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Belle De Jour Power Planner 2018 – The Must-Have Planner for Every Gal!

Last October 21, BDJ’s very first launch weekend was held at EDSA Shangri-la Mall East Wing. It was an empowering event featuring different #GoalGurus and #PassionWorkshops. I was sorting out my life (and still am) and let my good friend Cai represent me that day.


The 2018 edition of the Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner is officially on sale, first made available to the public for purchase last October 21 and 22 at the Shangri-la Plaza East Atrium. The message of planner this year is conveyed on the cover, “I am a beauty of one,” a call to embrace one’s individuality. This year, the launch sale commenced with a two-day gathering of the planner’s fans, following the planner’s message of celebrating uniqueness with a theme “Dare to be you.”


Introduced together with premier planner is the 2018 edition of the Navi Journal: Your Life Navigator. While the BDJ Power Planner is designed to empower the modern-day Filipina, the Navi Journal aims to guide the wanderlust soul. Apart from these classics, three other journals and planners were available in the event: Everything is Possible Planner, Focus Journal, and the newest addition to the collection, the Essentials notebook, crafted for the bullet journaling enthusiast or the free-flowing creative. All these products and the rest of the stationery collection will be available for purchase at a special launch price until the end of October.


With only a little over two months away from a new year, the event gave a special focus on helping its participants in setting and achieving their #2018Goals. In a series of talks by different #GoalGurus, the attendees learned how they can get started in achieving different goals for 2018. The talks were categorized into the following: #PlannerGoals, #FinanceGoals, #FashionGoals, #FitnessGoals, #HealthGoals, #MinimalistGoals, #TravelGoals and #LifeGoals.

Some of the speakers include Liz Lanuzo, founder of Project Vanity, who talked about how she achieved her life goal of turning her passion into profit. Cheska Sarausad of Sunlife talked about setting realistic financial goals for the coming year and safeguarding investments in the time of economic instability. Mental health advocate and writer Nannie Flores shared her struggle with depression, and how she overcame the battle.

Ultimately, Belle de Jour goes above and beyond the planners, journals and stationeries to help women live life to the fullest; it is the modern Filipinas’ partner in realizing her dreams and goals in every aspect of her life.




Viviamo! Inc.’s president and the brainchild behind the BDJ Power Planner, Darlyn Ty-Nilo, shared that the inspiration behind this year’s message is to remind people that no one person is like anyone else on this planet. “In the age of social media when people are pressured to conform to an image or identity, we must constantly remind people that their beauty lies in their uniqueness. And we hope that the users of the BDJ planner will be reminded of that every time they plan their day ahead.”

Every year, Viviamo! Inc., donates to an advocacy all the proceeds raised from the activities held during the BDJ Launch.

Viviamo! Inc. is the maker of the Belle De Jour Power Planner, and other stationeries created to empower Filipinas. To know more about their products and services, logon to their website at

For more information, check out @bdjbuzz on Instagram, or Belle de Jour Power Planner on Facebook. Or visit

#BDJLaunchWeekend #DareToBeYou #BDJDareToBeYou #2018Goals

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28 Days to Ageless



Hello BBs! (If you’re new here, BB means beautiful babes). As you all know, one of my main purpose in blogging is to serve as your human guinea pig. To try out products from makeup to skincare, to give you reviews straight from the heart. Earlier this year I was invited to be part of a challenge. A HUUUUUGE challenge where I would be required to use an unbranded product on only half of my face for 28 days.

If someone asked you that, will you? I said yes of course! The brand was confident enough in the effectiveness on their products for a blind-testing. So bravely I went and said a temporary farewell to half of my face who will be left untreated.

Continue reading for the progress, thoughts, and the BIG REVEAL!

Here are the changes I noticed after using the product consistently DAY and NIGHT for 28 days:

7 Days

Untreated Side:

  • Whiteheads are starting to appear
  • Feels rough and has bumps

Treated Side: 

  • Appears to be firmer and toned
  • Looks visibly radiant
  • Feels Smooth

14 Days

Untreated Side: 

  • The untreated side has at least 4 visible cystic acne. A lot of red patches, looks dull and uneven.
  • The skin looks depressing on this side

Treated Side: 

  • Looks visibly lifted and plump. It’s smooth to touch with no signs of pimples. It is also more radiant looking. It also feels softer.
  • Looks tremendously better than the other side and it makes me ecstatic. It makes me wish I can use the creams on both sides of my face already.

21 Days

Untreated Side: 

  • Blackheads and whiteheads are visible
  • There are increasing bumps on my chin
  • Skin tone looks patchy and uneven

Treated Side: 

  • It looks glowing from within
  • It feels soft and smooth
  • It looks lifted

28 Days

Untreated Side:

  • Skin looks dull patchy and uneven
  • Visible laugh lines and crow’s feet
  • Clogged pores, feels itchy
  • Blackheads and whiteheads on nose area and chin area

Treated Side:

  • It looked visibly lifted and tight than before.
  • The other parts of my face feel smooth and it looks glowing.
  • It feels super soft and smooth to touch, like a marshmallow
  • It has that “maaliwalas” look, that my face on this side looks relaxed, stress-free and happy

Kikaysikat Says…

Oh gosh! Within that 28 days and seeing the difference between both sides; It makes me want to use the product on both sides of my face already. The product’s texture is light and silky. It’s easily absorbed in my skin so it’s comfortable to put on! It also has this nice sheen to it that makes it a perfect base for makeup.

When it’s finally time for the big reveal on what product it is. This brand was already in my mind! I knew it! It was Olay all along!


Olay is Better than Ever

Olay re-engineered their formulas to mimic the genetic code of the lucky 10% that have naturally youthful look as they age because of their DNA.  The re-engineered formulas are backed up by thorough research and analysis from Olay’s Multi-decade and Ethnicity Study (MDE Study), together with Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Alexa Kimball. This extensive analysis of skin from a multitude of women of various age groups and ethnic backgrounds showed that 10% of women, dubbed as “the lucky few”, carry a genetic code for naturally beautiful skin that maintains its youthful look even as they age.

Activating the skin’s genetic code to mimic that of the lucky few is exactly the breakthrough that Olay is eager to share with all women, because nothing should stop them from choosing to make their own luck.


The new Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence with Pearl-Optics Complex enhances the skin’s dewy radiant aura. It does so by improving brightness, skin tone, and hydration, visibly reducing the appearance of dark spots over time. With this new formulation, you can look glowing and fresh, and feel confident even with minimal to no makeup.


The Olay Total Effects Day Moisturizer SPF 15 sets the bar higher in fighting the 7 signs of aging by further enhancing the skin’s natural self-renewal process. The Olay Total Effects series was the first mass skin care product to introduce the powerful anti-aging ingredient Niacinamide, but with Olay’s quest for improvement, the formula was boosted. The new Olay Total Effects now has VitaNiacin Complex II with Vitamins C, E, B3 and B5, along with having 50% more Vitamin E that serves as an anti-oxidant capable of defending the skin from free radicals known to cause skin-aging.


With the addition of Carob seed extract, the new Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream helps accelerate the recovery of aging skin, thanks to the added Glyco-Repair. This component activates the “ageless gene” pattern for that youthful-looking skin with reduced lines and wrinkles, and improved texture and elasticity. While also containing hyaluronic acid that aids in drawing moisture to keep your skin supple, the new Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream steps up its game as a new force in firmness.



Experience how it is to #MakeYourOwnLuck and discover the secret to younger-looking skin with the newly reformulated Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence, Olay Total Effects Day Moisturizer SPF 15, and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream available at Php1,299 SRP, Php789 SRP, and Php1,899 SRP respectively. While now available in Lazada and all major department stores, you can also learn more about the new line by following Olay Philippines in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

#DNAorOlay #MakeYourOwnLuck @OlayPhilippines



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Asian Skincare 101: A Beginner’s Guide & FAQ

asian beauty skincare

asian beauty skincare

Hi beautiful! I’ve been using asian skincare products since time immemorial because I know for a fact that it works for my skin type (duh I’m asian). But here’s what. Asian skincare is not just for asians. The steps are overwhelming but I keep it down to the basics:

  • Makeup Remover
  • Facial Wash
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer/Serum
  • Retinol/Skincare Acids
  • Mask

Oops hold up! Haha that seems to be a lot too. Now Asian doesn’t mean strictly “K-Beauty” or korean products. I particularly love Japanese skincare and (ex. Kanebo) local Filipino brands (ex. Human Heart Nature)I found this handy guide from REDDIT that contains EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO LEARN ABOUT ASIAN SKINCARE. So bon apetit! Enjoy digesting this delicious information loves!


ASIAN SKINCARE 101: A Beginner’s Guide & FAQ

Asian Skincare 101: A Beginner’s Guide & FAQ from AsianBeauty


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Do Eye Masks Work? Luke Total Skin Solution Hydrogel Eyepatch Review



There are tons of skincare products in the market addressing different issues. The most challenging issue to address, are eyebags and wrinkles. Scientifically proven eye creams, gels, and serums can cost you an arm and a leg. Another alternative is go directly to your dermatologist or surgeon. What about those eye patches? Do they work? We’ll talk about it here featuring Luke Total Skin Solution Eyepatch for Wrinkles.

For the complete product line and description of Luke Total Skin Solution please refer to this post (link: Luke Total Skin Solution Philippines)



Luke Eyepatch Hydrogel for Eye Wrinkles

Smoothen eye wrinkles and the fine lines in just 1 step thru Luke Hydrogel for Eye Wrinkles with Q10 as the natural anti-oxidant that encourages the skin to rebuild skin cells. It also has natural collagens to help skin from drying out and maintain that youthful glow.

  • How much? 199php for box of 5

  • Where to buy? Landmark



  • Packaging – In a small box with 5 individually wrapped eyepatch pair.
  • Texture – It’s cool and refreshing. The gel sticks to your skin so it doesn’t fall off compared to other masks or patches
  • Scent – medicinal and rubbery
  • Does it work? Just a temporary relief. This is a novelty more than something that actually targets the wrinkles.



Do Eye Patches Work?

I used the whole box. Each eyepatch set consecutively for 5 days. Like everything else in this world. Nothing is permanent. Except aging and your wrinkles. BUT you can slow it down, and have temporary relief. Eye patches are great novelty. While this speficic one did not reduce the number of wrinkles and crows feet, it did lessen the puffiness of my eyebags.


Guys!!! You can also use this as a protective layer when doing your eye makeup. Since it sticks, you can do your eyeshadow and the patch will protect your skin from fallouts. All while helping reduce the puffiness.



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Great Headphones for Kids – JBL JR300 and JR300BT feat. Macho Kid at Kidzania

jbl kids headphones

jbl kids headphones

Let’s face the facts that kids nowadays do most of their activities using gadgets. Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Whether at school or play, this is where our life revolves around now. But have you considered the safety of your children while listening to music or playing games? Regular earphones can be toned up to maximum volume that can damage hearing.

That’s why HARMAN International, came up with the new JBL® Jr, JBL’s first line of headphones designed especially with kids in mind. JBL knows its new wired and wireless headphone models guarantee that kids’ listening experience remain outstanding yet totally safe.


“JBL took note that there are many kids out there who just want their listening pleasure taken to the next level without really having their parents worried about hearing concerns. Through innovation, JBL used technology that can adapt to kids’ needs in their headphones yet maintain quality and avoid potential hearing issues,” – Larry Secreto, Country Head of Harman in the Philippines.

JBL responded with its new JBL® Jr headphones, with its built-in JBL Pure Bass sound feature, and is fine-tuned to provide lower sound pressure levels. This way, kids can safely listen to their favorite music, movies or even video games to their hearts’ content.


For the little ones’ delicate ears, the JBL Safe Sound feature maxes out the volume level to keep it at a safe 85dB. JBL also took note of kids’ other needs regarding headphones by designing a clever 3D axis rotation ear cups that adjust automatically to a child’s ear size for that comfortable fit in the ears. And when combined with premium and flexible ear cushions, the JBL Jr series provide a high level of Passive Noise Cancellation so kids won’t have to strain their hearing trying to listen to their audio despite a noisy environment.


Aside from that, the JBL Jr’s outer design is created to be durable to withstand the most rigorous wear and tear.


The JBL JR300BT wireless headphone serves as the flagship model for the JBL® Jr line. Kids will find it easy to connect the JBL JR300BT to any of their smartphones, tablets and other devices using Bluetooth technology so they can enjoy cable-less and tangle-free listening for hours. Its kid-friendly buttons, meanwhile, provide kids with effortless listening and easy controls, and will surely enjoy the JBL JR300BT’s up to 12 hours of playback time and fast charging, an hour’s worth of playback for a charging time of only ten minutes.


The JBL JR300, on the other hand, is the wired equivalent of the JBL JR300BT, but features a 32-mm driver size and anti-tangle flat cable so kids won’t have to worry about irritating wire tangles.


Price and Where to Buy?

Available in colors of Spider Red and Ice Blue, the JBL JR300 is priced at PhP 1,499, while the JBL JR300BT with shades of Punky Pink, Rocker Blue, and Tropic Teal sells for PhP 2,999. The JBL Jr. headphones are now available in JBL stores nationwide.They can also customize their earphones with sticker packs! To tell you the truth these headphones seem to cool that want one for myself. Hahaha!

Find and Follow:

  • HARMAN Newsroom (
  • YouTube (
  • Facebook (
  • Twitter (@harman)  hashtag #Harman


Macho Kid at Kidzania




Safety Advice to Remember When Traveling Through NYC

Safety Advice to Remember When Traveling Through NYC

Many tourists, especially if they haven’t been to New York City before, have many dangerous notions about the city that never sleeps. While it can be overwhelming to travel through such a large city, with five boroughs in total, it is not a lawless land with blatant crime happening in the streets. New York City is a beautiful city with history and culture, but there are a few safety tips to follow if you’re still feeling nervous.

Watch Your Money

While crime rates in New York City have been dropping steadily, it is important to realize that thieves will always be around to take advantage of tourists. They always seem to be able to spot the ‘out of towners,’ which makes tourists a bigger target for pickpockets. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and know where your valuables are. Tourists are safe from pickpockets in the most popular areas of NYC, such as Times Square in Manhattan. It is better to avoid most neighborhoods at night, especially if you are traveling alone.

It is also a good idea to travel with credit cards as opposed to cash. These are easily cancelled with a simple phone call to your credit card company or bank if stolen. There are also various financial institutions, such as Apple Pay, that allow you to pay directly with your mobile phone.

Be Cautious on the Subway

If you ride the subway around NYC, never get on an empty car if you’re alone – or even if you’re with a few people. This empty car is not empty because you’ve just won the introvert’s lottery, but most likely because something is seriously broken. Also, do not block subway doors: it hinders people from getting off and on easily, and in NYC, they are all about the hustle and bustle.

Be Humble

Do not use your most expensive purse or wallet when you travel, or let on that you are carrying a significant amount of money. No one deserves to be robbed, but these signs do make you a better target for those looking for individuals with more valuables. It is not about actually having money on you, it is making the impression that you do: only pack the essentials.

Ask for Directions – From a Trusted Source

It is only too easy to get lost in a new city, especially one as large as New York City. It is as simple as a question to ask for directions, but make sure you ask someone trustworthy – and not just someone who seems to be. Ask a store clerk or a police officer for directions, otherwise you may find yourself trapped in a tourist trap. You want to end up at the Statue of Liberty or in Alphabet City, not stuck in a shady neighborhood.

Safety should always come first, but do not let the television dictate your perception of the gorgeous New York City. It is truly a city to be experienced in person, so do not let these negative ideas keep you away. Bus tours, in fact, are a great way to visit the city if you are feeling a bit of paranoia, and they come with great deals such as 15% off a NYC bus tour and many more. New York City should be at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list: stay safe and travel well.