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Beauty in a Bottle – BeauOxiwhite Collagen Drink Review

It still has a fishy aftertaste and slightly bitter but tolerable
OMG the product is so long and hard to remember and spell! I hope they rename it to a shorter one like Oxiwhite instead.

It’s beauty in a bottle because it works in a jiffy. I drink this everytime I will go out late or sleep late so I still have an extra boost of energy and won’t look hagard and restless the following day. This is indeed my miracle drink and would always keep a supply inside my refrigerator. Compared to other collagen drinks or supplements, this one is packaged in a handy bottle you can bring with you. No need for mixing. It also uses ALL natural ingredients and no flavorings. It has blueberries in them too *yum* and other very potent anti-aging ingredients like….

BeauOxiwhite Collagen Drink Ingredients

Collagen 5000mg 
Vitamin C 4000mg 
Vitamin B6 4000mg 
Vitamin B12 4000mg 
Blueberry Extract 3000mg 

BeauOxiwhite Collagen Drink Description (According to the box)

BeauOxiWhite Collagen Drink Ready to drink. Made in Japan. 50ml x 5000mg Collagen 10 Bottles per Box

HEALTH and BEAUTY BENEFITS: • Contains high antioxidant nutrients, botanicals and fruit extracts• Made with quickly absorbed, natural ingredients – no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners! • 50ml ready to drink purified, natural 5000mg deep-sea fish collagen • Reduce wrinkles, create firmer, smoother more radiant skin. • Promotes a translucent, lustrous and even-toned complexion. • Regenerate healthy skin tissues / build new skin cells. • Helps maintain healthier joints. • Strengthen nails and produce thicker and stronger hair 

I can also call this radiance in a bottle, instant youth, or botox in a bottle! Also with the high amount of vitamin C and other vitamins this is also perfect as a post-party drink. It’s all natural pa.



Yes it still has a fish flavor but I don’t mind. As long as you chill it in the refrigerator the taste is quite tolerable and the blueberry juice neutralizes it. I love the fact that it has the highest number of collagen in a drink that I have taken so far, and just by bringing the bottle I can drink anytime and anywhere. It’s the cheapest ready to drink collagen supplement too at 1,500 for a box of 10 bottles. I don’t take this everyday (tipid tipid!) and just take when I feel like I need that extra boost of youth and radiance. If I was rich and have a lot of money or if someone would sponsor this for the rest of my life I would gladly take this everyday to retain my youth! 

You can get it at this link for easy purchasing. I understand you may have a hard time browsing their site it’s too cluttered LOL (Buy BeauOxiwhite Collagen Drink Here)

*This is NOT a sponsored review. I’m quite obsessed with eternal youth and beauty so I really experiment on a lot of products.

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