Event: UP JMA West Palm

I was invited to be a media partner for UP JMA’s West Palm event. We were asked to of course, post the invite, attend the event, then blog about our experience. I think they hosted this event to promote their organization UP JMA. I’m familiar with UP JMA as a group because of their night parties like AD-HOC (woohoo) 

 It was held in New World Hotel, started around noon and ended before dinner time. I just stayed there for around 3 hours to check out what’s in store for me and my sister.

 When I finally came to an event with a “photographer” aka my little sister. Hi Kaela! (#nomakeup)

 The visitors can swim if they wanted.

 For activities, you can swim, hang  out, listen to relaxing music, or eat in their dessert buffet.

My sister and I got a makeover from Inglot. Too bad we had nowhere to go to except home after that! LOL So the makeover went to waste. HAHAHA.

The dessert buffet. As much as I loooooove sweets. It would be nice if something savory was also served.
Cupcakes from 
For the giveaways; It includes 1 pair of shades from flywear (I gave it to our nanny), 1 cupcake, 1 cloth bag, 1 watermelon coin purse, and the makeover we got from Inglot.
It was a new experience for me. It was the first time that I joined this kind of event where you can basically just chill and relax. 

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