebook page. That's how John and I met. He was curious with my dreams daw LOL

I'm a proud Single Mom

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