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4 Types of Hospital Medication Carts: What Are Their Core Advantages?

The world of medicine has been the beneficiary of many forms of technological advancements. Fortunately, the medical industry has also embraced various products and accessories in its efforts to improve services.

Today, medical carts are used to store medications in a safe, handy, and organized manner. These carts are easy to move and easy to clean. A Hospital pharmacy cart can be a priceless asset for having something with storage space, mobility features, and sturdy construction. What follows are four types of medication carts and their core advantages.

Types of Medical Carts

Crash Carts

Crash carts are especially designed for code responses. This type of cart’s primary purpose is to control infection and stay clean for more extended periods. In addition to this, crash carts have rounded edges and are made of corrosion-proof materials, which helps them stay clean and facilitate the cleaning process.

Case Carts

The primary purpose of case carts is to keep medications in a safe and secure environment. Case carts are used primarily in outpatient surgeries, surgical centers, and ambulatory care centers. Case carts come in either high or low-profile types, depending on the requirements of the user. Since these types of carts are used in a more mobile way, they often feature ergonomically designed handles and roller shelves that are adjustable so they can be moved quickly.

Procedure Carts

As the name implies, medical professionals use a procedure cart as they move about a facility to perform specific procedures. These carts are designed with the utmost in safety and efficiency in mind. They are also designed to withstand virtually any level of wear and tear.

Most procedure carts are made of high-grade polymer to handle hard use. Many of these types of carts are designed so that various types of accessories can be added to them as needed. These might include a laptop arm, onboard power, and a power strip.

Hospital Pharmacy Carts

Storage carts are made especially to store medications and other equipment and supplies. This allows these items to be stored securely from unauthorized persons and convenient for those who need ready access to the contents.

Benefits of Medical Carts

All the carts described above have their specific uses. They also have matching benefits. A primary benefit to all of the carts listed above is that they not only allow customization, but they can even be factory customized for special uses. For example, with little trouble, most medical carts can be customized with the number of shelves used in them. The type of materials these carts are made of and their color can be tailored to meet the users’ needs. The name of a practice or medical center can also be imprinted on the cart to promote the facility. Best of all, medical carts can be custom-made so they fulfill all of the medical safety norms and standards of an institution.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, a well-made medical cart is easy to clean. This is an important consideration since every effort should be made to keep patients free from the potential of contracting an infection while they are at an institution.

Medical carts have different purposes. How well those purposes are served will determine how beneficial the carts are for meeting the needs of a facility.


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