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Fit Food Manila Diet Delivery Review

An honest to goodness review on one of the latest diet delivery services in Metro Manila. Photos, reviews, and more down below. I have to be real, I don't subscribe to these every week. I do so once in a while when I feel like my schedule will get cramped and when budget allows.

As I mentioned before in my previous experience, I have certain criteria when it comes to reviewing diet delivery services:
  1. It should be appetizing
  2. It should be filling
  3. It should taste good
  4. Food variety
  5. Good customer service

Another reason why I subscribe to such diet delivery services is not because I want to lose more weight, but it really feels nice to have someone else prepare your meal for the whole day, the whole week. I no longer need to decide where to go, what to cook, especially during weekdays where we can all be busy working and doing more important things. Won't you agree?

Fit Food Manila Menu for the day

How much is Fit Food Manila's Diet Delivery Service?

1200 calories - 18 500php + 250 delivery fee - 3 meals 2 snacks - 5 days

Where does Fit Food Manila deliver?

Anywhere in Metro Manila

The shawarma rice in the middle is a personal fave

It's the first time diet delivery food actually tastes yummy. "Hindi tinipid" Each meal is well thought of and the variety of what you it in a week is appreciated. Unlike other delivery services where they serve you a piece of meat + different sauce. You know Fit Food Manila's dishes are prepared to ensure it also tastes good. Pinaghirapan ba.

You get 5 meals. 3 main meals and 2 snacks. The snack, well, I'd like it better if they prepared the snacks too like simple pastries or sweets instead of things we can already buy at the supermarket like quaker cookies or fruits. The main meals is a different story. They are flavorful and filling. It's like I'm not eating diet food at all. You also get to try different healthy rice from red rice, brown rice to even the more expensive
black rice

Toasted Clubhouse Sandwich

My favorites this week from fit food manila is their clubhouse sandwich for breakfast and beef shawarma rice for lunch. I popped the sandwich in the oven toaster for a few minutes to make the bread crispy and grabe, ang sarap talaga. The beef shawarma rice is love! The garlic sauce perfectly compliments the black rice and well seasoned beef.

Being a working blogging mom, I rarely have enough time to prepare daily dishes and rely on eating out. I can only cook during weekends so diet delivery services such as Fit Food Manila is a blessing indeed! I got to try their service for free for a week but to tell you the truth, I'm more than willing to spend and subscribe from them again next time.

Find them on Facebook at

to my followers and readers.
Simply include the code "FITFOODSIKAT2014" and automatically slash
100 pesos off your TOTAL bill when you order from them.

KikaysiKat Rating 5/5 stars


My Adidas #MYGIRLS Experience! [EVENT]

Yep, we're all in for this year's launch of Adidas #MyGirls Campaign. Lead by IT girls – Isabelle Daza and Solenn Heussaff. We were invited at Planet Sports last July 4 2014. It was announced that all participants wear an all Adidas outfit so we had to scour the shop and find the perfect #MyGirls Adidas attire for us.

This campaign was launched to empower more women to have more active lifestyles. Most of us have a connotation that being fit or going to the gym means wearing baggy shirts, dull tops, boring jogging pants and plain shoes. But with their latest collection, there's a wide selection from brights, florals and they even have animal prints! 

I loved her outfit! I almost wore the exact same thing! BUT I got the same dress too

Check-out their own clothing line for girls on the 2nd floor of Planet Sports

There were activities done after their talk. It really sucks that I had to leave a tiny bit earlier and missed out on all the fun! :( I'm sure I could've done a lot of burpees or lasted long on planks! *flexes muscles* I've been active with being fit especially with the Biggest Loser Bet with John Castle.

 Their collection is definitely something you'd want to check out! Especially their wedge sneakers! Some of their dress designs are even wearable on a night out with friends. You'd feel more motivated to workout when you look pretty doing it! 

Here's what I wore during the event. I just wanted to show-off my tattoo that's why I chose the peek-a-boo dress with the black leopard print wedge sneakers. What do you guys think? I'm all in for #MyGirls!

KikaySiKat for Adidas #MyGirls

For more details visit their


Happy Diet Delivery Food Review

Happy Diet Delivery Food. Yes I have a habit of placing food on my chair. 
And we have another one to place on our Best Diet Delivery in Metro Manila list. This one hailing from Happy Diet Delivery. What makes them different from other diet delivery services around the metro? They offer custom requests at no extra costs. 

Most diets have a template. Ok, 1,200 calories, whatever whatever let's put it in there. With Happy Diet, they ask you what you need, what you want, and what are your goals and what you don't like. I of course being the struggling muscle gainer that I am requested for a high protein diet and told them how much I abhor cilantro. They did not disappoint. I got the opportunity to try their service for 1 week and they gave me a protein packed diet. Look at the sample meals below. How huge the chicken breast part was and the food; tasty.

I never felt deprived with their service. Sure it costs a bit more than most of your diet delivery services at 2,000php/week but they do consider not making you starve at the same time. 

As much as I would like to get their service once more, my darling home-chef John Castle gleefully prepares my meals I bring to work :)

How much? 2,000php/week
Where to order?
Where they deliver? Metro Manila

KikaySiKat Rating 5/5 Stars


[FOOD] Quest Bars Protein Bars - Yummy!!

Are you a sweet tooth like I am? It's challenging to stay fit when you have cravings for desserts like chocolates, cakes, candies and you try so hard to control yourself not eating them most of the time because one should opt to eat healthier choices

But they're so good!!!!!! A couple of weeks ago John and I went to a "Biggest Loser" bet on who will lose the most body fat and get lean in 2 months. It's so hard to catch up with him because even if I hit the gym 3x a week and eat as healthy as possible, come afternoon I get snack cravings for cupcakes or milk tea T_T

That's why when Quest Philippines sent me a box of their protein bars to try. I was estatic! I've been hearing from them when I was in the US and based on their reviews, they're the best tasting protein bar around. So are they really? Let's see and head on to the review.

Okay, this shot is a teensy weensy OA but you get the hint, it's good.
I actually take bigger bites than this one. Haha!


When they say it's flavored cookies and cream. It tastes like cookies and cream. When they say it's brownie, it tastes like brownie. But don't be fooled. When you check out the label and ingredients list it's simple, short and most are natural. It's basic base are almonds, and natural flavors like real chocolate chips and real strawberries. That's why it tastes authentic. Because it is. 

It's not so sweet and a bit salty (I love that)


It looks like a weird cookie bar. It's a bit thick and chewy that there's an initial struggle to when biting through it. A workaround is you can pop it a few seconds in an oven (microwave or toaster) to warm it up to a softer consistency. The texture is actually addicting.

Plenty of flavors to choose from


I received 12 different flavors but I believe there are more. They also have peanut butter cups alternative to the popular Reese!

Thanks QuestBarPH!


To those who are really into this fitness lifestyle. IT'S GLUTEN FREE. That's right folks. A gluten-free natural protein bar. It has no sugar added and uses natural sweeteners like agave or lohan guo. It's healthy and natural. A typical quest protein bar has a usual 20g of protein 4-6g of fat and 20-30g of carbohydrates

BUT, this is where I would advice you not to go protein bar overloading because it does have a high amount of carbohydrates than when eaten too much , is still bad for you. Currently I have a daily limit of 107 carbs.

What is Gluten? Present in grains and wheat that usually causes bloating and negative reactions to people who have celiac disease.

Where to Buy Quest Protein Bars in the Philippines? and How much?

A bar costs 120php, comparable to a slice of cake or a frappucino. 
You can visit their facebook page for QuestBarPH 
You can follow them on instagram
You can call them via their mobile

See picture below tee-hee ^_^

Will I buy them again?

Alright so technically, I didn't buy them initially BUT they made me want to buy them and stock them in my office drawer so I have something high protein and healthy to snack on when I get cravings especially when us girls get PMS cravings. You can try 1 bar and I'm sure you'd get hooked! 

Have you tried protein bars? Would you try these yourselves? :) Let us know!


Lower Body Fat in 2 Months [Fitness]

It's on! John Castle and I are betting on who's going to lose the most body fat percentage in 2 months.
We used a physical bodyfat caliper from Accumeasure to measure our body fat.

Current Measurements
KikaysiKat: 24.5% 40%
John Castle: 20%

Are you familiar with the fat and weight measure scale available in Mercury Drug? I wonder how accurate that is because I scored a whopping 40%! Unbelievable! I couldn't imagine almost half my body composition is made out of fat.

Both of us are knowledge junkies so we'd use different strategies on how to lose the fat and build the muscle. I'm planning to go partly-primal combined with If It Fits Your Macros, strength training and occasional HIIT when I can't go to the gym.

There are many many ways one can lose body fat. From high carb low fat high protein diet, high fat high protein low carb, low everything, if it fit your macros, clean eating, carb cycling, paleo, primal, fasting, ketogenic diet. You can do all sorts of weight loss techniques but the only thing that matters most is your consistency and dedication in staying in your diet and hitting the gym. No excuses. But IF you really really do not have the time to go to the gym to use the equipment, or you don't have an hour to exercise, a good alternative is the TABATA to burn fat fast, it takes less than 10 minutes for a total body workout. It may not be the best, but something is always better than nothing.

A huge disadvantage of mine is that at the end of the day, I get too tired or lazy to go to the gym or even exercise! Hay! I need to get consistent in order to beat him (and achieve a better and fitter looking body!)

It's so hard to stay healthy when there's so many yummy food to eat no? It's all about discipline and consistency. Good luck to us! As we always say, dieting always starts tomorrow . Good luck and cheers to anyone whos also going through a healthy lifestyle.


[FITNESS] Will Lifting Weights Make Me Look Like a Man?

KikaySiKat carries a 172lbs John Castle :)
Can you see even the slightest testosterone-filled muscles in my body? It's still the same petite frame I was born with, except stronger and leaner. A common misconception with women, and the reason why they avoid lifting heavy weights is that you might be afraid of looking like a man.

But the answer is NO. Lifting heavy weights such as barbells, or pulling your own body weight via dips or pull-ups won't make you look like a man. Want to know why? Because women does not produce the amount of testosterone men does. And that's actually one of the factors they get BIGGER and STRONGER. Us? Sure, we'd gain muscles, we'd have those toned abs, but never will get as huge as theirs. I don't have any recent videos but I'd like to share with you a video of the very first time that I lifted something heavy.

It is fun to be strong. You can do more things than a regular person can. You would not need as much help from other people when you need to carry huge groceries (I know you know what I mean), you will feel better, and look sexier. A good example would be Ellen Adarna? I'm sure you've seen her instagram videos showing her lean physique, lifting, and working out hard! She still looks as feminine as a flower.

Why do some female body builders look like a man?

It's not because of their lifts, it's because some, actually take steriods and hormones to alter their bodies. Making them actually, more like a man. Imagine some transexuals who take contraceptive pills that has estrogen to make them look like a female. They do the reverse. You will look like a man if either one; you already look like a man or two; You are a man.

You won't look like this trust me

Where do I start?

There's actually a group called Girls Gone Strong that focuses on female empowerment and support for women to get stronger and eating better. They have free books on exercises that requires you to hit the gym, or even exercises that you can do at home. My favorite Girls Gone Strong girl is Nia Shanks, she writes really simple and direct without any hullaballoo and her workout routines are easy to follow.

For items you can use at home, a good investment would be the TRX, Kettlebells, and a Pull-up Bar.

If you're heading the gym, step away from the machines and go get that barbell! You'd look pretty bad ass too.

Strong is sexy

The 12-week Let's Get Strong Challenge

I'd have to be honest with you guys that I also go yo-yo on being commited on working out. Common reason is when you're too tired already to exercise or you'd rather do other things. But exercising is one of the few things we do for ourselves and not for others and we should dedicate even a few 30 minutes to an hour every couple of days to work out. So who's with me? Let's commit to stay fit and hit the gym (or work out at home) at least 3x a week. Most results would be evidently visible by 12 weeks if worked together with proper diet (planning to go paleo/primal) and exercise.  I'm sure the results would be awesome! Hopefully I would be posting more updates on fitness and lifestyle. 

Did you also thought that lifting weights will make you look like a man? Have you ever lifted a barbell? How heavy can you lift? Let us know! Leave a comment below.


10 Starbucks Drinks That Won't Ruin Your Diet

Can't stop going to Starbucks? Worried about your diet? Who here is a coffee addict? Raise your hands! Well a friend of mine is addicted to Starbucks because she says it helps her with work. Does coffee really do that to you? Does it really make you more productive? That's the reason why she's semi-dependent and running on coffee fuel. I accompany her every breakfast but I rarely order because one, I find it too pricey for a cup of joe and two, it isn't really healthy to drink a cup full of sugar filled frappucino everyday don't you think? While I do have a couple of favorites from Starbucks when I feel like going there, I thought of listing down drinks you can order that will not ruin your diet. 
Especially to people who are struggling to lose weight but can't keep off Starbucks premises :) 

1. Hot coffee and tea

Tea and coffee are without a doubt the healthiest thing available, as well as the most budget friendly and figure friendly of the lot. That said, be aware of all the calories of the add-ins such as cream, milk, and sugar. There is always a bold coffee pick, a mild pick, and at peak hours decaf and blonde roast are brewed. My blood type is coffee, so most of the time I drink a grande pick coffee with no room for dairy.

 2. Iced tea

This drink is zero calories, is super refreshing, and is healthy. If you want it to be a lightly sweetened you can add your own truvia or ask for 1 pump of sugar-free vanilla.

 3. Iced coffee

The base iced coffee is sweetened and comes with milk, but I would recommend you ask for it unsweetened without milk and add in your own add-ins.  “I would like a ___sized, unsweetened, no milk, iced coffee.”

 4. Espresso or Americano

An Americano is espresso with hot water added to it. There are a few more calories in an Americano than there is in a cup of coffee (20 vs. 5), but it is worth the calories if you like strong coffee. This drink is available over ice if you are in the mood for an iced coffee when it is not available during the winter months.

 5. Americano misto or café misto

A misto is half coffee or half americano and half steamed milk. I tell all of my friends and family to order a misto instead of a latte because it is less expensive, it has less calories, and because they taste better.  A grande, non-fat, café misto (made with coffee) is 60 calories and I would estimate that an Americano misto with non-fat milk is 80 calories. If this is too boring for you, order your misto with one of the sugar-free syrups (sugar-free caramel, sugar-free vanilla, sugar-free hazelnut, sugar-free cinnamon dolce, and skinny mocha). My favorite misto is a grande, non-fat, sugar-free caramel, bold coffee misto. This drink is usually about a dollar less than a latte.

 6. A chai tea latte 

If I was a betting women, I would wager than most of the ladies reading this drink chai tea lattes and consider it a necessary vice. There is a healthy way to get your chai fix that is not on the menu. Order it like this,“can I please have a grande, sugar-free vanilla, non-fat, chai tea tea bag, custom tea latte”. This little trick will make your drink be about 60 calories and it will taste amazing.

 7. Order a skinny syrup latte or a non-fat latte

On the latte spectrum, this is the healthiest option. A latte is espresso and non-fat milk and a skinny syrup latte is a latte with sugar-free flavored syrup. The only lattes flavors that are available skinny (non-fat milk, sugar-free): sugar-free caramel, sugar -free vanilla, sugar-free hazelnut, sugar-free cinnamon dolce, and skinny mocha. All of these drinks are good options if you need to quell your sweet tooth.

 8. Bone dry cappuccino

A cappuccino has the same ingredients as a latte, but is less milk and more foam. A dry cappuccino is made with only foam and espresso, no milk. It feels like a cup of air and I would only recommend you try if you are a fan of coffee. I must warn you, it is one of the least economical drinks because most of it is air.

 9. Make it One Pump

When ordering a custom flavored drink. You can still retain the flavor by saying to put in a pump of syrup. This will give you a stronger and more bitter coffee flavor but there's still a special taste to it. If you find it too bitter for your liking, request an additional packet of Splenda.

10.  Custom Skinny Raspberry Mocha

Half pump mocha half pump raspberry!  Simple sweet and easy! 
Hey! Do you have a special custom drink at Starbucks? :)

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Metro Manila Gym Reviews: Eclipse 24/7, Fitness First, 360 Fitness Club, Gold's Gym UPDATE

Let's talk about fitness.It's been more than a year since I started working out and I love it! It makes a huge difference on both your physical health and well being. It's also an instant mood upper. I've been hopping thru several gyms already because I have not found "the one" yet. But I would like to share my experience in all of those gyms so it can help my readers decide on where to go. Do take note that this is in chronological order.

360 Fitness Club

Rates - Est. 1,400++

  • 30 minutes to workout is perfect for those who are always on the go
  • Shower rooms are well maintained
  • The circuit program is easy to follow and well-explained
  • You are given a free introductory class that briefs you on their circuit program and how you can follow it
  • 30 minutes to workout is not enough for those who really need to lose fat or gain muscle. It's just enough to stay, well, fit.
  • During peak hours you actually have to wait in line for your turn that it takes more than 30 minutes to train because the rest of the minutes are spent, waiting.

Eclipse 24/7

Rates - Est. 1,950-- (they have lower rates for annual and other promos)

  • Very roomy
  • A LOT of power cages. No waiting time for your lifts.
  • A LOT of free weights and equipment
  • Good trainers. I highly recommend Coach Mark Limbaga for no BS training.
  • They let you work out in your slippers or barefoot! Hooray!
  • They're open 24 hours 7 days a week. You have no excuse of "no time" to workout.
  • They only have 2 branches. Both very hard to come to. One is located at Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong, the other at Mabini Manila.
  • Things can do smell like sweat inside. It's like mixing bakal gym with a club gym
  • It can be hot and humid


Fitness First Platinum

Rates - Est. 3,500++

  • You know it's a premium gym when you step in one
  • Workout clothes and towels are provided. No need to bring your own if you're not particular with using something used by everyone else
  • Free coffee,tea, and bananas
  • A lot of group exercises including zumba, yoga, and body jam
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Their shower rooms also provide you with soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, foot powder, cotton buds, etc. 
  • Expensive
  • Limited equipment. They only have around 3 olympic sized barbells, one squat rack, and incomplete set of kettlebells



Gold's Gym - Intercon / Glorietta 3

  • Rates - Est. 1,150php-2,500php++

    • Know anyone from HP? Ask for their HP Buddy discount and get membership at 1,150 a month
    • A lot of branches
    • Cheap
    • Staff and trainers are NOT helpful and do not know what they are talking about if they are trying to at least answer your questions
    • Small and cramped
    • Lack of freeweight equipment. You have to wait in line
    • The one in intercon has a lot of missing things like pins for the assitance on the pullup bar and they only have 2 olympic sized barbells. One for squats and one for bench press.

BEST GYM FOR ME: Eclipse 24/7


Ellen Adarna's Bikini Body Secret

Recently Ellen Adarna has been trending social media with instagram photos of her in Boracay flaunting her beach perfect body. Guys drool over her while girls would wish to have the same lean physique as she does. What's her secret? Well. Since I did not have the privileged to have interviewed her. Haha! I did some research on her diet, exercise program, and lifestyle (the healthy and not the party-girl one) so I can share it with you guys who might be interested.

Exercise Regimen, Diet and Food. Click here to read more..


My Food Blog: Glutton on a Diet and Some Personal Health News

For those who have been following this blog for quite some time, you would know that how much I love to eat! I also love to stay fit and workout! Quite a contrasting combination don't you think? :)
I gave it some thought and decided to create a separate blog where I can focus on writing about food and fitness! We will call it....

The blog name is self-explanatory. But don't get me wrong. Diet does not mean being unhealthy or starving yourself. It's just being healthy overall. A journey to find the perfect lifestyle for both food and fitness depending on my current health status.

Speaking of health status, just want to share something personal to my readers. For the past few weeks, I've been experiencing pain on my upper back. Disregarded it as I thought it was just muscle spasms or "lamig". It was only until I felt numbness on my right arm that got me alarmed. I literally couldn't feel anything. I immediately scheduled myself for a checkup to a neurologist that following day and he recommended an MRI. The experience was daunting! Imagine not being allowed to move in an enclosed capsule for 20 minutes! Once you move, the whole process has to start from the beginning. I did my best not moving an inch even if part of my face had an itch already. Hahaha!

Today, I received my results. Cervical Kyphosis and C5/C6 Disc Bulging. I don't know what those technical term means but thanks to google. It says neck and spinal disc misalignment. Probable cause? Bad posture, sleeping on stomach or on the side, non-ergonomic working condition, and joint snapping. By joint snapping it means when you try and pop your neck or bones to make it crackle. Who else is guilty of this bad habit?I had a second opinion with an ortho and thank God all I need to do are a few stretch exercises and good old physical therapy. But to be safe and sure, I'll be returning to my neurologist this week too.

Thank you to my loyal readers who's been with kikaysikat for so long <3 It really feels nice every time I read feedback or comments in every post I make so hope you don't stop!

Go and check out Glutton on a Diet today! It's not perfect yet but it will feed you daily with food and fitness fun facts! pffffft! :D

Love lots,


Has This Ever Happened to You? Why Learning Self-Defense is Important

Have you ever been harassed or violated? I have, and it wasn't something I'd forget easily. At my ripe old age of 20-something, it was the first time that I went in a "club". You can laugh all you want but this is true :) People drinking, socializing, dancing. Everyone was in a state of trance. It was both an awkward and fun experience for me overall. BUT, as we were about to leave the place, there was a man behind me who tried to grab me from behind. It took me by surprise and I did not know what to do. I felt helpless. It was too late when I called in my friend. Embarrassing this might sound but the man was able to grope me. I'm not all too familiar if this occurs frequently in clubs BUT this should not be an excuse for this being an accepted practice.

Traumatizing. No this is not the actual photo if you're gonna ask. But this is the closest one I could find.

Women do not ask for, cause, invite, or deserve to be assaulted. However, our lifestyle exposes them to threats. The simplest activities like going home from work, night out with friends, or going out on a date could be an opportunity for violence, assault, robbery, or even rape.

We continue to deny the need for our own self-protection, relying instead on the law or any male figure to protect us. At some point in our lives as a woman, we will flash across a predator's radar as prey. We will be violated. We will be a alone and we will be vulnerable. The question is, what will we do?

I don't want to feel helpless ever again so I recently signed-up and took partnership with a women's self-defense class coming this February 22, 2014 and for the first time ever, it will be an all-female class led by a female instructor. Here's the link to their workshop and their poster with all the details included if you're interested.


Join me and take part in self-defense training and become empowered. We just might surprise ourselves with what we are capable of doing. Hope to see you there! :)


Burn Fat Fast Part 1: Tabata Training

It's holiday season once again folks and as expected, no amount of portion control will prevent us from gaining a few excess pounds. It's alright. We can lose those in a cinch.

Most gyms are closed during the holidays but that doesn't mean we should forget about working out hard! There are a lot of workout plans available over the internet but there was something suggested to me by John Castle from that caught my attention. A workout that can let you burn fat for just 4 minutes a day. Yes folks. 4 minutes. And I thought the 7-minute workout was quick enough.

So What's TABATA?

Tabata training method are as follows:
•     4 minutes long (whole Tabata Session)
•     20 seconds of intense training
•     10 seconds of rest
•     Total of 8 sessions or rounds

What makes it effective? TABATA is a kind of HIIT which means High Intensity Interval Training. Short bursts of high intensity effort with short bursts of rests. Our metabolism speeds up with faster heart rate, and nothing increases this but high intensity training. This form of exercise is not recommended for people with heart problems!

I tried doing this yesterday and boy was I almost out of breath by the 5th round and sweating a lot! I loved it! The best part is, you only do it for 4 minutes! This however, cannot replace strength training. Weight lifting is still the best form of exercise to build form and muscle. But TABATA can be inserted into any workout if you want additional cardio.

Here's an example exercise set for TABATA. But you can always modify this with your own exercises. I also recommend downloading an Android Application as a Timer

Burn Fat Fast 2 will focus on your core. It's something most women are frustrated about. Achieving that flat stomach.

Burn Fat Fast Part 3 will feature the BEST DIET DELIVERY service in the metro. That does not force you to "feed" yourself way below your calories, and they actually care about your macros! (protein, fat, carbohydrate)

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