Customize Your Levis Jeans for FREE : Live in Levi’s SM Megamall Fashion Hall

August, Manila’s who’s who were treated to the first Live in Levi’s event in
the country, where they celebrated the unique identity each pair of Levi’s
jeans plays into the lives of the individuals who wear them. Levi’s ambassadors
John James Uy, Brent Javier and Robbie Becroft shared their significant Levi’s
pieces, especially customized to fit their distinct personalities. In the
event, guests were treated to a unique customization lab, where a team of
designers, sewers, embellishment artists, and cutters were present to customize
each piece according to their specific liking.

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Now, all Levi’s customers will get
to experience Live in Levi’s and have their own #LiveInLevisph story. On
November 28 and 30 at the SM MOA Atrium and at December 12 to 14 at the Mega
Fashion Hall at SM Megamall, Live in Levi’s will celebrate unique expression of
each Levi’s piece in a wider scale—for a minimum purchase of P3,000 or more of
any Levi’s products, all Levi’s customers can avail of free customization
services at the Live in Levi’s customization shop, so they can wear their
Levi’s according to their own individual style. With the P3,000 purchase within
the promo period, customers have two options: they can bring their new Levi’s
purchases, or their old Levi’s jeans and Levi’s ICONS pieces and have it
embellished, altered, cut and distressed on the spot.
             To add to the festivities, the
country’s most influential musicians and bands come together to celebrate Live
in Levi’s, as is the international way of celebrating the campaign. The line-up
is as follows:
Nov 28
Nov 30
Yolanda Moon
Medwin and
Eugene of True Faith
Up Dharma Down
Basti Artadi
Sponge Cola

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about Live in Levi’s, visit

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