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Beach Born Witch Hazel Extract Review



Isn’t it great? That whenever I get a new pimple here and there, I also get to review a new product to remove it. The culprit of this cystic acne on my mouth and chin area is no other than using Close Up toothpaste. I was in manila for a few days and this one was the available toothpaste at home. Too kuripot to purchase even a sachet or tube. To be honest I gave Close Up the benefit of the doubt that’s why I stuck to it, but look. 🙁


 I reviewed several anti-acne products already. But a few weeks ago Beach Born sent me a few of their new products together with old favorites. One of which is their WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT. Today we’ll be reviewing the witch hazel extract and how it works overnight on my cystic acne but before that, a quick round-up with Beach Born. A lovingly local filipino brand.


Don’t worry, full review of the witch hazel extract below so just keep on readin!



My love affair with Beach Born started with their Sea Salt Spray, it whiffs of lavender and gives hair that natural beach wave curls. Now they have the following products available!

  • Aloe-Ha – Handcrafted with beeswax to protect, castor oil to seal in moisture + lots of other nourishing good stuff for your best and pinkest lips yet!
  • Sunset Spray – If you want sleek and straight. The perfect heat protection and natural smoothening then this is perfect. It smells just as good as their Seasalt!
  • Witch Hazel Line – Includes their facial wash, serum, and spray. Witch Hazel is one of my favorite skincare ingredients. Learn more below.

Witch Hazel Extract for Acne – Does it Work?

The bark, twigs, and leaves of the witch hazel plant are used to extract active properties known as tannins and polyphenols which are added either to water or alcohol to produce distilled witch hazel extract or witch hazel water. It’s the tannins in witch hazel extract that make it a natural astringent, as they help to remove excess oil from the skin. That’s why it’s considered one of the best natural acne treatments out there and is used in all sorts of washes and treatment gels.


No ingredients list 🙁 Hi beach born, if you’re reading this I hope you disclose the full ingredients on the label next time.

Plants like witch hazel contain a high level of polyphenols; the same compounds used to create anti-aging supplements that help slow down disease. As it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it’s able to battle free radicals to protect against DNA damage. (source:





It’s a bit liquid in texture so expect dripage. I dabbed a drop on my cystic pimple and left it overnight.

AFTER – Overnight


I’m sooooooo happy!!!!!! Pimples are not only ugly but they also hurt like hell. I woke up with this one FLAT and not painful anymore. Even the pus was gone. I’m keeping the bottle handy now in case of emergencies.


Where to find Beach Born Products?


Disclaimer: I was NOT paid to write this review. However the products were sent to me for a possibility of PR if I find the products worth of writing. And it is.


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Gaining Advantage Against Cancer

A precise approach to personalized cancer management for each patient’s cancer genes bodies well in gaining an advantage in the fight against cancers.

The Research Genetic Cancer Center (RGCC), a world-class laboratory that specializes in medical and cancer genetics, focuses on early detection, personalized chemosensitivity testing, and accurate monitoring. They believe that “there’s no one size fits all cancer treatment,” and the only way for practitioners to come-up with an effective battle plan is to be fully knowledgeable of the cancer, at a genetic level.

RGCC’s first step in cancer therapy is isolating and identifying Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) CTCs are cells that have broken away from a primary cancer site and entered the blood stream. Oncococount is RGCC’s screening test that gives information on the presence and concentration of cicrulating tumor cells (CTCs). These cells could potentially spread disease even to distant organs. Oncotrace shows the presence of CTCs, their concentration, and immunophenotype. Oncotrail is the test tailor-made for specific types of cancers used for follow up control on old cancers. With the information that their tests provide, new cancers are detected and diagnosed; existing cancers are monitored; and information about the risk of recurrence of a current old cancer is provided.

The main goal of RGCC Genetic Cancer tests is to discover, analyze, and screen the carrier cells at every stage of the disease to give the patient an advantage against the fight against cancer.

The RGCC Genetic Cancer tests are made available and accessible by Global Medical Technologies (GMT). GMT has been at the forefront of making some of the most up-to-date and relevant medical technologies and diagnostic from developed countries accessible to FIlipino meical practitioners and patients, and help them outsmart health issues.

It exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Global Medical Technologies, for more information, patients, and health practitioners may visit





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Refreshing Detox Drinks: Beneficial in our Health

Refreshing Detox Drinks: Beneficial in our Health

Detox drinks help us boost our immune system, aids us to improve digestion and bloating, increase metabolism, eliminate fats and detoxify our colon.

There are numerous variations of fruits and herbs containing vitamins and minerals that are essential to our body. You can choose any of these fruits and herbs and mix them with water to have a refreshing healthy drink.

I searched and summarized refreshing, delicious and beneficial detox recipes that might help you with your health issues.

Anti-bloating Detox Water

These drinks help you with your bloated stomach by easing constipation and expels gas.

1.       Citrus Cucumber Ginger Peppermint Detox

Peppermint improves bloating and indigestion by the relaxation of muscles in intestines thus, reduce bloats and gas. Ginger has a carminative effect. Helping alleviate gas, bloating and cramps by calming intestinal activity and expels gas. It also thins the blood and improves circulation, which further helps to relieve bloating. Citrus fruits that are rich in water like orange and grapefruit help ease bloating. Lemon can help eliminate salt retention, which can contribute to bloating.

Just add ½ lemon sliced, ½ lime sliced, ½ grapefruit sliced (or you can substitute it with orange), 1 cup sliced cucumber with peels, 1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger to ½ gallon of purified water and cover it with ice. Refrigerate for a couple of hours before serving.

2.        Watermelon Cucumber Lemon Mint Detox

Watermelon has high water and fiber content that eases constipation and function as a natural diuretic that helps aid bloating. The citrulline compound found in watermelon also adds up to the detoxifying property of the fruit. Lime contains citric acid which is a good fat burner and antioxidant. It also has a low glycemic index that aids in regulating blood sugar.

To prepare this detox recipe, you will need to mix few slices of watermelon and cucumber, 1 lime or lemon, 10-12 fresh leaves of mint to 34-68 ounces of water (the volume of water depends if you want your drink to taste, strong, medium or mild.)

Flat Belly Detox and Slimming Detox

They are detox drinks that help burn fats and increases metabolism.

1.       Apple Cinnamon Detox

Apple contains ursolic acid found in its peel, lowers the risk of obesity (based on a recent study in mice) because it boosts calorie burn – according to HuffPost UK.

It also contains vitamin C as an antioxidant and, B-complex for red blood cell and nervous system’s good health, and dietary fibers. Cinnamon mimics the function of insulin and increases the metabolism of glucose, preventing the high storage of fats in the body. Also, a source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Add one thinly sliced apple and few sticks of cinnamon in a bottle of water then let it sit in the fridge for few hours.

2.       Lemon Cucumber Orange Mint Detox

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and citric acid. It cleanses the digestive system and speeds up metabolism. Cucumber has antioxidant properties and with high water and mineral content, it aids in digestion. Orange is rich in vitamin A, which helps reduce having liver cancer. It also contains fiber that promotes digestion.

You will be needing ½ small lemon (sliced), 3-5 slices of cucumber, ¼ of sliced orange, and a few fresh mint leaves. Mix all the ingredients with 24 ounces of ice cold water in a large pitcher. Drink the detox water during the day.

Immune-boosting Detox

Immune-boosting detox drinks which contain powerful antioxidants essential in fighting infections.

1.       Pear- Raspberries- Rosemary Detox

Pears are abundant in vitamin C and antioxidants that are good for the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells. Raspberries boost immune system because it contains vitamin C. It strengthens immunity, fights colds and flu, and infections. Rosemary is a good source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory contents that help improve blood circulation and boosts immunity.

Add all the ingredients in water (depending on how would you like your drinks tastes).

2.       Blueberries- Lemon- Cucumber Detox

Blueberries’ high levels of vitamins A and C, manganese, potassium, dietary fibers and antioxidant boosts the immune system. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which helps in boosting the immune system. Cucumber packed with antioxidants including manganese, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.

Infused blueberries, lemon, and cucumber in ice cold water and let it sit for few hours before drinking.

3.       Orange- Vanilla Beans- Cinnamon Detox

Orange contains vitamins A and C, folate and copper. Vitamin A aids in the development of white blood cells which destroys harmful pathogens. Vitamin C enhances the production of white blood cells and WBC’s function. Folate and copper also promote healthy immune function. Vanilla Beans is rich in antioxidant that preserve immune system. It promotes cellular growth and protects cells from breaking down. Cinnamon has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Mix a thinly sliced orange, vanilla bean, and cinnamon with water to make this immune system-boosting detox water.

Colon Cleanser

These are fruits and drinks to cleanse the colon and help in the elimination of waste as well as other toxins in the colon.

1.       Apple Cleanse

Apples contain fibers which add to waste materials in the colon. Eat and snack on apples during the day as well as you get hungry late at night. While in this apple cleanse, make sure to have a green vegetable diet. This is to prevent you from experiencing side effect such as fatigue.

2.       Sea Salt Cleanse

Sea salt eliminates fecal matter from the intestines and restores optimal intestinal movement that carries food through the digestive tract, this is according to

Mix ½ teaspoon of sea salt with eight ounces of warm water. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning. You can add lemon and or maple syrup to mask the taste if desired.

3.       Cayenne Pepper Lemon Cleanse

According to, cayenne pepper breaks down mucus in the colon and lemon juice eliminates toxins. In preparing this kind of cleanser, you need to pour a ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper into a ten-ounce glass then add 4 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Fill the glass with water and stir. Drink on an empty stomach. Maple syrup or honey can be incorporated to sweeten the mixture.

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Kolkata: The Ultimate Destination for History Buffs

Kolkata: The Ultimate Destination for The History Buffs

Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, is the city that houses many buildings and memorials reflecting the Victorian architecture brought in by the East India Company. As the capital during the British Period, this city has played a crucial role in shaping the history of India. This is the reason it is one of the hottest destination for history buffs in India.

Here is the list of important historical destinations in Kolkata that attracts the lovers of history and heritage.

Victoria Memorial Hall – This marble building built in the memory of Queen Victoria attracts tourists all over the world. It is built in an Indo-Saracenic revivalist style that is a rich fusion of British, Mughal, Venetian, Egyptian and Deccani architectural style.

Indian Museum – This is the largest as well as the oldest museum in India. It is known for its rare collection of antiques, fossils, skeleton, Mughal paintings, mummies, armour and ornaments. It houses thirty-five galleries sorted into six sections namely – Archaeology, Art, Anthropology, Economic Botany, Geology and Zoology.

South Park Street Cemetery – This heritage site protected by Archaeological Survey of India was one of the world’s earliest non-church cemeteries. The architecture of the cemetery has many peculiarities including frontal façade that indicates respect for Hindu faith despite being a Christian cemetery.

Kalighat Kali Temple – One among the 51 Shakti Peeth of Hinduism the Kalighat temple is considered to be the origin of the name of the city Kolkata. The reference of this Kali temple has been found in the literature dating back to 17th century.

St. Paul’s Cathedral – This cathedral of Kolkata is known for its Gothic architecture. It was the first overseas church built by British Empire and also the first Episcopal Church in Asia.  

INA Martyr’s Memorial – This war memorial is dedicated to the mighty soldiers of Indian National Army headed by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. It is a reconstruction of the memorial built in Singapore that was destroyed by the Britishers.

Nizam Palace – The palace is a tyre A heritage building in Kolkata that was formerly known as Galstaun Park. This building was utilised during World War 1 as a hospital for injured soldiers.

Belur Math – This temple is notably known for its architecture that is a fusion of Hindu, Muslim and Christian styles denoting unity in diversity of Indian culture. This is the headquarters of Ramakrishna Math and Mission founded by Swami Vivekananda.

Netaji Bhawan – This was the residential building of Subhash Chandra Bose and his family which has been preserved as a memorial for doing research on Netaji’s life.   

State Archaeological Gallery – This is a museum that is known for its rare collection of Stone Age’s tools, proto-historic antiquities, sculptors etc. It also has a section dedicated to historical art with a large collection of old stone, terracotta, bronze and wood carvings along with textiles and manuscripts.

The Missionaries of Charity’s Mother House – This was the house established by Mother Teresa, the angel of humanity, to serve people. Now it houses her tomb and a small museum called ‘Mother Teresa’s life, spirit and message’.

Tipu Sultan Mosque – This historical mosque was built in 1832 by the youngest son of Tipu Sultan. Apart from being an architectural and cultural heritage, this mosque is known for its unique secularism. Unlike most of the mosques, this is open for people from all the religion without any discrimination.

Vivekananda Ancestral House and Cultural Centre – It is a famous museum cum cultural centre of Kolkata that was originally the ancestral house of Swami Vivekananda. The premise of the memorial also consists of a research centre, library, English centre, computer training centre, convention hall, charitable dispensary and a memorial shrine.

Fort William – It was one of the earliest fort built by the Britishers in the then Bengal Presidency. It was built in the structure of star-fort, i.e. an irregular octagon. The five sides of the fort are landward, and the rest three sides face the Hooghly River.

This might seem a long list, but it’s not an exhaustive list of attraction in Kolkata for the History Buffs. Numerous people land at Kolkata Airport daily for witnessing the historical richness of the city.




7 Things to Follow About Your Hair Care

7 things to follow about your hair care

It is often said that your hair which looks beautiful  adds points to your personality and your overall appearance. If your hairstyle is something out of the ordinary, it will attract a different type of attention rather than for hair with a lot of dandruff in it. Keep in mind that hair care tips are same for curly, thin, oily any other hair type. You can use my tips to take care of any types of hair.

You must have heard different  types  of advice from different people about hair care. Your mother might have suggested you use oil on your hair or your hairdresser suggested something else. It is a daunting task to figure out who is right or wrong. If you follow my tips and advice, you will be able to make your hair look mesmerizing  like Cinderella , sleeping beauty etc. Once you start following my instructions, people around you will have a hard time taking their eyes away from your hair. Always remember that the key to hair care is a healthy hair and try not to use hot water during your showers. Here are my 7 tips which you can follow about your hair care to make them better.

  1. Wash and comb your hair, also use conditioner

Hot water can strip off essential oils from your hair, leaving it dry and look worse than before. Always try to use lukewarm or cold water for the best results. Warm water increases dandruff in your hair. Women often make the mistake of combing their hair from top to bottom instead of doing the opposite. This results in damaging the ends and roots of the hair.  I always advise to brush in an upward direction.  Next time, remember to follow my tip when you come out of your shower after a bath.

Another suggestion is not to use the conditioner for more than once every week. I will recommend that you use it just before hitting the shower or applying shampoo on your hair.

  1. Use oil made from natural substances such as almond, coconut etc.

Your mother was right is this part, i.e use oil on hair. Since there is very little time on our hands nowadays, we often do not get the time to apply oil to your hair. It is a very time-consuming process but also helps to make your hair grow in a healthy way.

I have seen most women use either almond or coconut oil . Recently a different type of oil is also becoming popular for hair which is made from mustard. You can also add different colors to your hair but do not use any bleach based treatments. Natural Henna is the best choice for hair color. Skip shampooing for at least 2 days after coloring your hair.

  1. Eat healthier  food

If you really care about your hair, try to reduce your fast food intake as much as possible.A good  diet plays a  major role in how your body is affected . The hair is not an exception. Proteins from chicken, fish, eggs nourish your hair and make it more powerful. There are many tablets which contain Omega3- fatty acids, which is also found in fish oil and nuts. Try to consume food containing the acid to make your hair better than before.

  1. Get a good sleep and sleep on Satin Pillow Covers

Did you know that your anxiety can have an impact on the condition of your hair? The more tense you are, more tangled and dry your hair will be. If you are not used to sleeping on Satin Pillow Covers, try to make the habit from today. Most people prefer to sleep on cotton made pillows since they are softer but they also break your hair down due to friction.

  1. For straight your hair use hair straightener

There is no need for you to visit a salon to do this. First, wash your hair very carefully since clean and healthy hair prevents any harm on hair. Do not forget to apply shampoo on your hair to make it silky smooth. Dry your hair before using the hair straightener. You can use the hair straightener as soon as you have separated different sections of your hair to use it. Start straightening your hair as soon as you have set the right temperature depending on your hair’s length .If you want to make curly hair, you can use a hair curler instead.

If you want to experiment by making both straight and curly hair, there is the Tyme Iron   which can help you in this regard. It can make any type of hair within minutes and the curls will last for up to 3 days if hair is not washed around this time.

  1. For hair loss, use Minoxidil or Rogaine.

It might be the case that you are reading this article because of hair loss. If that is the case, you can try minoxidil or Rogaine. They are almost the same thing but both have the approval of the FDA. It is also the number 1 brand suggested by leading Dermatologists for hair regrowth. The results of using medicine are normally seen after 8-10 weeks of continuous use. You can buy minoxidil products made by reputed brand.  To know more about reputed brand’s minoxidil or rogain for both men and women please visit here.

7. Do not use a towel to dry your hair

You might be surprised to hear about this from me but it is the truth. Towels are more aggressive than a T-shirt made of cotton, where the latter is the best choice for hair drying. Next time you are done with your shower, just squeeze out the excess water from your hair and use a cotton-made  T-shirt to dry your hair. Just leave the towels to wash other parts of your body except for the hair.


I hope that my guide about the 7 things to follow about your hair care will help you to make your hair better than before. You can use my tips at home and also ensure that any shampoo you are using does not have any dangerous chemicals in them. Always remember that a healthy and happy hair will make you more confident about yourself and impress people around you. I  hope you have enjoyed reading my article.

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Holiday Gift Ideas at SM Beauty + Beauty Hop Unboxing



It’s gift giving season so let’s post another round of holiday gift ideas! To be honest I wouldn’t suggest going to Divisoria (SEE: Divisoria Shopping Guide) during the sholidays. It’s chaotic, packed with people, and just give you stress. Despite the “savings” you’ll be getting. It’s the middle of November, and if you’re still clueless and what to give your friends, loved ones, and frenemies; why not shop at SM instead? It’s my go-to place for trinkets and things because not only are they affordable, most of them are already packaged beautifully they can be given as gifts kaagad! (I HATE GIFT WRAPPING because I suck at it LOL)


Holiday Gift Ideas at SM Beauty + Beauty Hop Unboxing

Besides browsing for gifts, we also had the opportunity to fun and games with their Beauty Hop activity. Different beauty brands offered prizes if you win any of their challenges. Curious to see what I won? It’s inside the box! I did a LIVE unboxing on FB and decided to keep it here on my Youtube channel as well.

Go to SM Beauty and see how easy it is to shop for gifts. Enjoy the widest selection of Cosmetics and Fragrances from local and international brands and personal care gift sets starting from Php99.

SM Beauty Group Marketing Manager Sharon Decapia 2

SM Beauty Group Marketing Manager Sharon Decapia

Lexie Coloma - SM Beauty Marketing Manager copy

Lexie Coloma – SM Beauty Marketing Manager

To launch its holiday campaign dubbed “So Much Gifts,” SM Beauty hosted a “Beauty Holiday Hop” for influencers, bloggers and members of the press. Three Makeup Masters—Jigs Mayuga, Jake Galvez and Denise Go Ochoa—led them on a beauty crawl around the SM Beauty Section so they could see the holiday gift offerings from the country’s best and biggest beauty hall.

SM Beauty Team - Nathalie Gutierrez, Mary Ann Principe, Anna Pojaras, Lexie Coloma, Bea Reyes and Sharon Presbitero-Decapia

SM Beauty Team – Nathalie Gutierrez, Mary Ann Principe, Anna Pojaras, Lexie Coloma, Bea Reyes and Sharon Presbitero-Decapia

You’re sure to find what you’re looking for at SM Beauty with makeup brands like Nyx, Benefit, Max Factor, Shiseido, Sleek, MAC Cosmetics, Guerlain, The Body Shop and many others. You can also choose from the fragrances of Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein, Bvlgari, Issey Miyake, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, among others. We’ve got you covered when it comes to beauty gifts.

Holiday Gift Set 3

Holiday Gift Set 2

Holiday Gift Set 1

Fragrance - L'eau Majeure D'Issey

Fragrance - Jimmy Choo

Cosmetics - Sleek Cream Contour Kit

Cosmetics - Benefit Eye Love SF

Dive into all the beauty SM has to offer as it takes gifting to the next level. Follow SM Beauty at and @smbeautyph on IG for updates and promotions. Gift sets are available at select SM Beauty and Watsons stores.